7 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Tottori

Tottori is a prefecture located in the Chugoku Region, which is in the western part of Japan's main island. It is home to the famous sand dunes that face the Sea of Japan. You'll forget what country you're in when you're gazing out at the endless sand and ocean. Tottori is also blessed with many natural and historical tourist attractions. Here are 7 recommended spots to see while you're in Tottori!


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1. Tottori Sand Dunes (Tottori)

The Tottori Sand Dunes is one of Tottori's most famous tourist spots. The vast sand dunes facing the Sea of Japan is a popular tourist place as you will not find a place like this anywhere else in the country. The natural wind-wrought pattern on the sands are absolutely stunning! When the weather is clear, you'll be able to get a clear view of the ocean, too.

Tourists are able to spend their time here in whatever way they please, from riding on the back of a camel to paragliding through the skies! The fun activities are endless. There are also places within the sand dunes in which small bodies of water have accumulated to look like an oasis, creating a magical atmosphere for you to bask in.

2. Sand Museum (Tottori)

Located to the east of the Tottori Sand Dunes, the Sand Museum is a cultural facility in which you can see various sand sculptures. The museum is built on the concept of “traveling the world with sand”, with many dynamic yet delicate sand sculptures by sculptors around the world on display. The exhibition theme and works change every year, so it's a fun place to go to no matter how many times you visit!

The type of lighting is different from the day and night, so the impression you'll receive from the displays will change slightly as a result too. The facility is wheelchair-accessible as it has many slopes instead of stairs, and they also have rental wheelchair and stroller services.

3. Ame no Manai (Yodoe)

Mt. Daisen is a symbol of Tottori, and Ame no Manai is located at the foot of this mountain. It's known as one of the greatest waterfalls in the region, and its crystal clear water is very delicious. There is a beautiful stream that flows through here, and you can see rainbow trout swimming around in the clear waters of the pond.

There's also a wooden mill that you can tell has been there for many, many years, as there's moss growing on the water wheel. It's a place where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. They have a parking lot and a walking route, so you can have a slow, relaxing stroll.

4. Kyusho Park / Tottori Castle Ruins (Tottori)

From late March to early April, you can see beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) trees at Kyusho Park. It's known as one of the most popular sakura viewing spots in Tottori. It feels really great to walk around the park on a clear day! The sakura at night are also a must-see. They're lit up with lanterns, and they look even more beautiful.

Tottori Castle once stood in this exact location, and the area was then made into a park. To this day, it is a popular sightseeing spot that's still known as the Tottori Castle Ruins. You can also have a nice little hike on Mt. Kyusho, where the castle was built long ago.

5. Mitokusan Sanbutsu Temple (Kurayoshi)

Mitokusan Sanbutsu Temple is an old temple located on Mt. Mitoku. The temple is located at an elevation of 899.9m, so you can hike up to it on foot. Nageire-do, a national treasure, is located at a higher altitude, so the journey is quite difficult, but it's great for experienced hikers. If you're concerned about your shoes, you can purchase straw sandals made for hiking. Temple visits are strictly regulated and solo trips are not allowed, so make sure to visit with a group of 2 or more people.

Monju-do is located around the halfway point on the trail towards Nageire-do. This is a temple built on a cliff, and you can even take off your shoes and enter it. There's a space for you to walk around the circumference of the temple, and the view from it is absolutely spectacular! Note that, while there is a foothold, there are no fences or handrails, so watch your footing!

6. Misasa Onsen (Kurayoshi)

Misasa Onsen is a hot spring town in Tottori. It feels amazing to relax in a hot spring, but basking in the carefree atmosphere of this hot spring town is really enjoyable, too. Try going on a stroll after soaking in a hot bath, and relish in the lit up streets of a Japanese hot spring town.

There are many lodging facilities in the area. You can also use the hot springs without staying the night. At Seiryuso, a hot spring facility in the area, you can experience the spacious, large public baths, the open-air bath surrounded by nature, and a private open-air bath with a stunning view.

7. Amedaki Fall (Tottori)

Amedaki Fall is a waterfall flowing down from Mt. Oginosen. There's a great volume of water rushing down, making for a dynamic and magnificent view. It feels really nice to walk through the surrounding old-growth forest towards the waterfall. This is a place where you can really appreciate the nature of Tottori.

Amedaki Fall's distinctive feature is that it has 48 waterfalls, from big to small. You can hear the sound of water falling from all over as you walk through the forest, and you'll feel cool even in summer. The leaves of the trees turn red during the autumn season, so you can enjoy the beautiful fall foliage as well. 


That wraps up this list of recommended tourist spots in Tottori, a prefecture facing the Sea of Japan! Rich in nature with a plethora of historical and cultural landmarks, Tottori is a place where you can enjoy all of the seasons throughout the whole year.


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