9 Izakayas at Shinagawa Station to Dine at before Your Shinkansen Ride

Shinagawa station is a very busy terminal that caters to many railway lines including Japan’s famous bullet trains. Here, we will be recommending the best 9 izakayas around Shinagawa station.


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1. Warayakiya

The interior of this restaurant showcases Kochi’s 「Yosakoi Festival」 and from their premium seats on the 2nd floor you will be able to witness the special straw-grilling method here. On the 3rd floor, there are special dug-in seats, which is perfect for those that would like to enjoy the food in a Japanese dining style. Here, you should try their famous Tosa fried cutlet.


2. Rojiura

This is one of Shinagawa’s best kept secret (but probably not for long). This restaurant that still maintains a traditional Japanese feel, is tucked in one of the back alleys in the modern Shinagawa area. Their most famous dish that has been served for 28 years would have to be their「Gekikarai Gyusuji Nikomi」, a spicy beef stew. Their lunch sets are also reasonably priced. We definitely recommend you to stop by here before you depart on your journey from Shinagawa station.

2-2-4 Konan, Minato Ward, Tokyo

3. Sushi no Isomatsu

This izakaya has sushi masters that were trained at Ginza’s sushi restaurants. The seafood here is imported fresh and you can also try various alcohols from all over Japan. Their tempura here is also delicious.


4. Inataya

Founded in 1673, during the Edo period, Inataya that is the brain child of Totori’s famous Kuramoto still runs strong. There are many branches around but this particular one in Shinagawa serves as the most convenient one for commuters or traveling visitors. As the chefs are extremely talented, you will be able to try seasonal dishes and this is the only place in Tokyo to have Babachan, a unique fish dish not to be missed.


5. MASU-KAME Shinagawa

This restaurant is only 2 minutes on foot from Shinagawa station’s Konan exit. The seafood here is freshly brought over from Tsukiji fish market that is used for their sashimi dishes and undeniably its taste will satisfy your taste buds. The locally brewed sake served here have been carefully selected and directly delivered from Kuramoto and some of these alcohols include very well known brands. Their Menchikatsu lunch meal is very popular and if you ever make your way here for lunch, you should give it a try.

2nd Floor Iwatani Building, 2-2-9 Konan, Minato Ward, Tokyo

6. New Nakamiya

Here you can have fresh offal dishes that have been delivered directly from its suppliers. Here the most recommended dish would be their Lebateki, a dish of liver steak. This dish uses high-quality cow liver and once you sink your teeth into it, we are sure that you would be asking for more. Their generous portion of potato salad is just as delicious.

2-4-14 Konan, Minato Ward, Tokyo

7.Izakaya Mikaza

Located on the 2nd floor of a house, this izakaya provides its diners with a Showa period ambience. Diners will be seated at traditional Japanese dining tables. In the past, you could have raw meat here but with the new regulations unfortunately raw meat dishes are no longer available. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t leave here satisfied because their stew offal, stir-fry dishes and other dishes that uses fresh offal parts.

2-2-4 Konan, Minato Ward,Tokyo

8. Shinagawa Hioki

This izakaya formerly known as 「Satsumayashiki」 that is located inside Shinagawa station’s premises, just completed its renovations. On their menu board, you will notice their unique dishes like 「Black Vinegar Chicken」 and 「Onna Salad」 and here they strive to provide you flavorful dishes that are comparable to the ones in Aoyama’s famous restaurants. As it is located within ecute in Shinagawa station, it is most convenient for those that have a bit of time to spare before their next train.


9. Ryoma Kaido

This restaurant offers satisfying Shikoku cuisine. The food here is great but you would find its interior just as exciting. Their counter seats that are reflect Japan’s traditional dance, Awa Odori. Step into the store and you would think that you have been magically sent to the hot springs town of 「Aburaya」 in the anime, Spirited Away.

B1 Floor, Shinagawa East One Tower, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato Ward, Tokyo

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