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10 Cafes With Free Wi-Fi Within 5 Minutes of Shinjuku Station

There are a lot of cafes around Shinjuku station. Whether it’s for your break, meeting, work, or reading books, what’s useful about cafes is that you can go and spend a time whenever you want. There are a lot of them that offer free wi-fi as well, so you can search for your destination or make a reservation, etc. on your laptop or phone. If you are looking for a cafe with free wi-fi, this is the article for you.
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You won’t get lost with this! A Complete Guide to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, the World’s Busiest Station

Shinjuku Station, the world’s busiest station, is so confusing that even Japanese people get lost. However, this guide is written complete with photos for foreign travelers so that they can navigate Shinjuku Station without getting lost. Please read this if you have plans to come to Shinjuku, or even just to Tokyo, because it might come in handy!
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Sightsee in Tokyo Without Leaving the Yamanote

The Tokyo train system is pretty hard to navigate, with the JR Train system intermingling with the Tokyo Metro system. Not to mention the similar colors (the red, magenta, and purple lines come to mind) and the lack of English romanization on many of the maps — if you’re not well-prepared, it can be nearly impossible to get anywhere you want to go. But no fear! You can easily see most of the sights of Tokyo by simply taking the Yamanote Line, which goes to most of the major neighborhoods in Tokyo. (Beware, though: the Yamanote serves almost 4 million people daily. To contrast, the New York subway system is ridden by 5 million people a day over 26 subway lines.)
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