10 Recommended Tokyo Hotels With Hot Springs for a Heavenly Stay!

“Onsen” (hot springs) are just the thing to recover from the strain of traveling. This may come as a surprise, but the busy metropolis of Tokyo actually has hotels and “ryokan” (traditional Japanese inns) with relaxing onsen! In this article, we will introduce 10 recommendations from among the many onsen hotels in Tokyo that have been attracting attention in recent years. They are the perfect places to relax and enjoy a luxurious evening after a day filled with Tokyo sightseeing.

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10 Select Hotels in Tokyo with Onsen


ONSEN RYOKAN YUEN SHINJUKU is 7 minutes on foot from Shinjuku-gyoemmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. Ryokan, which welcome travelers and offer food and sleeping accommodations, encapsulate the Japanese culture of hospitality while letting travelers experience the splendors of the four seasons through the five senses. “YUEN” means “the origin of things” or “source,” so a stay at ONSEN RYOKAN YUEN SHINJUKU, dedicated to studying the origin of ryokan culture, will become a novel and unique experience.

On the top 18th floor, there is an open-air bath with water brought from a hot spring source in Hakone, one of Japan’s leading onsen areas. Guests can enjoy the onsen of supreme quality with a view of Shinjuku, one of Japan’s busiest commercial centers.

At the restaurant KAKATOJO, seasonal ingredients from all around the country are served in two ways—as “teppan ryori” (grilled on a hot plate) and tempura—in a space built around a courtyard.

2. Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport

Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport is directly connected to the arrivals lobby on the second floor of Haneda Airport Terminal 3, as well as to the Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station on the Keikyu and Tokyo Monorail lines. There are 13 different types of guestrooms, accounting for 1,557 rooms altogether. The hotel also has natural hot spring facilities including open-air baths, rock baths, and a sauna, around 30 restaurants and convenience stores, and around 60 souvenir shops. There is a large parking lot with 440 reservable spaces, which is perfect for those planning to rent cars.

There is a wide selection of rooms, including “lady’s rooms” in a women’s only area, Japanese-Western-style deluxe rooms with tatami mats to lay futon mattresses on, and Universal Twin rooms that are designed for accessibility, perfect for families and older guests.

Izumi Tenku no Yu at Haneda Airport is a 2,000 m2 natural onsen on the top floor of the hotel, open to both hotel guests and airport travelers. In addition to the open-air bath with views of Mt. Fuji and the airplanes, there are indoor baths including a carbonated spring and jet bath; a hot stones sauna with black germanium, lava stone, and rock salt; two other types of authentic saunas; and massage and scrubbing services. There is also a restaurant with great views, making it the perfect hotel to enjoy onsen and spa services as well as a relaxing meal.

3. Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake

Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Ariake is a 4-minute walk from Ariake Station on the Yurikamome Line within the multi-service entrainment complex ARIAKE GARDEN. ARIAKE GARDEN consists of a large mall with about 200 shops, a hotel, a theater with a capacity of 8,000, and another theater dedicated to the Shiki Theater Company. It is a popular destination for both children and adults. The hotel has 11 different types of guestrooms to accommodate different groups such as families and business travelers.

The natural onsen, Izumi Tenku no Yu Ariake Garden in ARIAKE GARDEN, bubbles up from 1,500 meters below ground. It has an amber hue and a high sodium content, giving it superior moisturizing and warming capabilities. There are 8 different types of baths and saunas, including an open-air bath, bubble bath, carbonated spring, jet bath, and an open-air bath you can lie down in. The onsen water helps a variety of conditions including dry skin, cold sensitivity, and cuts.

The GRANDE AILE restaurant within the hotel offers a buffet with a wide range of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a spacious and elegant space. It is a versatile restaurant that has wines and champagnes from around the world that have been carefully chosen by a sommelier, as well as a children’s menu. It is perfect for any occasion!

4. The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo is just 2 minutes on foot from the Toei Subway’s Akabanebashi Station and 3 minutes from Shibakoen Station. It is a 33-story building that towers alongside Tokyo Tower and is surrounded by the greenery of Shiba Park, creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere despite being in the middle of Tokyo.

The natural onsen water, drawn from 1,600 meters below ground in Shiba Park, is sodium chloride water with a high sodium content and is said to help with nerve and muscle pain. There is also a heated indoor pool in an airy space with soft light shining through the large windows. For a fee, hotel guests can use the members-only gym with machines by Technogym, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of fitness equipment, and a natural onsen.

The restaurant BRISE VERTE on the top floor of the hotel serves French-style afternoon teas with a variety of sweets and hors d'oeuvres. One of the appeals of the hotel is its wide selection of restaurants, including those serving Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, steak, tempura, and “yakitori” (grilled chicken skewers).

5. Super Hotel Premier Ikebukuro Natural Hot Spring

Super Hotel Premier Ikebukuro Natural Hot Spring is in a great location near Heiwa-dori shopping street, just 5 minutes on foot from Exit 20A of JR Ikebukuro Station. It has a drug store on the 1st floor, which is a welcome convenience, as well as a laundromat on the 3rd floor, where the reception is. The laundry costs 200 yen per wash, but the detergent is free. There is also a female-only floor with powder rooms.

The onsen baths are open from 3:00 pm through 9:30 am the next morning. The onsen water is transported daily from Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture and is low-alkaline hypotonic spring water that is beneficial for the skin and can help with joint and nerve pain and fatigue.

