7 Delicious and Unusual Souvenirs from Shizuoka

Not only is Shizuoka within easy access of both Tokyo and Nagoya, it's also abundant in nature! It's an area full of fruits, vegetables, and the tasty bounties of the sea. On top of that, the majestic Mt. Fuji can also be seen at close range! There are so many souvenirs available in this area that it's fun trying to pick which ones to get. With the prices of these delicious souvenirs being so reasonable, it's very easy to buy a little too much!


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1. Patisserie ichijotei Grand Kiosk Shizuoka “Green Tea Leaf Cookie” [Shizuoka]

The “Green Tea Leaf Cookie” is a well-known specialty of Shizuoka. This leaf-shaped cookie isn't just unique in appearance, but is also really tasty! The delicious flavor of Shizuoka matcha will fill your mouth as you take a bite!

Although the cookie is green, it contains no artificial colorings or additives, so it's safe for children to consume. Trying eating this cookie with a cup of matcha - the simple and lightly sweetened taste of this cookie goes amazingly well with matcha! You also have a selection of sizes to choose from, with sets ranging from boxes of 4 cookies (324 yen) to boxes of 24 cookies (1,944 yen).

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2. Shunkado Main Branch “Unagi Pie” [Daiichi dori]

It may be hard to imagine a fusion of unagi (eel) and pie, but Unagi Pie (box of 12 for 962 yen) is a classic Shizuoka souvenir that's extremely well-known in Japan. The pie is made with eel extract, and is very fragrant and delicious!

This souvenir has been loved by many over the years, and it matches very well with both coffee and green tea. The pie crust has multiple layers, creating a crispy and light texture. It is so easy to eat that once you start, you just can’t stop! Buy more than you think you'll need so you can stock up!

3. Kakuzen Kuwanaya Grand Kiosk Shizuoka “Hachi no Ji” [Shizuoka]

The Hachi no Ji (Figure of 8) confectionery (378 yen for 120g) is, as the name suggests, a baked sweet in the shape of the number 8. It's made with flour, sugar, and egg, so it has a quite traditional taste. No additives are added in the process. Although it's now known as Figure of 8, it was once commonly known as Megane (Glasses) due to its resemblance to glasses.

It goes amazingly well with coffee and Japanese tea! It's also quite nice with milk and milk tea. Look for the drink that you think it matches with best!

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4. Tagonotsuki Main Branch “Tagonotsuki Monaka” [Fuji]

Tagonotsuki Monaka is a Japanese confectionery consisting of sweet bean paste in a fragrant wafer. There are 3 varieties available: Tsuno Monaka (with mochi inside) (175 yen), Koshian (smooth sweet bean paste) (136 yen), and Shiroan (white sweet bean paste) (136 yen). All of them are lightly sweetened with a refined taste that goes perfectly with both matcha and Japanese green tea. The fine, high-quality adzuki beans used in this dessert are grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido. Sakuraan (cherry blossom sweet bean paste) is also available exclusively from February to April.

It's perfect as a souvenir, and it comes in a box depicting the very symbol of Shizuoka – Mt. Fuji. Although they can be bought individually, having a few of them placed beautifully in a whole box is definitely better!

5. Ougiya Seika Main Branch ”Melon Monaka” [Izukyu-Shimoda]

Melon Monaka (972 yen for a box of 8) is a delicious Japanese confectionery consisting of melon-flavored sweet bean paste enveloped in a wafer. There are two variations available: the original monaka with the traditional design, and Paripari Melon Monaka, which comes in a newly designed packaging with the text "Paripari" added onto it.

Both variations use top quality Shizuoka melon, and are super moist and soft with the distinct flavor of melon. The bean paste and the wafer come separately in the Paripari Melon Monaka (864 yen for a box of 5), so you can sandwich the sweet bean paste betwee the wafers when eating. The contrast between the crispy wafer and the sweet bean paste is super addictive! 

6. Marutaya Yogashi Kanda Main Branch “Ageshio” [Hamamatsu]

Ageshio (675 yen for 180g) is a cookie that's unique for its shape. Each and every cookie is carefully made by hand, ensuring that no cookie ever has the exact same shape. Its crispy yet soft texture is sure to captivate you!

This rich, salty, slightly sweet confectionery is so delicious that the more you eat, the more you won't be able to stop! Although it looks slightly like fried chicken, it has a truly refined, delicious taste. It also contains dried fruits and nuts that add to the texture.

7. Sealuck Grand Kiosk Shizuoka “Bari Katsuo-kun.” [Shizuoka]

Bari Katsuo-kun. is luxuriously made with bonito caught in Yaizu Port in Shizuoka. It's thoroughly flavored with thickly shaved pieces of bonito flakes, and peanuts are added into the mix for added flavor and texture. The bonito ginger soy sauce gives it a slightly rich flavor, making it a perfect accompaniment to beer or sake (Japanese alcohol).

The design of the packaging is bright and colorful. Aside from the original, there's also a spicy version! The most popularly purchased product is the [Bari Katsuo-kun, Souvenir Assortment Set] (1,100 yen for 1 bag containing 7). This set includes 3 different flavors: the ginger soy sauce flavor, the wasabi mayonnaise flavor, and the spicy soy sauce flavor.

We've just introduced to you the top souvenirs of Shizuoka, all of which are original products that are unique to the sightseeing areas of Shizuoka. They may be unique, but they also taste amazing, so be sure to try some for yourself!


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