10 Famous Hot Springs for You to Visit in the Kyushu Region

We present you a selection of 10 famous hot springs that you should absolutely visit when you come to the Kyushu region, which has the most natural resources and number of hot springs in Japan.


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1. Harazuru Onsen(原鶴温泉), Fukuoka


Harazuru Onsen is the largest hot spring in Fukuoka Prefecture. It has an alkaline spring and a sulfur spring that can make your skin smooth. Besides enjoying the hot spring tour at the hotel facilities and the public baths that line up facing the Chikugo River, you cannot miss the triple waterwheel.

Hakishiwa Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture

http://www.harazuru.jp/ (Only in Japanese) 

2.Ureshino Onsen (嬉野温泉), Saga


Ureshino, where Ureshino Onsen is located, is a famous area for producing Japanese tea. It has old history as an onsen area and the weak alkaline spring that contains baking soda can make your skin beautiful. The melted yudofu (tofu) made in this area is famous. You might want to try it in any restaurant here.

Ureshino Onsen Tourism Association: 

http://spa-u.net/ (Only in Japanese)

3. Unzen Onsen (雲仙温泉), Nagasaki


Unzen Onsen that is located at the foot of Unzen Mountain and is famous for its “Jigoku - Hell”. It was named this because of the smoke and hot spring water gushing out from the center of a rocky area that looks like hell. You can feel the energy of earth in the promenade. You can take a direct bus from Nagasaki Bus Terminal to Unzen Onsen for about 100 minutes so it's very convenient to get to.

Unzen Onsen Tourism Association: 


4. Kurokawa Onsen (黒川温泉), Oita


Kurokawa Onsen is popular for its scenic townscape, in spite of the remote location in the middle of the mountains in north Kyushu. (It has been loved by samurai and travelers in the Edo period as a place to cure wounds.) Well-maintained Japanese architecture are lined up all along this area and the hot springs have been awarded two stars by the Michelin guide for its therapeutic atmosphere.

Kurokawa Onsen: 


5.Yufuin Onsen(由布院温泉), Oita


The Yufuin Onsen can give us a relaxing time and it has a Japanese inn built in the spacious and peaceful country side. You can also enjoy the Yufuin Express Line that has was designed by JR.

Yufuin Onsen Tourims Association: 


6. Beppu Onsen (別府温泉), Oita


Beppu City is called Beppu Hattou because there are so many natural resources in the city. Not only are there so many varieties of hot spring color and quality but there are also different bathing methods such as mud baths, steam baths, sand steamed baths, etc. Beppu Onsen feels like the onsen theme park.

Beppu Navi: 


7. Aso Onsen Village(阿蘇温泉郷), Kumamoto


It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach Mt. Aso from Kumamoto JR Station and this Aso Onsen consists of 5 different onsen that are scattered at the foot of Mt. Aso. The Uchimaki Onsen, located in the caldera of Mt. Aso, has a hotel facility and public bath is easy to access, but there is also Jigoku Onsen and Tarutama Onsen that only has 1 hotel facility. You can enjoy the nature of Mt. Aso in any onsen you like.

Asoburati Net:


8. Ibusuki Onsen(指宿温泉), Kagoshima


A 1 hour ride on an express train from JR Kagoshima Station will bring you to Ibusuki Onsen, located in the southeast end of the Satsuma Peninsula. What makes this place special is that you can experience sand steamed baths.

Ibusuki NET: 


9. Kirishima Onsen Village(霧島温泉郷), Kagoshima


This village consists of several onsen and is a leading onsen area in Japan. It has various hotel facilities with a variety of characteristics. Sometimes you can see Sakurajima from afar or you can enjoy an onsen inside the forest - all of them are wonderful onsen that you can enjoy by doing a hot springs tour.

Kirishima City Tourism Association:

http://kirishimakankou.com/ (Only in Japanese)

10.Yakushima Onsen(屋久島温泉), Kagoshima


The world heritage site Yakushima also has onsen. There are several public baths but the one you can access easily is the JR Hotel Yakushima. When you soak in the strong alkaline hot spring, the tired feeling from climbing the mountain will be healed. This onsen can also be used by non-guests and this onsen is loved by the local people.

Yakushima City;

http://www.town.yakushima.kagoshima.jp/tourism-index/ (Only in Japanese)

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