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Tosu Cafe & Wine Dining Lincotto

Loc Saga/Tosu, Saga

Try the charmingly-arranged Torikago Pancakes, adorned with the Lincotto logo, in an old-style japanese house.

Lincotto uses only carefully-selected, high-quality ingredients. This pancake dish is decorated with the restaurant's logo and arranged in the image of a bird in its nest. We take special care in both the seen and the unseen elements of our dishes. We would love for guests to try this plate that is limited to only five servings daily. We use as many locally-sourced ingredients as we can, including produce, eggs, and milk, with the aim of local production for local consumption. We also have an array of carefully-selected delicious wines and rare Japanese sake to enjoy with your meal. Come and enjoy seasonal wine paired with seasonal dishes. As the owner/chef, I build on my diverse experience to emphasize the here and now. In the daytime, it is fragrant coffee and sweets; at night, we want you to be comfortable while relaxing with your favorite glass of wine. Pass the time serenely, amused by the bubbles in your draft sparkling wine, or enveloped in the aroma of your coffee. Come and relax in your own style in

1311 Sonezakimachi, Tosu, Saga
Western / Pasta , Western / Naples pizza , Cafe/Sweets / Cake
Lunch: 1000 JPY Dinner: 3500 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Tuesday

Kinkan - South Exit branch

Loc Saga/Tosu, Saga

Fully enjoy over 100 dishes made with the blessings from the land and sea of Saga, in our comfortable space.

[Kinkan - South Exit branch] serves dishes made with carefully-selected ingredients such as fresh seafood directly sent from Hakata Fish Market, seasonal vegetables from the local vegetable market, and high-grade ingredients including Saga Japanese Black Beef carefully grown in the nature of Saga. We offer more than 100 dishes bringing out the original savory tastes of the ingredients, cooked in various methods including Japanese, western, and Chinese. Enjoy different tastes even with the same ingredients. Inside the restaurant has a wide relaxing Japanese space with 160 seats, including many private rooms ideal for entertaining your clients, a date, or a family gathering. Our entrance is handicap-accessible for wheel chair users, etc. Please visit this warmhearted restaurant with the motto of [welcoming everyone].

1-5-14, Ekimae Chuo, Saga city, Saga
Japanese / General , Japanese / Yakitori (grilled, skewered chicken) , Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood
Dinner: 4000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Yakiniku Kakura

Loc Saga/Tosu, Saga

Enjoy high-quality Japanese beef from Saga, and tasty wine which goes well with meat dishes.

Our restaurant receives a high reputation as we serve tasty yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) dishes with high-grade Saga Beef in a private room. The good aroma of yakiniku from the restaurant which stimulates your appetite invites you. When passing under the shop curtain with an elegant atmosphere and entering the restaurant, a relaxing space spreads which is unlike yakiniku restaurants. Enjoy high-grade local ingredients from Saga in our sophisticated space. Our No.1 recommendation is [Ultimately Thick Cut Platter] to gorgeously enjoy tongue, thigh, and skirt steak of Saga Beef thickly-cut like a steak. We also offer a wide variety of drink such as wine which go well with meat. Please visit us to enjoy high-grade meat and tasty drink. 

1-13-23, Ekimae Chuo, Saga city, Saga
Asian/Ethnic / Yakiniku (grilled meat) , Asian/Ethnic / Horumon (offal meat) , Asian/Ethnic / Korean
Dinner: 4000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: None

Gyoan Shunsai

Loc Arita/Imari/Karatsu, Saga

A fantastic selection of fresh fish and seafood! Check out our specialty "dancing squid" prepared with squid so fresh that it moves.

There are 14 items offered in our popular nighttime course menu. From sashimi to grilled fish, you'll be satiated with our assortment of various seafood from the Genkai Sea. Katsu Ika (dancing squid), our specialty, is prepared just before being served. Because it is completely fresh, you can clearly see the bamboo leaf kaishiki spread underneath the squid. Our restaurant, frequently used for a variety of gatherings, also has a number of completely private rooms. We also provide transportation for groups, so please feel free to ask us.

1-17-82 Choda, Karatsu, Saga
Japanese / General , Japanese / Sashimi (raw fish)/Seafood , Japanese / Kaiseki (traditional multi-course meal)
Lunch: 1500 JPY Dinner: 3000 JPY
Closed ico Closed: Mondays