Start a Brilliant Day with Brunch: 8 Coffee and Dessert Spots at Kiyosumi Shirakawa Loved by Locals!

Kiyosumi Shirakawa used to be a laid-back suburban area, but now it has become a popular coffee street that exudes hipster vibes. And since delicious roasted coffee is usually paired with mouthwatering desserts, bakeries and cake shops have also been popping up one by one, attracting foodies from all over the world. Now let’s follow our local writer to visit several unique coffee and dessert shops! Whether you are a traveler seeking serenity, leisure, refinement, or simply gourmet food, start a brilliant day with brunch at Kiyosumi Shirakawa!

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A Leisurely Brunch at Iki Espresso

Open from 8:00 am, Iki Espresso is perfect for early birds to start their day by leisurely enjoying a nutritious breakfast. They serve quality home-roasted coffee and a variety of appetizing brunches. The most popular dishes are the Iki Mixed Plate with a combination of ingredients, and the Eggs Benedict with a choice of smoked salmon or bacon. Order a cup of coffee, sit down in a bright space, and experience the unchanged old atmosphere of the suburbs while enjoying the luxury of letting time pass slowly and quietly. Iki Espresso's French toast and ricotta cheese muffins are also quite popular. Even the desserts in the display window next to the counter are very attractive. It’s definitely a good idea to come here and enjoy a cup of coffee paired with dessert during tea time.

Delicious Exquisite Scones at Fukudaso

Everyone should be somewhat familiar with Fukudaso. Many articles describe it as a small paradise for hipsters and crafts lovers, as there are studios and sundry shops displaying unique handicrafts and creations on the second floor. However, its opening hours are not fixed, so you might want to check the website before heading over. The coffee shop on the first floor has its own unique style, being an ancient warehouse lined with various classical sofas, tables, and chairs. Their handmade cheesecakes and muffins might look quite plain, but they are delightful for their classic flavors. Take home a few delicious and exquisite handmade scones, brew a pot of tea, and spread some jam on the pastries. They are definitely lifesavers for your empty stomach, as well as the perfect souvenirs for bringing back travel memories.

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Roasting Workshop at The Cream of the Crop Coffee

Japanese media claims that the first wave of coffee culture was spread by Europe and the United States to the world, the second wave was the culture of coffee chain shops driven by Starbucks, and the third refers to the rise of quality roasted coffee in recent years, of which Kiyosumi Shirakawa has become a representative area. The location is characterized by open-space warehouses, where coffee beans are roasted and cups of wonderful coffee are slowly prepared for guests. The Cream of the Crop Coffee roasting workshop is a major local player. Although it is hidden away in an alley, its cute dog logo has attracted many people seeking Instagram photos. It goes without saying that the workshop's quality coffee is its main selling point, as reflected in its name "The Cream of the Crop". Its unique warehouse-space seating and casual outdoor space exude a strong sense of openness, while the store merchandise is also another highlight.

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Quality Roasted Coffee at ALLPRESS ESPRESSO

Allpress Espresso was founded in New Zealand. Like The Cream of the Crop Coffee, its coffee is also directly roasted on the premises, part of which is a bakery and warehouse. A unique hot-air roasting method is used to carefully release the flavor of the coffee beans, giving the aromatic coffee a hint of cocoa. The store also offers delicious made-to-order panini with three kinds of bread, as well as nutritious breakfast sets like oatmeal with fruit and yogurt, or avocado toast with ham. Come here for brunch on a weekday to avoid the travelers' crowd before strolling around the nearby alleys. It will definitely make your day!

Amazing Brazilian Pudding at ARiSE Coffee Entangle

ARiSE Coffee Entangle is a sister shop of ARiSE and offers a variety of coffee beans, so that guests can decide their preferred taste of the day while chatting with the staff. Each cup of coffee is made with care, usually using Dominican coffee beans and unique Ethiopian yirgacheffe beans. The interior decor and furnishing are elegant and comfortable. Located next to the Shirakawa River, the store features a seasonal display outside that adds an idyllic appeal, especially with the light-pink cherry blossoms during springtime. A perfect pairing with the coffee is the scrumptious Brazilian pudding, which is a combination of bittersweet cocoa sponge cake and mellow pudding with an amazing egg aroma, topped with a layer of bitter caramel as the finishing touch. No wonder it is the signature dessert here!

Special Cream Puffs at Pâte à choux

"Pâte à choux" offers cream puffs with three flavors, including the Japanese-style FUKAGAWA, a combination of custard cream, whipped cream and red bean paste; TAKUMI, the regular dual flavor of custard cream and whipped cream; and KIYOSUMI, a special mix of custard cream, whipped cream, and coffee, highlighting the characteristics of Kiyosumi Shirakawa. The puffs from “Pâte à choux” are made with rice flour, so the outer layer is very different from the soft puffs normally found on the market. There is a slightly hard yet crunchy multilayer on the top, while the lower layer has a solid and thick cake texture. The outer layers alone give the puff a richness and uniqueness. What’s more, the store will launch a distinctive puff each month to give customers some new excitement.

Milk Ice Cream at a Hokkaido Cheese Specialty Store

“Voice of Cheese” mainly sells more than 300 types of cheese from Hokkaido. The milk ice cream here has won the hearts of many and is highly rated on the Internet. Made only from fresh milk and sugar delivered directly from Hokkaido without any extra preservatives or additives, it tastes extremely mellow and rich, perfectly showcasing the pure flavor of Hokkaido milk. When you visit Kiyosumi Shirakawa, don't forget to taste this Hokkaido milk ice cream. Those who are fond of cheese can also sample a cheese platter with three types of cheese for 1500 yen.

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Baked French Desserts at En Vedette

EN VEDETTE means "in the spotlight" in French. This versatile French dessert shop is a key player in the industry. The display cabinets in the store are like jewel boxes lined with dazzling desserts that not only look fantastic but also taste amazing. You will be surprised by the constantly evolving flavors every time you visit! Chef Daisuke Mori shows off his enthusiasm and skills with his creations, from the classic strawberry cream cake to creative dishes with new flavors made from all kinds of ingredients. Dessert-lovers should definitely give it a try!


The peace and ease of Kiyosumi Shirakawa is perfect for busy travelers looking to enjoy some leisure time. Rather than running around checking off a to-do list, it's worth slowing down and enjoying your time. Come visit the unique and interesting alleys of Kiyosumi Shirakawa, and explore the Tokyo suburb culture and hipster vibes!

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