5 Things To Do In Spring in Nagoya

Nagoya has many sightseeing areas, including Nagoya Castle, and as the seasons change, the way to enjoy the city changes too. Here are 5 places you should visit while in Nagoya during the spring.

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1. Enjoy hanami at Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle is Nagoya\'s most famous sightseeing spots, and on the grounds around 1,000 cherry blossoms bloom in spring of 10 different types, mostly Yoshino and weeping cherry trees. Hanami is a spring practice in which people go to parks and other places with cherry trees to see the flowers that are often accompanied by a picnic. Every year during the cherry blossom season, a cherry blossom festival is held and many stalls are set up, mostly around Meijo Park, for a lively atmosphere you can enjoy. The sights of the castle tower and the cherry blossoms as well as the lit-up castle at night are must-sees!

2. See the Wakamiya Matsuri

Wakamiya Hachimansha is a shrine in Sakae that has performed the Wakamiya Matsuri festival since the Edo period (1603 - 1868), and it\'s one of Nagoya\'s big three festivals along with the Toshogu Matsuri and Tennosai. It\'s held every May 15th and 16th, and during this festival floats called "dashi" are pulled and carried along in a parade offering called "Fukurokuju-sha," and people beneath it move the puppets sitting on the dashi. A procession of the eras, in which people dress up like historical eras and march in a parade in chronological order, is also held. Both the puppets and the floats used in Fukurokuju-sha are offered in a ceremony held on the 15th within the grounds of the shrine that is a must-see. On the 16th, the ceremonies of mikoshi togyo and dashi hoei (in which they transfer the gods to the portable shrines and carry them around) are held and paraded to and from Wakamiya Hachimangu to Nagoya Shrine.

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3. Look at flowers and the scenery in Shirotori Garden

Shirotori Garden is a Japanese garden that designed around a large lake in the center, and you can enjoy beautiful nature within its large grounds all year round. Within the garden is a man-made mountain, river, and pond compared to Mt. Ontake, the Kiso River, and Ise Bay, and they recreated the theme of water flowing from a source into a big sea. More sights include Seiutei, a genuine tea house built in the tea-ceremony arbor style of architecture and Shioiri no Niwa, an area made to represent the ebbs and flows of the tide. Many flowers bloom in the spring, and you can enjoy a large, beautiful scenery that will make you forget that you\'re in the center of a city.

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4. Ride a boat in the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens has a wide grounds of about 60 hectares. The zoo has over 500 types of animals including koalas, and the gardens are home to around 7,000 types of flora including those grown in large greenhouses. There\'s also a Japanese garden where you can enjoy seasonal flowers like cherry blossoms or hydrangea while listening to the calls of wild birds. There\'s also an amusement park within the grounds, so this place is recommended for family outings or for people who want to enjoy various types of activities. Why not enjoy a leisurely rowboat ride on the lake in the warm weather of spring?
Rowboat 60 minutes, starting at 600 JPY
Paddle-boat 30 minutes, starting at 1,000 JPY


5. Walk around Osu Shotengai

Osu Shotengai (shopping arcade) is an area built around the temple of Osu Kannon that holds around 400 years of history. Now it\'s a shopping arcade that holds around 1,200 shops and facilities including large electronic stores, restaurants, and secondhand clothing stores. Famous places like Osu Kannon and Bansho-ji are nearby, and they often hold events like antique fairs and street performance festivals. You can reach Osu via Osu Kannon Station or Kamimaezu Station, and it\'s a popular spot filled not just with locals but also tourists. During nice days in the spring, you can enjoy some delicious cuisine as you take a walk.

Please enjoy the sightseeing spots in Nagoya as you enjoy the warm spring weather!

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