50 Things to Do in Ueno and Asakusa: Shopping, Dining, Temples, and More!

The Ueno and Asakusa area is one of Japan's representative sightseeing areas, thanks to how easy it is to get there from both Haneda and Narita airports. There are many famous spots listed in guidebooks, notably Senso-ji Temple and the museums of Ueno Park, and it offers a variety of cultural experiences both ancient and modern. If you're going to visit TOKYO SKYTREE, here are some places in the nearby historical areas of Asakusa and Ueno to also check out.

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41. Higashi-Ueno Koreatown (東上野コリアンタウン)

This Koreatown is the oldest in Tokyo, with a history dating back to the post-war era. It's an area where you can buy ingredients for Korean food, Korean clothing, visit Korean barbecue restaurants, and hear lots of languages other than Japanese. There are many little-knwon excellent BBQ restaurants, so you should take a look around and see what strikes your fancy.

42. Ueno anime shop Yamashiroya (上野アニメショップ ヤマシロヤ)

This anime shop close to Ueno Station, Yamashiroya, is recommended for people who don't have any time to go to Akihabara. Every floor of the building deals with hobby goods, character goods, figurines, plastic models, and other items perfect as omiyage for any anime fans.

43.Kissako (喫茶去)

Kissako is a tea parlor offering Japanese food on the grounds of Ueno Park. The inside of this Japanese-style building surrounded by greenery doesn't have just traditional tatami rooms but also counters and low tables, regular tables, and benches outside. You can spend a slow, lovely time there while enjoying the sweets of the past like warabimochi and anmitsu.

"Cafes" in Japan distinguish themselves as much by their selection of unique meals and desserts as their coffees. Here's a list of seven cafes with distinct menus and aesthetics that you should definitely try in Ueno!

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44. Ueno Neko Maru Café (上野 猫まるカフェ)

Located just about a minute away from Ueno Station, this cat cafe where you can enjoy some time with a number of cats has an environment that feels like a living room. There's a varied menu that includes sweets and alcohol. Why not stop by for lunch?


45. Oiran Experience - Photo Studio Nanairo (花魁体験フォトスタジオ七色)

Nanairo offers an experience popular with young women: they make you up like an oiran (a courtesan) and take photoshoots. You're dressed well in the unique, florid makeup and the seductive kimono of oiran so you can experience how different it is from wearing the typical traditional kimono. The recommended plan is the one that allows you to take beautiful photos in the oiran-specific studio. 

What exactly is an oiran, anyway? Where does the term come from, and what exactly did their jobs looks like?

46. Asakusa Panda Café (浅草ぱんだカフェ)

The Panda Cafe is a perfect place to stop by when you're strolling around Asakusa with your babies. There's a kids' space complete with a tatami floor so the children can play to their hearts' content. There's also a nursing room. They also have a restaurant on site so you can have a meal there. 

47. Taito Station (タイトーステーション)

At the Taito Station game center in Ameyoko, you can enjoy a variety of machines including purikura, token games, arcade games, and many more. The sight of the high-tech machines all lined up makes the space look like a vision from the near future and many foreign tourists frequent it.

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48. @Cosme - Ueno Marui (アットコスメ 上野マルイ店)

Japanese cosmetics are popular all around the world thanks to their high quality and sheer amount of variation. @Cosme is a very popular storefront that sells the top cosmetics rated by users of the popular website @Cosme. They offer everything from expensive, top class cosmetics to reasonable items costing just a few hundred yen, and many people spend hours there looking at all the products. 

If you'd like to take any Japanese cosmetics home with you, this article features 9 effective and portable items that are great for souvenirs!

49. Asakusa Hare Terrace (浅草ハレテラス)

You can see a beautiful view of the skyline including Skytree from Hare Terrace on the roof of Asakusa Station. In the refreshing period between May and September, it's a very popular spot where you can enjoy barbecues and a beer garden. You can spend a fun time there as you gaze at Tokyo's newest landmark.

50. Sumida River (隅田川)

The Sumida River is a large river that runs through Tokyo from the north to the south. It's a famous place to go see flowers in the spring, and in the summer they hold a huge fireworks display. It's a place where many people gather to from all over Tokyo to enjoy the seasons throughout the year. You can also enjoy feasts on pleasure boats that sail on the river all year round. The scenery of the river from the bridges in Asakusa is also beautiful.

Yup, we have even more lunch recommendations, in case the locations on the other articles didn't strike your fancy (or perhaps you've already been to all of them!). This list features Asian restaurants in addition to Japanese and Western!

The Ueno/Asakusa was a bustling centre of culture during the centuries-long Edo Period. Now it's a nostalgic area overflowing with the friendly atmosphere of the traditional commercial and working-class neighborhoods and is beloved by people of all ages. If you enter an alleyway in this area, you'll be sure to discover a spot that you'll love.

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