50 Things to Do in Tokyo

From the well-known staples to hidden gems, here is a compilation of 50 things you must do in Tokyo. Be sure to check it out before you head out on your trip and use it as a reference when creating your vacation itinerary!

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41. Nakano Broadway - Mandarake [Shopping]

Nakano Broadway used to be a regular shopping center, but now it's known as the center of a lot of subcultures. Among these stores that offer manga, anime, toys, dolls and other products aimed towards otaku, Mandarake is a popular store with a long history.

42. Shinjuku Suehirotei - Late-night vaudeville [Arts]

Something you should try in Shinjuku after having a drink is the late-night vaudeville show at Shinjuku Suehirotei. The show is held every Saturday at 9:30 PM, in this wooden building built in 1946 after World War II. No prior reservations are required, but seats are first come first served. Even if you don't understand Japanese, you can enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Japanese entertainment for just 500 yen.

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43. Butler Café in Ikebukuro [Activity]

While themed cafes aimed towards men is currently a standard trend that continues, cafes aimed towards women have also been opening up recently in Ikebukuro. The most famous of them are the butler cafe and the high school cafe. At the butler cafe, men dressed as butlers treat you like a princess and this out-of-the-everyday-experience offered here make it a popular spot for all women, ranging from high school girls to older women. The area around the cafe is called "Otome Road" and is stocked full of stores with anime goods aimed towards women.

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44. Lumine Ikebukuro - @Cosme Store [Shopping]

This store offers quality Japanese cosmetics popular with foreign tourists. Of all the real stores set up by the cosmetics ratings website, @Cosme, the biggest one is in the Lumine department store in Ikebukuro. Inside the store, the top-rated products on their website are displayed by category, and you can look for any item that piques your interest while trying the testers. There are also staff members you can consult.


45. Yanesen Area [Sightseeing]

This is an area overflowing with the feeling of the "Shitamachi" (working class neighborhood) that stretches between Bunkyo Ward and Taito Ward. It holds the retro shopping street "Yanaka Ginza", the Yanaka Cemetary where the graves of the Tokugawa family and Nicholas of Japan stand, the former houses of literary masters and other many interesting spots. Recently, many galleries and restaurants have opened in renovated buildings, so it's becoming a place where people who like art tend to gather.

46. Ikebukuro Plaza (A capsule hotel even women can stay at) [Accommodation]

Capsule hotels are popular among foreign tourists because it feels like you're staying in a spaceship. However, most capsule hotels do not allow women to stay there. Ikebukuro Plaza is a capsule hotel that has women-only floors. As you can have an interesting experience here at a reasonable price, it's a recommended spot.

47. Ginza Hakuhinkan [Shopping]

Ginza Hakuhinkan was Japan's first department store to open in the Taisho period (1912-1926). Now it's a building that handles toys, dolls, variety goods that is a unique place in Ginza where adults gather. They have traditional toys like kendama and yoyos as well, so adults can find toys that they can enjoy. 

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48. Senbon Inari at Sannou Inari Shrine [Sightseeing]

Next to the shrine of the god of thriving business, Hie Shrine, is Sannou Inari Shrine. In this shrine, you can enjoy a scenery of red-lacquered torii gates like that of Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine. Also, the scale is different, you can enjoy similar scenes at Hie Shrine and Ueno Park Hanaen Inari Shrine, so visit it as a photo spot.

49. Nagatacho Kurosawa [Food & Drink]

Kurosawa is in Nagatacho, the center of Japan's political world, and is a quiet place away from the bustle where you can have shabu-shabu and soft-shelled turtle. The restaurant is in the theme of the movies of the internationally beloved director, Akira Kurosawa, and you can eat his favorite meals in an area that is reminscent of his movie sets. Because of its location, it's often used for political or financial events. The homemade soba noodles is a popular dish.

50. Tokyo Kotsukaikan - Antenna Shop [Shopping]

When you want to buy souvenirs at the end of your trip, you should go to this spot near Tokyo Station where products from around the country are gathered. You can buy food products and souvenirs from every part of the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa. There are also staff members who speak the local dialects, so try having a conversation with them.

Tokyo was shaped by the Edo Period and World War II, and is a city rich with transformations. Tokyo holds all the charms of city and nature, past and present. It's a city that men and women of all ages never get tired of visiting.

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