8 Active Volcanoes in Japan! What are Their Benefits?

There are many volcanoes in Japan because Japan is a country of volcanic islands. In those volcanoes, some are active and they bring many benefits to the Japanese. The most beneficial things could be hot springs nearby volcanoes and their surrounding rich nature.


Things to Do

1. Mt. Taisetsu (Hokkaido)


Mt. Taisetsu is one of the major tourist spots with many visitors in Hokkaido.
There are hot springs called "Souunkyo" sitting at the foot of Mt. Taisetsu.

2. Mt. Usu (Hokkaido)

Kentaro Ohno/Flickr

Mt. Usu is an active volcano and repeatedly erupts extensively. At the base of Mt. Usu is Toyako, opposite the shore is the well-known Hokkaido hot spring Toyako Onsen.

3. Mt. Bandai (Fukushima Prefecture)


"Mt. Aizu Bandai is a treasure mountain..." is sung about Mt. Bandai which has become representative of the Aizu region.
Mt. Bandai has been famous for a long time for its resort where you can enjoy hot springs and skiing.

4. Mt. Shirane (Gunma Prefecture)

TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

Anyone who is Japanese knows that at the foot of this mountain is the Kusatsu hot spring.

5.Mt. Asama (Nagano Prefecture)


To speak of a mountain that is representative of Nagano would be to speak of Mt. Asama.
Coming toward Nagano from Tokyo, if you cross the Usui Pass the mountain's figure will surely come into view.



6. Mt. Hakone (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Hakone is a popular holiday destination where many holidaymakers visit from not only Japan but also from overseas because of its convenience access from central Tokyo.
Hakone has a wonderful sightseeing route from Yumoto, Ohwakudani to Abi Lake.



7. Mt. Kujū (Oita Prefecture)

Mt. Kujū is part of the Kujū Mountains and the main mountain is Mt. Kujū, called both "Ku-ju". Naka-dake is the highest peak of the Kujū Mountains.



8. Mt. Aso (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Speaking of Kumamoto, "Kumamon" is the most famous one nowadays, but Mt. Aso is also a must-visit place as well as Kumamoto Castle.
At the caldera of Mt. Aso, you can discover the braveness and beauty of its nature through the seasons.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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