Area of Japan - Where I Go On My Day Off! (Tokyo Edition)

Where would you go with a free day in Tokyo? In this feature, we’ll explore spots in Tokyo and the surrounding area where our multinational resident writers spend their downtime! Visiting each location, they’ll share their unique insight, helping you enjoy Tokyo like a local!


Spend a Day Enjoying Japanese Literature, Historical Architecture, and Folk Crafts Around Komaba Park in Tokyo!

Are you interested in Japanese literature, historical architecture, and folk crafts? If so, then Komaba Park is the place for you! Our art-loving editor spent the day exploring Komaba Park and getting her heart's fill of art to introduce her favorite spots in this article!


Dawn - Taiwan

I enjoy visiting art festivals and galleries all over Japan and strive to spread the appeal of “art tourism.” In the future, I hope to enjoy a life based in both Tokyo and Taipei.


Enjoy the Many Exquisite Cafes of Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, Tokyo's Leading Coffee Neighborhood!

Hosting many stylish and relaxing independent cafes, the Kiyosumi-Shirakawa area of Tokyo has been gaining popularity in recent years as one of Tokyo's leading coffee neighborhoods. Our cafe-loving editor headed over to Kiyosumi-Shirakawa to find out why there are so many good cafes, and, of course, to enjoy some delicious coffee!


Kinoko - Vietnam

I am a resident of Tokyo and like to explore new areas and meet interesting people in Japan. I hope to use my experiences to make you feel closer to Japan.


Spend the Day at the Oi Racecourse and Explore a Side of Japan That's Fun for Everyone!

Although visiting a racecourse may not be at the top of your list when visiting Japan, horse racing is government-controlled gambling in Japan and is leisurely enjoyed by many. It can be intimidating for those who have never been, so in this article our horse racing newbie editor will break down her day at the race track!


Lu - Taiwan

Born in Taipei, I am a subculture fan living the otaku dream in Tokyo and enjoying the best of what Japan has to offer.


Tsukishima - A Unique, Retro Neighborhood in the Middle of the Sprawling Tokyo Cityscape

Sitting next to the Sumidagawa River among towering skyscrapers and modern structures is Tsukishima, a retro neighborhood in downtown Tokyo that exudes an atmosphere full of nostalgia. Also the ultimate place to try scrumptious bites of “monjayaki,” a unique Tokyo specialty, Tsukishima is beloved by locals and travelers alike. If you’re looking for a change of pace while staying close to Tokyo’s other popular neighborhoods, look no further than Tsukishima!


Kim - United States

I am a lover of Japanese coffee culture living in Tokyo. On my days off, I enjoy visiting cafes while seeking out traditional, retro hidden gems.


Shibamata - Our Editor's Favorite Vintage Nook in Tokyo That Doesn't Look Like the City!

Shibamata is not often included in your typical itinerary but, unlike other parts of Tokyo, it has a perfectly preserved, traditional townscape. There, I can enjoy retro buildings and eateries serving snacks unique to the area as well as a profound sense of peace. It’s a great place for people who want to know a lesser-known side of Tokyo and spend a day in a place steeped in history without having to leave the city.

Stefania Sabia

Stefania Sabia - Italy

I am a resident of Tokyo and a lover of retro aesthetics, hidden spots, and traditional Japan. Since childhood, I have always admired Japanese culture, and after coming to Japan, I made it my mission to explore the country and showcase its beauty on Instagram.

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