10 Family-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo Perfect for Traveling With Children

While Tokyo is a great destination for family vacations, the prospect of long distances, unexpected mishaps, and worries about annoying others may put a damper on your plans. By choosing a hotel that specifically caters to both children and adults alike, families can enjoy Tokyo with minimal trouble and stress! In this article, we’ll introduce 10 family-friendly hotels in Tokyo with convenient locations, handy services, spacious rooms, and more!

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A Safe and Comfortable Stay in Tokyo

When traveling with children, you’ll likely want to minimize travel time, refrain from causing disturbances, and have quick access to whatever your kids need. Thankfully, Tokyo is full of hotels that cater to the unique requirements of traveling families. Check out our list of family-friendly Tokyo hotels below, compare each location to your itinerary, and enjoy a secure and comfortable stay sure to create precious memories!

10 Family-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo

1. Tokyo Dome Hotel

A 5-minute walk from Suidobashi Station, Tokyo Dome Hotel sits at the heart of Tokyo Dome, one of Tokyo's biggest entertainment hubs. This massive stadium can accommodate up to 55,000 people, and is bolstered by a load of attractions like natural hot spring spas, shopping centers with a wide range of restaurants and stores, and a thrilling rollercoaster that kids will want to ride again and again!

Standing tall even amongst Tokyo's skyscrapers, the hotel guestrooms offer spectacular panoramic views of the metropolis, including Tokyo Dome itself when looking down.

These spacious guestrooms feature sleek white walls, cozy beds, and a comfy design with soft carpets for children to play on. After a day full of fun at the nearby Tokyo Dome City, you can quickly retreat to your room for a rest. It is also ideal for sightseeing, with many major areas reachable in under 30 minutes by train.

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2. Sunshine City Prince Hotel Ikebukuro

Sunshine City Prince Hotel Ikebukuro is just an 8-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station. The complex hosts a wealth of family-friendly facilities such as Planetarium Manten, Sunshine Aquarium, the Pokémon Center, and Animate.

The modern, stylish rooms come in several sizes, including single and double rooms, 4-person rooms, and even 6-person Japanese-Western fusion rooms, all fully equipped with TVs, free Wi-Fi, and refrigerators.

Ikebukuro is a hub of anime, manga, and gaming subculture, and is the birthplace of many popular franchises. As such, the hotel boasts several unique, limited-time accommodation plans for a one-of-a-kind stay immersed in the world of anime and more. There are five restaurants presenting an array of dining experiences, including buffets, Japanese, Chinese, and other scrumptious cuisines. The restaurants also run regular collaborative menus, presenting out-of-this-world dishes that look great in photos!

3. Ryogoku View Hotel

Ryogoku View Hotel, located just a one-minute walk from Ryogoku Station, is the perfect base for exploring historical and cultural attractions like the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Arena, and the Japanese Sword Museum, which are all situated right in front of the hotel. You’ll also get to experience the distinctive downtown atmosphere of Sumida, and soak up the traditional vibe.

The hotel's elegant reception features a blend of Japanese and Western aesthetics, like Japanese patterned carpets and sophisticated European stained glass windows. Brimming with proud tradition, those interested in local history will be enthralled!

Guestrooms are designed in a serene Western style colored with Japanese “nihonga” paintings. The purple-hued beds and sofas add a touch of flavor, and, depending on the room plan, up to six people can stay together in comfort. With several staple sightseeing spots near the hotel, like Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, and Akihabara, you also won't have to waste time and effort on extended journeys.

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4. Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba is conveniently linked to Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line. Located in the Tokyo Bay area, you can enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and other stunning city scenery. It’s also a breeze to access Haneda Airport.

The guestrooms follow elegant themes of pink and light blue hues. Each type is available on a different side of the hotel - north, south, east, and west - offering picturesque views of Tokyo Bay or the city skyline over the Rainbow Bridge.

Traveling with babies? The room attendants can provide you with a range of baby items, such as bed guards, cribs, and nightwear to make your stay more comfortable.

During the summer season, you can swim outside while enjoying panoramic views at the Grand Blue Terrace pool. There are also “relaxation rooms” that offer skincare plus other luxurious in-house facilities, giving parents a chance for some “me time.”

5. Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu is a 1-minute walk away from both Akasaka-mitsuke Station and Nagatacho Station. Being in Akasaka, it is the ideal base for sightseeing, with attractions like Hie Shrine and Ninja Akasaka, a ninja restaurant, nearby. The hotel has parking spaces for those arriving by car.

The rooms are simple yet spacious and feature large windows, premium beds, and private bathrooms. Additional amenities such as tables, humidifiers, and TVs are also available for added convenience.

On the 3rd floor hotel lobby is an automated currency exchange machine that supports Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese languages. The machine accepts currencies such as American dollars, European euros, Chinese yuan, Korean won, British pounds, Australian dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and Canadian dollars.

