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Wagokoro Oe

Loc Yamaguchi/Hagi, Yamaguchi

A short walk from Ube Shinkawa Station, we offer all sorts of seating options for you to be comfortable and enjoy our seafood dishes with exquisite sides

White-fleshed fish such as bream, flounder and flathead are prepared while still alive, drawing out the most delicious flavors from the fish. As wild fish do not have any of the strong aromas of farmed fish, we recommend eating them with only salt. The arrangement on the plate and the aroma of the sudachi (citrus fruit) is also important. The "lily bulb" has the texture and sweetness of a Japanese yam. It is steamed and then strained, placed in a yeast bun with soft duck or foie gras, and is delicious when eaten with our potato cakes. Those customers who wish to sit by the counter and enjoy conversation can, and those who wish to receive guests or customers in a more private dining room can as well. We are careful not to interrupt you at the wrong time. We can also modify the next dish based on your feedback from the ones you just ate. Whether it's a small group of three or four, or a large group of up to 18, you'll be able to enjoy your food and conversation without interruption.

1-6-19 Chuo-cho , Ube-shi, Yamaguchi
Japanese / General , Japanese / Basashi (horse meat sashimi) , Japanese / Sushi
Dinner: 5000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Mondays

Caf'e d'Agari

Loc Yamaguchi/Hagi, Yamaguchi

Enjoy fresh food and five kinds of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere and forget about the stress of daily life.

Our lightly-burnt French toast brings happiness with each mouthful. The gentle taste of sweet egg yolk soaks through the bread. The seasonal fruit tart brings out the sweetness of the fruit, making it truly delicious. For you to take away or to bring to your friends when you visit, we provide 5 kinds of coffee: "Coffee with Buckwheat", "Original Blend", "Morning Blend", "Coffee with Adlay", and our "Special Blend". Please try and compare them all. We start preparing all the dishes as our guests place their orders, so that they may enjoy freshly-made dishes. It is only natural, but we make sure we do. We believe that is the secret to making our guests happy. We try to go one step ahead of our guests' wishes to allow them to rest and relax. It is important we create a relaxed atmosphere so they can forget about their troubles and their busy daily life.

3-4 Ogorimaedamachi, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi
Cafe/Sweets / Sandwich
Lunch: 850 JPY Dinner: 850 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Shunsai Dining Tsuki to Usagi Yamaguchi

Loc Yamaguchi/Hagi, Yamaguchi

Seasonal Japanese cuisine for the whole family

Our fish entree sauces vary depending on the season and the available ingredients, making every time you visit a unique and delicious experience. Most of our vegetables are grown locally in Yamaguchi, and we select the most colorful and appetizing ones. We work hard to bring you the wonderful tastes of the season. And since our customers are people of all ages, we make sure to offer flavors that everyone can enjoy. We take pride in our cooking, and we know you'll love it. Our delicious food is reasonably priced, so we are the perfect choice for your next family dinner or company party. And if you are bringing an important guest, we can prepare a special dish in their honor. Please ask us about it when you make your reservation.

1-11 Sufu-cho , Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi
Japanese / General , Western / French , Western / Italian
Lunch: 1500 JPY Dinner: 4000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None


Loc Yamaguchi/Hagi, Yamaguchi

Enjoy the high-quality meat of the Seared Saga Beef Sushi or the fresh fish in a relaxed interior

We offer A5 grade Saga beef in a variety of our dishes. Our Seared Saga Beef Sushi is one of them. The savory taste of high-quality meat is a delicious match for the tart, vinegared sushi rice. All of the ingredients we use at our restaurant are carefully selected. In addition to the brand-name Saga beef, we also use fresh fish like our torafuku (tiger puffer) from Yamaguchi and Kyushu. Have your fill of our course dishes that bring out the natural flavors in our ingredients. We offer colorful, beautiful presentations arranged on Arita porcelain from the chef's native Saga Prefecture. In our relaxed interior, delicious food is a given, but we are also dedicated to providing an aesthetic that will delight you. Use us for an ordinary night out, or a special occasion like a reception or engagement ceremony. We have private rooms with formal seating that we highly recommend. We take reservations until a day in advance.

Shin-ei Bldg. 1F, 4-36 Ogori Takasagocho, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi
Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood , Japanese / Fugu (blowfish) , Japanese / Kaiseki (traditional multi-course meal)
Lunch: 2000 JPY Dinner: 4500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Tuesdays