Top 9 Oden Shops for a Piping Hot Bowl of Oden in Tokyo

Stews or soups are amazing especially on a cold night and each country has their own type of yummy stew but there is nothing like Japanese Oden that is cooked in a rich flavorful broth and foreign visitors that come to Japan can vouch for it. Hence, in this article, we will be introducing the 10 most popular oden shops here in Tokyo.


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1. Nishiosan

Nishiosan is super popular and you would probably have to place your reservations one and a half months in advance just to get your foot in. The chef here doesn’t take his oden lightly and that’s probably why his oden dishes are so highly rated. So, don’t forget to call up to reserve a seat!

B1 Floor Shinjuku 3rd Building, 3-1-32 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

2. Otafuku

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Otafuku has been around Asakusa for more than a century. The recipes here haven’t changed at all and they are still as popular as ever. The flavors here are not overpowering and you’ll always come back for more. So, if you are ever in Asakusa, you must make your way here!

1-6-2 Senzoku, Taito Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

3. Kushikomabo

To get to the famous, Kushikomabo, you’ll have to head to Otsuka. You’ll not be disappointed by the flavors and the menu here is reasonably priced too! You might find their Tomato Tsukune Oden a novelty but you might surprise your taste buds in a good way. Besides being able to enjoy a bowl of oden made with fresh ingredients, be spoiled with their wide range of Japanese Sake.

1st Floor T&R’, 1-33-27 Kita Otsuka, Toshima Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

4. Ogura

Ogura in Ginza stands out from other oden places in Tokyo with its broth. Typically, an oden restaurant would use a soy-sauce-based broth, but here at Ogura, you will be delighted with their salt-based broth. This famous restaurant prides on its Kanto flavors and diners from all over Japan always come by here for a bowl of their oden whenever they are in Tokyo. We definitely recommend the ones that come with daikon, the white Japanese radish. It’s carefully stewed in the famous broth, soaking up all the yummy juices. You’ll not regret taking a bite of it.

B1 Floor Honda Building, 6-3-6 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

5. Nagazumi

You might not know but the chef here at Nagazumi has ever been awarded and recognized by the Michelin Guide. This restaurant only has counter seats giving it a very classy fine Japanese dining feel for an oden restaurant. Besides satisfying your taste buds with his oden dishes, there are other creations of his that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

1-5-3 Moto-Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

6. Maruken Suisan

Maruken Suisan at Akabane is not your typical oden restaurant. In fact, it may not even be right to call it a restaurant. Although it is merely food stall, but there are many passersby that come by to have a hot bowl of oden with a glass of beer or sake before moving on. The prices here are very reasonable and the locals here would definitely recommend this stall to anyone that is looking for the best oden in town.

1-22-8 Akabane, Kita Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

7. Owariya

This restaurant at Kanda has been around for quite some time and it is very well-liked among the locals here. This restaurant serves lunch too and we would definitely urge you to come here for their lunch menu. You won’t regret it because the flavors are amazing and the quality is undeniable. If you happen to be in Tokyo during winter, this would make a perfect stop to warm and fill your belly up.

1-6-4 Kajicho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

8. Kagurazaka Esaki

Kagurazaka Esaki brings oden dining to another level. The prices here are slightly on the higher end but the atmosphere here and the food justify it. It is a very popular restaurant among young diners and besides having oden here, you can also try there charcoal-grilled dishes.

1st Floor Sato Building, 3-6 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

9. Fukushimaya

With more than 80 years under its sleeve, Fukushimaya is where you go to for great oden. It is located in Azabujuban and it just completed some renovations to its exterior recently. They have kept their flavors for decades and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here!

2-1-1 Azabujuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo

HP: (Japanese Only)

Now, if you are ever in town, you should really come for a bowl of oden. If you don’t know what it is, it is a hot bowl of delicious fresh seafood and vegetables in a clear broth. You’ve got to really try it once!

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