The breakfast buffet of additive-free, nutritionally balanced food with a choice of main dishes is highly regarded.


6. Centurion Hotel & Spa Ueno Station

Centurion Hotel & Spa Ueno Station is just 2 minutes on foot from Ueno Station on the JR and subway lines. It is a convenient location for strolling around the Ueno area.

The rooms have mattresses by Slumberland, which has a Royal Warrant of Appointment by the British Royal Family, and organic bathroom amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. The rooms are decorated in a chic style that incorporates Japanese aesthetics while paying careful attention to safety and functionality. They are wonderful, luxurious spaces to unwind in. There are also rooms with private open-air onsen baths for those who want the ultimate relaxing experience in their own space.

There are saunas and spas that are divided into male and female-only areas, which is unusual for the Ueno area. In addition, there are indoor air/jet tubs (artificial radium onsen), saunas, and cold jet tubs. The facilities are open all day (closed for maintenance between 3:00 am and 4:00 am every night, and from 3:00 am to 5:00 am on Wednesdays).

7. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is in a quiet area about 10 minutes on foot from Edogawabashi Station on the Yurakucho Line or 20 minutes by shuttle bus from JR Ikebukuro Station. The location once hosted Chinzanso, a mansion and garden that Yamagata Aritomo, a famous military commander and politician, built on the site of Tsubakiyama which he bought personally in 1878. It later flourished as a famous garden restaurant and wedding hall, and in 1992, Four Seasons Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo opened on its grounds.

Unlike other areas of Tokyo that are filled with skyscrapers, Chinzanso has a quiet, relaxing atmosphere and a verdant garden that is almost like a forest. It has a heated, all-weather pool in a facility with a retractable roof that is filled with natural sunlight, as well as a jet bath, an onsen with water straight from Ito Onsen in Shizuoka, a sauna, and a fitness gym.

There are ten cafes, bars, and restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines, including Japanese, Italian, Chinese, as well as a restaurant specializing in “unagi” (eel).

8. La Vista Tokyo Bay

One of Japan’s leading urban resort chains, La Vista, has entered the Tokyo market. The new La Vista Tokyo Bay is about a 4-minute walk from the North Exit of Shijo-mae Station on the Yurikamome Line. The name “La Vista” has connotations of “meeting” and “view” and was chosen to represent the hotel’s desire to be a place with fantastic views and be the setting for wonderful encounters and meetings.

The top 14th floor has large, gender-specific communal baths with fantastic views of the capital city’s skyscrapers, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree®, and Rainbow Bridge beyond the nearby canal. There is also a sauna with panoramic views of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay, a mist rock bath (women only), and a medicinal bath to improve circulation.

The hotel has a wide range of facilities to maximize your stay in Tokyo, including an onsite restaurant with fantastic views serving courses of Western-style cuisine suitable for a hotel near Toyosu Market, where food from all over the country is brought to, a Japanese restaurant, and a cafe. There is also an indoor pool with a jacuzzi.


YUEN BETTEI DAITA is just 1 minute on foot from the Odakyu Line’s Setagayadaita Station and about 8 minutes from Shimokitazawa Station, a popular area for youngsters with shops selling vintage clothing and records. While both stations are just 4 to 10 minutes by train from the commercial center of Shibuya, the hotel has a comforting atmosphere of a rural hot spring town.

The open-air bathtub made of Hiba cypress is filled with hot spring water from Ashinoko Onsen in Hakone. The water is simple alkaline spring water that washes away old keratin on the skin to promote rejuvenation. The water also helps with nerve, muscle, and joint pain, as well as stiff shoulders. The women’s bathing area has a mist sauna with an original aroma created by Kan Izumi, a scent designer based on Awaji Island, and the men’s bathing area has a dry sauna.

The restaurant, Kappo Tsukikage, serves traditional Japanese cuisine, and the tearoom, Saryo Tsukikage, offers primarily Japanese tea in honor of the history of the area which was once filled with tea farms and had a flourishing tea industry. Saryo Tsukikage operates as a tearoom during the day and a bar from 5:00 pm onwards. Breakfast consists of distinctly Japanese dishes including freshly cooked rice, freshly grilled fish, and freshly fried fluffy "dashimaki tamago" (a type of Japanese omelet).

10. Dormy Inn Ikebukuro

Dormy Inn Ikebukuro is about 9 minutes on foot from Exit 35 of JR Ikebukuro Station. It has 191 guest rooms including economy singles, singles, standards, doubles, and superior doubles.

There are large, gender-specific communal baths on the top 15th Floor. The water in the natural onsen, Hojo no Yu, is sodium/bicarbonate water that has a blackish hue and is beneficial for nerve pain, muscle aches, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, and chronic digestive issues. There are indoor baths, cold water baths, a sauna with a TV, and even open-air baths despite being in Tokyo.

The popular buffet breakfast incorporates dishes such as gyoza and shumai dumplings and fried rice, reflecting the surrounding Ikebukuro area with its many Chinese restaurants, as well as freshly made omelets and tempura made in the open kitchen.

Enjoy Hot Springs Even in the City of Tokyo

Did any of these onsen hotels in Tokyo peak your interest? Each of the onsen facilities has unique features, so you can choose the one that suits your tastes and enjoy a relaxing stay in the hotel.

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