What's Trending in Japan?! Weekly Digest (8/13 - 8/16, 2018)

Are you sick of getting late news on the newest hot topics in Japan? This article series is a quick and easy weekly digest that'll give you the scoop on the top 3 trends making waves on Japan's social media platforms! The best photo spots, awesome new tourist places, delicious and unique foods... you'll learn about it all! Today's scoop covers a limited-time museum, a sake bottle that sings to you as you pour, and a unique "bar" where you can make your own personal perfume. Keep reading to find out all the details!

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1. Snoopy Museum Tokyo - Go Now Before it Moves Locations!

This is the world's first satellite location for the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California, a true mecca for Snoopy lovers!

The Snoopy Museum Tokyo is currently in the central area of Roppongi, but this location will close up shop on September 24th, 2018, and then the museum will reopen in it's new location in Machida, Tokyo, in the fall of 2019. 

Machida is about an hour from central Tokyo, so now is the time to go to this museum if you want to easily visit without straying too far and taking up most of your day! 

Between artwork, films, and vintage goods, there are over 200 items on display, and there is sure to be something to satisfy everyone from casual Snoopy fans to serious aficionados! 

Of course, there is a Snoopy Cafe where you can get Snoopy-themed food and desserts that are as tasty as they are cute! 

As you can see, there is an extensive gift shop where you can buy a huge variety of Snoopy-themed products from clothing, to stuffed toys, to home decor, and more! 

The gift shop also sells lots of stationery and other items that are unique to the Tokyo location, making it an absolute must-visit for any Snoopy fans who are in Tokyo. 

2. A Sake Serving Bottle...That Sings!

The Uguisu Tokkuri is a type of traditional sake serving bottle that has been made in Japan since the Edo era (1603 - 1868 A.D.). 

While these traditional porclain pieces are of course beautiful to look at, there is actually something extraordinary about them that you can't tell just by looking.


Miraculously, shaking the bottle or tipping it over to pour sake into a glass causes it to sing! More precicely, it makes a sound mimicking the birdsong of a Japanese nightingale ("uguisu" in Japanese). 

The Marumo Takagi porcelain shop in Asakusa sells various varieties of Uguisu Tokkuri, but those aren't the only products of theirs that sing! They sell singing sake cups too! 

The video above is not of a Marumo Takagi product, but showcases the charm of this special kind of sake serving container all the same. 

The Marumo Takagi store, located inside Marugoto Nippon has serveral designs of Uguisu Tokkuri to choose from, so please pay them a visit and pick out the one that best suits your personal style!

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3. Create Your Own Unique Fragrance at The Kaori Bar Finca!

Have you ever wanted to create your own one-of-a-kind personal fragrance? Well, you can do exacly that at The Kaori Bar Finca in Shinjuku!  

Creating your own fragrance is not only a fun and creative experience, but it also ends up in a luxury product that you will be able to use and enjoy for months, if not years. 

The Kaori Bar Finca sells over 50 varieties of its own original fragrances, all made with materials from Japan.

For those who wish to express themselves creatively through a one-of-a-kind fragrance, there is also the option for customers to mix and match various scents to create something new! 

The create-your-own fragrances can be made in quantities of 1mL, 5mL, 10mL, and 60 mL. 

The Kaori Bar Fincas own Eau de Toilette fragrance can be purchased in quantities of 30mL, 60mL, or 100mL. 

By all means, choose the quantity that best fits into your budget! 

And as if the fragrances themselves weren't enough, there is also the option to get them in one of these beautiful, intricate bottles as pictured above. 

These bottles are all made by hand by an artisan from Egypt, and are a particularly popular choice for when giving a fragrance as a gift.

And that's that! The trends are always quickly changing, so there will always be something new from week to week. Check back in once a week and see if anything catches your eye!



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