What's Trending in Japan?! Weekly Digest (7/2 - 7/6, 2018)

Are you sick of getting late news on the newest hot topics in Japan? This article series is a quick and easy weekly digest that'll give you the scoop on the top 3 trends making waves on Japan's social media platforms! The best photo spots, awesome new tourist places, delicious and unique foods... you'll learn about it all!


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1. How Do You Like Them Cakes? (Shizuoka)

Not in the mood for a fried egg? If you look closely, you'll see that this is actually a pancake made to look like a fried egg! The "white" of the fried egg is actually a sweet milk sauce, while the "yolk" is egg yolk sauce containing real yolk, coated in a special substance to make it look super realistic.

▽ See this "egg" getting cut into here!

Check out this video! You can see the runny "yolk" flow out as the knife cuts into it. It's almost hard to believe this is not a real egg! Japanese people are going crazy over this cake, saying that not only is it highly Instagrammable, but it's also delicious, with a rich, eggy flavor.


2. Gotta Slurp Them All! (7-Eleven)

Dying from the sweltering Japanese summer? Suffer no more with one of these refreshing ice cold Slurpees! You might be familiar with these already, as they are constantly available in some countries. They're frozen, carbonated drinks that you serve yourself using the cups provided.

What's unique about the Slurpees in Japan is that only about 100 7-Eleven branches across all of Japan carry them... and that most of these branches are not in popular tourist destinations like Shinjuku, Osaka, and Fukuoka! The actual website, even in Japanese, doesn't give any clues as to where these 100 stores are either. This has sparked a national scavenger hunt, with both locals and tourists heading to any 7-Eleven branch they see to check if they sell Slurpees.

So, how are you going to get your fix of Slurpees?! Luckily for you, we've nailed down a few branches selling these illusive drinks: Kawasaki Station East Exit Branch (Kanagawa), Yoshinosawa Branch (Chiba), and Nishi Izu Doga-shima Branch (Shizuoka). You may have to travel a bit outside of Tokyo, but if you're dedicated to tasting all the Slurpees across Japan or just really want to take that perfect picture, then it's well worth it!

3. Come Get a Peach of This! (Osaka)

W-Wait... giant parfaits topped with whole fruits?! Yes, this is the magical wonderland that dessert and fruit fiends have been waiting for! Released to the world on July 1, these innovative and peculiar sweets have been taking Japan by storm. Take this peach parfait, for example: the peaches stacked on top are deseeded and filled with different things, such as cream or sauce.

Have you ever seen so many strawberries in a single dessert?!

How is this parfait even standing?!

And that's that! The trends are always quickly changing, so there will always be something new from week to week. Check back in once a week and see if anything catches your eye!


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