Great Access from Tokyo! Top 10 Recommended Cafes in Shizuoka

Shizuoka Prefecture, famed for being the prefecture where Mt. Fuji resides, is only an hour away from Tokyo by bullet train and can also be easily reached by express highway bus. Besides Mt. Fuji, there is a wide range of other things to see and do there, including hot springs, outlet malls and safari parks. All this sightseeing may eventually wear you out, but don’t worry! There are lots of cafes in Shizuoka Prefecture offering fantastic food and atmosphere where you can stop in for a rest. Here is a list of the top 10 recommended cafes in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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1. Mujoudou [Numakubo]

You can really get a sense of the seasons at Mujoudou, a cafe located in the tranquil countryside. Delicious kakigori (shaved ice) is available during summer, while mulled wine and warm desserts such as oshiruko (sweet adzuki bean soup with mochi (glutinous rice cake)) are available to warm yourself up on during the colder months.

There is a sophisticated mix of both Japanese and Western elements in the design of this spacious cafe with a high ceiling. It has such a relaxing atmosphere that you may end up staying longer than you originally planned!

On clear days, Mt. Fuji can be seen from the cafe's large windows. The beautiful area at the foot of the mountain and the rice paddies closer to the cafe are so scenic, it's almost like looking at a painting. This cafe may not be the easiest to get to, but it is well worth a visit just to see this amazing landscape.

2. Gasho-an Chiyoda Main Branch [Shizuoka]

Shizuoka Prefecture is the region that produces the most tea in Japan. Gasho-an, a store that specializes in Japanese tea, has 4 branches in Shizuoka Prefecture. Here you can enjoy a variety of treats made with plenty of matcha (powdered green tea).

Everything from mini-sized parfaits to super-sized, 30 cm tall parfaits are available on the menu here! An extensive drinks menu is also available, including matcha lattes, milk tea, regular Japanese teas, and matcha.

If you take a liking to the taste and aroma of Japanese tea, you also have the option to buy some to take home with you. The accessible, spacious interior has a wide range of tea leaves lined up on display. In order to find the one that’s best for you, feel free to taste them all and discover for yourself the very bitter ones, the very sweet ones, and everything else in-between.

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3. Saryo Ho-ko [Kinomiya]

Saryo Ho-ko is a cafe located on the grounds of Kinomiya Shrine. You can enjoy the traditional Japanese scenery of a torii gate (traditional entrance gate to a Shinto shrine) and the main building of a Shinto shrine while drinking coffee and indulging in a sweet treat. You can even sit back and relax on the patio seats during warm, clear days.

You can buy the famous confectioneries of Kinomiya Shrine along the shopping street road by Kinomiya Station. These sweets can of course also be bought at Ho-ko, including manju (steamed bun filled with sweet bean paste) made with aromatic "mugikogashi" (roasted barley flour) and chiffon cake.

Most of the sweets on the menu at this cafe can also be bought as souvenirs. Don’t miss out on the ones that can only be bought in the Kinomiya area! Sweets bought at the shrine itself all come with a special “Kinomiya Shrine” sticker, making them feel even more special and unique.

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4. Toraya Kobo Cafe [Gotemba]

This lovely Japanese-style cafe is located in Gotemba, which is famous for its huge outlet mall. This cafe is an extension of the famous wagashi (Japanese confectionery) shop “Toraya." The most popular item on their menu is the dorayaki (Japanese pancake with sweet red bean filling), which is stamped with a cute “と” ("to") and a drawing of Mt. Fuji.

Besides dorayaki, which can be eaten year-round, this cafe also has a special seasonal menu which changes throughout the year. The wagashi have a subtle, delicate flavor, and are all lovingly crafted with carefully chosen ingredients.

The quaint temple gate at the entrance has been at this spot since 192, and a bamboo forest, pond, and plum grove are also located within the grounds. Customers can not only enjoy seeing the change of the seasons from the large windows inside the cafe, but they can also take a walk around the spacious grounds themselves. All in all, this cafe is a great place for peaceful relaxation.

5. Fruit Cafe Niji [Fukuroi]

Fukuroi City in Shizuoka Prefecture is known for producing luxury melons. This cafe is actually run by a melon farmer and is managed by a melon farm. Since it's part of a melon plantation, customers can enjoy sweets made with fresh melons throughout the year! 

