6 Reasons to Use Savor Japan, a Gourmet Guide Website Helping Tourists Choose Restaurants in Japan

One of the biggest delights of coming to Japan is the food. Savor Japan is a recommended food guide website that will help you choose restaurants in Japan to visit. People with plans to visit Japan should definitely check this website out.


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One of the reasons tourists visit Japan is the cuisine. Every day, information about Japanese food like the traditional washoku cuisine is spread and seen by plenty of people.

However, you don’t learn anything about restaurants just by looking at photos.

Even if there’s a restaurant that a tourist might want to visit, there are still very few sites that have detailed information in English, so it’s very difficult for tourists to look up different restaurants.

Savor Japan is an Internet food guide specially aimed towards tourists to Japan managed by the popular Japanese food guide, Hitosara. They offer extremely thorough, easy-to-understand information for foreign tourists.

Here are 6 reasons why it’s recommended that foreign tourists utilize Savor Japan.

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1. They carefully select popular restaurants around the country that offer high levels of hospitality towards foreigners.


Savor Japan carefully selects popular restaurants in famous sightseeing areas all around the country that offer high levels of hospitality towards foreigners. As previously mentioned, this website is managed by the company that also manages the popular Japanese food guide website, Hitosara. Hitosara has created a wide network of restaurants over many years, and because that network exists, they are able to introduce only the best, carefully selected restaurants.

Many of the shops chosen have great services for tourists such as foreign language menus, English-speaking staff, or free Wi-Fi. All of these restaurants are expected to have not just delicious food, but assertive hospitality that foreign customers can be completely satisfied with.

Also, it’s easy to find restaurants that suit your needs. You can search for food genres by area, so you’ll be able to see a list of restaurants that match your cravings with your location.




2. The beautiful pictures are easy to understand and are very considerate towards foreign tourists


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The impressive photos being so beautiful are a big plus. Most of the photos are professionally taken for Savor Japan, so they’ll make you hungry just by looking at it! Plus, there is also a sense of realism with how well you can see the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Also, the care aimed towards foreign tourists is evident in the way shop information is presented. There are icons indicating information such as “English menu available,” “English speaking staff available,” “free Wi-Fi,” “lunch menu available,” “open late-night service available,” “non-smoking/smoking,” “will accept special dietary requests,” “Western tableware cutlery available,” and more are easy to understand, so you can see if it works for you with just a glance.



Also, on the page listing the shop's basic information, address is also available in Japanese. This is so customers can show the address to taxi drivers or people they ask for directions since it may be difficult for Japanese people to understand the address in English. This is a detail that would make anyone happy.





3. Dedicated support hotline with dedicated operators standing by for foreign language speakers




You found a restaurant you’d like to visit and want to make a reservation, but since the restaurant only has Japanese-speaking staff, you give up…. It’s true that this happens quite often in Japan.

Savor Japan has a special service just to overcome this sort of situation. There is a help desk available to help customers in different languages. The staff can speak English and other languages, and can help you inquire or make reservations at specific restaurants. Every plan you may have quit because of a language barrier, Savor Japan can make it happen! They will communicate with the restaurant for you so you can go and eat the Japanese food you truly desire, completely stress-free!


4. You can learn about the chef and their feelings




Being able to access information not just about the restaurant but also about the chefs is something that only Savor Japan can offer. You can enjoy your meal even more by knowing basic details about the chef, their recommended dishes, their philosophy towards food, and more, because then you can understand their charm not just as chefs but as people. It’s fun to choose what you want to eat, but being able to choose a restaurant based on how you feel about the chef is a sophisticated option, isn’t it?



5.  You can learn etiquette and eating styles from easy to understand videos




Washoku, traditional Japanese food, has a deep history and culture, so much so that it is registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural property. Washoku has its own unique dietary etiquette and culture, so knowing how to eat properly will make your meal even more enjoyable since you’ll be at ease. Savor Japan offers a number of videos in which chefs explain the etiquette and manners of specific types of meals. Having the right knowledge and manners will also allow the restaurant to be able to serve you smoothly. If you want to impress your friends or loved ones, these videos are definitely must-sees.


6.  You can dig deeper with the columns written from a special point of view




Savor Japan offers many columns related to Japanese food and restaurants. For example, the Feature Stories and More to Savor pages have articles like "What makes Kyoto’s kappo restaurants so exceptional?" and "Grilled Glory: The Best Yakiniku in Shinjuku and Shibuya", which introduce different restaurants from a unique point of view. Also, some of the articles explain ingredients often used in Japanese food and cover such a large amount of information it could fill a dictionary. All of the information on the site is offered by Savor Japan because of the hospitable spirit it holds, with the desire for tourists to be able to have the best food experience possible in Japan.


This website has anything you could need in order to fully enjoy the best food in Japan: beautiful photos, symbols that make it easy for foreign tourists to choose a restaurant, and operators standing by, available to help in different  languages. Savor Japan also offers plenty of information about Japanese food culture, etiquette, chefs’ thoughts, and more, making it a highly recommended gourmet food guide site. To find Japanese restaurants in Japan or to learn about Japanese food in-depth, please check out this website.

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