The hotel dining room serves breakfast in a relaxing space with a close-up of the Akasaka business district. A sizable variety of foods and drinks are available, including coffee and alcoholic beverages, making it easy for adults and children to enjoy a meal together.


6. Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel

Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel is just 10-minutes from Shin-Urayasu Station via hotel shuttle bus or local bus. The hotel also runs a free shuttle bus service to Tokyo Disney Resort, just 25 minutes away. For drivers, a large paid parking lot is available next to the hotel, which doesn’t require reservations.

Guestrooms each come with a unique theme that reflects the beauty of the ocean, sky, and sun. The decor is a pleasing blend of light blue, white, and red upon a pristine white canvas, weaving together a splendid space for guests to take it easy.

Children will find endless entertainment in the kids space on the 2nd floor lobby. It is bright and open, with large windows that let in plenty of natural light, so parents can relax while keeping an eye on their little ones as they play freely.

The Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel has been certified as a “Welcome Baby Hotel” by the Miki House Child-Raising Research Institute. Parents can rest easy with amenity sets for children, additive-free full-body shampoo, diaper trash cans, and children's toilet seats, making it a safe and comfortable environment for young families.

7. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi offers a top-class stay conveniently connected underground to Tokyo Station. From the hotel are jaw-dropping panoramic views encompassing the city and Imperial Palace, ensuring unforgettable nights.

The spacious and elegant rooms are fitted with large windows overlooking the Marunouchi business district, with some even showing off the bullet trains running below! The rooms are tastefully decorated in modern Japanese style with muted, soothing tones, providing a home-away-from-home experience.

Best of all, the hotel offers free stays for children under 18 when sharing a room with a parent or guardian. Upon request, the hotel provides extra beds, kids' tents, and sofa beds free of charge. Baby supplies such as bottle washers and cribs are also available.

Guests can indulge in a series of dining options within the hotel, including casual snacks, exquisite French cuisine, and authentic Japanese dishes, all in the comfort of their own room. There is also an exhaustive kids menu with favorites like omelet rice, hamburgers, and other child-friendly dishes. Parents can thoroughly relish their meals while children play in the room.

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8. Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, prides itself on being a “friendly hotel,” promising guests a warm welcome and friendly smile. Over the years, the hotel has welcomed business professionals and tourists from across the globe, including state guests and VIPs.

The hotel interior is based on the concept of Japanese modernism, and was designed by some of the country’s most renowned artists. The carefully curated decorations and lighting weave together an atmosphere unrivaled in its distinctive beauty.

The guestrooms are spacious and open, with a warm and inviting tone perfect for relaxing while taking in the stunning views of Shinjuku from the upper floors. Many rooms have movable beds, which is a convenient feature for those traveling with children. The beds can be pushed against the wall to prevent kids from falling out, or pulled apart to make space for a crib in the middle.


Just 8 minutes away from Ueno Station, MIMARU TOKYO UENO NORTH is a serene retreat nestled next to the tranquil Ueno Park. Near major attractions like Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and National Museum of Nature and Science, it's great for travelers seeking a peaceful and convenient base in Tokyo. As soon as you enter the lobby, you'll be struck by the modern design, adorned with traditional Japanese icons like latticework, portable shrines, and shoji screens, blending the old and new in perfect harmony.

The hotel's philosophy is centered on creating memorable moments by staying and having fun together. The accommodation plans and rooms are intended to make guests feel like they're at home, living with their family and friends. With a sizable range of options, including those with tatami flooring, home theaters, and baby-friendly rooms, there's something for everyone!

All guestrooms are equipped with kitchens, dining tables, and big bathrooms, suitable for medium to long-term stays. They are also highly recommended for families with babies who are just starting to eat solid foods. The hotel staff are a team of passionate Japan-lovers from around the world, dedicated to providing impeccable service to each and every guest. From recommendations for places to eat or sights to see, they'll be there to help you make the most of your stay.

10. Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Schole

Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Schole is just a minute's walk from Oshiage Station, with an unbeatable location right in front of Tokyo Skytree. It flaunts amazing convenience through direct access to Shinagawa Station, Haneda Airport, and Narita Airport, perfect for exploring Tokyo and visiting Tokyo Disney Resort.

The hotel's concept is “scholē” (meaning “leisure”), realized through accommodation experiences ranging from peaceful Japanese-style rooms to those suited for gaming or reading. Most recommended is the “Spa Room,” which is equipped with a sauna and wooden bathtub for a genuine spa experience in the comfort of your own room. This is particularly convenient for those with children or who are hesitant to visit a large public bath.

Children up to elementary school age can stay for free with one child per adult or one guest per bed. Breakfast is served as a buffet in the 5th floor restaurant, featuring a healthy and well-balanced lineup of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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Fun-Filled and Stress-Free Family Adventures in Tokyo

For those with young children worried about how they’d fare in the mega-city of Tokyo, fear not! There are plenty of accommodation options welcoming families of all kinds, with spacious rooms and handy amenities dedicated to the special needs of kids. Use this article when planning your family getaway, and enjoy the best of Tokyo without the stress!

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