What's Trending in Japan?! Weekly Digest (9/17 - 9/21, 2018)

Are you sick of getting late news on the newest hot topics in Japan? Here's a quick and easy weekly digest that'll give you the scoop on the top 3 trends making waves on Japan's social media platforms! This week touches on a new Kit Kat flavor that people are going crazy for, Japan's first conveyor belt sweets cafe, and the cutest pen holder you'll ever see in your life!

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1. The New Umeshu Flavor of Kit Kat Went Viral

There are over 300 flavors of KitKat, from standard flavors like matcha (powdered green tea) to weird ones like pumpkin pudding. One crazy flavor is Japanese sake (rice wine), which was released in 2017 and became a resounding success. The candy manufacturer decided to continue the trend for 2018 by introducing another alcoholic Kit Kat flavor: umeshu (plum wine).

One big ingredient in this confectionery is Tsuruume Suppai, a sweet-tasting plum wine made of premium Nanko plums from Wakayama Prefecture. This new KitKat flavor was just released on September 19, so if you want to try this white chocolate candy bar and you're in Japan, visit your nearest souvenir shop, KitKat gift shop, or KitKat Chocolatory!

By the way, if you're looking for convincing reasons to buy this new KitKat flavor, check out the article below. As it turns out, plum wine is good for your health!

2. Eat All the Dessert You Want at Japan's First Conveyor Belt Sweets Cafe

No, this is not a lie. Visit this cafe and you'll get 40 minutes to gorge on all-you-can-eat sweets! Watch the video below to see what we mean - they'll all come down a conveyor belt like in a sushi restaurant!

Not only is this cafe priced at the same level as cheap conveyor belt sushi restaurants, but it offers the chance to try a selection of Japan's best sweets, including mochi (rice cake)!

The above cafe specializes in cute sweets and light fare. If you're looking for more luxurious desserts, check out the article below!

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3. This Adorable Crab Has the Strength of an Ant

When it comes to buying Japanese crafts, people tend to buy leather-bound books, swords, and fans. However, Japanese people are also great at making small trinkets, such as this crab pen holder that went viral in Japan!

Despite its small and cute appearance, it can hold up a lot of things: spoons, chopsticks, cigarettes - the list goes on and on! Take a look at the various ways it has been used by using the カニペンホルダー hashtag on Instagram.

More interested in other types of souvenirs? We recommend checking out the article below for ideas.

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Bonus: Top 30 Japanese Cup Noodle Flavors

Cup noodles line the shelves of convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan. With such a variety, you might have difficulty deciding which one to get as a snack or souvenir. To help solve that problem, we've created a list of the top 30 cup noodle flavors in Japan! Check the article below to see if your favorite is included.


And that's that! The trends are always quickly changing, so there will always be something new from week to week. Check back in once a week and see if anything catches your eye!



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