Besides melon parfait and melon juice, customers can also enjoy a variety of other melon sweets at this restaurant, such as chiffon cake made by kneading melon into the dough and breads with melon cream filling. This cafe is a must for melon lovers!

The cafe, which was once a renovated greenhouse used to cultivate melons, provides a comfortable environment with an abundance of sunlight and greenery. Be sure to plan ahead, though - it's only open on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays. 

6. Aibana [Atami]

Aibana is situated right next to Atami Station, an area famous for its hot springs. They have a soft serve ice cream that is so big, you'll surely be in for a surprise! This item is called Yukifuji Soft, named after the tall height of the Mt. Fuji-like soft serve. It's topped with a generous sprinkling of matcha powder to give it a bit of a Shizuoka twist. Sweet red bean paste is also hidden beneath the ice cream, so you'll definitely be satisfied with this treat!

Customers can enjoy house roasted coffee here, some of which are original blends only available at Aibana. Sweet Japanese desserts go surprisingly well with coffee, so be sure to try it for yourself! 

There's a workshop and gallery attached to this stylish, bright cafe, and customers can even shop for souvenirs as they take a break here. You can feel this cafe's attention to detail through subtle touches like the carefully selected crockery their coffee and sweets are served in. 

7. Ofuro Cafe Bijinyu Wa-Cafe [Shizuoka]

Just as the name suggests, this is a hot spring ("ofuro") and cafe all in one! Being able to warm up in a natural hot spring and then enjoy a meal or something sweet makes this a dream-like place to visit. The menu includes a sweet called a Moffle, which is soft, pure white waffle made from mochi that looks really cute.

The mini-sized parfait is made with a great mix of flavors like soft serve ice cream, cakes, fruits, and nuts. Seeing as Shizuoka is famous for green tea, it's easy to see why many of the sweets here are made with Japanese green tea or matcha. 

Customers will find it easy to relax at this cafe with its high ceiling and spacious seating. Some tables even come with a computer - perfect for looking up more sightseeing information! 

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8. Hana no Yosei [Atami]

Located inside the New Akao Hotel in Atami, this cafe boasts a beautiful view from the windows of Sagami Bay and the cliffs of Nishikigaura. Their seasonal fruit parfait is a very cute dish! 

In addition to their parfaits, the menu also includes seasonal cakes, scones, and muffins. The cafe's name translates to "Flower Fairy," and just like you might imagine from this pretty name, all their dishes are so beautifully presented that you might hesitant to take a bite! 

Most of the seats indoors are sofa seating. The beautiful sea can be seen from every seat here, but the terrace seats are highly recommended for anyone who wants to take in the sea breeze. The beautiful blue sky and sea will almost make you feel like you are in a tropical resort! 

9. Satoyama Cafe Yufu [Kanaya]

This cafe is located inside a pottery studio. For the reasonable price of only 750 yen, customers can enjoy 2 types of handmade cakes with a drink. There's even a set that comes with cake and a pottery trial lesson in one! 

All of the tableware used at this cafe was made in their pottery studio. If you see something you like, you can buy it at the gallery, too. It's really great to be able to try it out before buying it! 

Relax and forget the time here while you look out onto the peaceful landscape of Satoyama. The wooden interior of this cafe goes well with the surrounding abundance of nature. You can sit on their wide terrace on days with good weather, too!

10. Shibachan Ranch Market [Kakegawa]

As the name suggests, this cafe is managed by a ranch. Soft serve ice cream, pudding, and yogurt are just some of the items made from fresh Jersey milk available on their menu. Why not treat yourself and try two flavors in one by topping your pudding with soft serve ice cream?

The reasonably priced Stick Cream Puff costs only 180 yen each. Its shape makes it easy to carry around and eat.

It is hard to miss this cafe due to its unique exterior which resembles a shipping container. Surrounded by nature, customers can sit back and relax to the sound of birds singing and the gentle flow of the river.


This article has introduced a number of unique cafes. Some have beautiful scenery, some offer delicious food, and some are inside an actual hot spring facility! Relax and recharge at one of these cafes during your sightseeing trip to Shizuoka!


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