5 Cheap Gyms in Tokyo Without Membership Fees (2024 Edition)

It's not easy to keep up an exercise routine while traveling Japan. Many Japanese gyms require you to pay membership fees, and if you're only in Japan for a short stay, it's quite a steep cost. However, there are public gyms in Tokyo that don't charge membership fees, so you can keep exercising without breaking the bank! In this article, we’ll show you our 5 picks for cheap public gyms in Tokyo that have everything you need!

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Konami Sports Club

Konami Sports Club is one of the major gym chains in Japan, with locations available in almost all of the prefectures throughout the country. While most major private gyms require you to sign up with them, this gym allows you to pay as you go.

Prices for each visit vary depending on the branch you go to, but they are generally split into 4 price categories: 2,052 yen, 2,268 yen, 2,592 yen, and 2,916 yen. A membership card is required to use their facilities, which will cost you 1,080 yen, but you'll only have to pay for this card once! 

You can rent out anything you may need, including indoor shoes, exercise clothes, swimsuits, and goggles. Equipment and facilities also vary by location. For instance, in the Shibuya location, there are 2 studios for activities like ballet, hula dancing, and yoga, a pool with 5 lanes, a training room with 36 machines, a free weight machine, sauna, and a cafe serving healthy, organic meals.

Minato City Sports Center

If you're looking to go to the gym for just a few days in a week or month, the local public gyms (ward or city-run) are the best bang for your buck! Minato City Sports Center is one of many local gyms available to you in Tokyo.

The exterior of the building is quite impressive, and you won't be disappointed with what's inside, either. The gym covers 6 floors offering a wide array of facilities such as an arena for basketball and volleyball, 3 sports halls for badminton, table tennis, and dance, an indoor and outdoor running center, and a training room.

To use their facilities, you'll need a membership card, which is issued free-of-charge and is valid for 3 years. No identification is needed, so it's really quick and easy! You can also charge this card so you can get into the gym each time without fussing over payments. The general entrance fee for non-residents of Minato Ward is 800 yen. If you have any tattoos, be sure to cover these areas up while you're exercising here!

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Sumida City Gymnasium

The Sumida City Gymnasium is a public gym located closeby major sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, Ueno, and Akihabara, so it's relatively easy to access during your travels. It's also conveniently adjacent to a department store, movie theater, and Kinshi Park - a large park popular for its playgrounds, baseball field, and greenery.

A day ticket for non-residents can cost as low as 920 yen, with additional fees for any extra services. There are 5 floors at this gym, each designated for a specific activity. Gym goers can join activities ranging from swimming, running, and tennis, to Japanese sports like kendo, judo, and karate. Check out their website for a full list of their facilities!

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Toshima City Ikebukuro Sports Center

Although it's located a little further out of the city center, Ikebukuro is a popular spot well known for its endless shops, food, and entertainment. For this reason, its municipal gym is frequented by many gym enthusiasts, both living within the ward and outside.

If you choose to come here for the occasional workout, you'll be paying 400 yen to gain access to both their swimming pool and training room for 2 hours. You can, of course, extend this time limit for an additional 200 yen per hour.

There are roughly 50 exercise machines available here, with staff standing by to assist you should you need any support. You can also join yoga, pilates, aerobics, and dance classes for just 200 yen per class. After you finish your workout, you can rest your exhausted body in the jacuzzi by the swimming pool on the 11th floor!


Chiyoda Sports Center

Chiyoda Ward is located in the center of Tokyo and is home to many famous shrines and museums, as well as the Imperial Palace and National Diet Building. As such, you're bound to pass through this area often, so it's in a good location for those wanting to maintain their fitness routine. 

The price varies depending on which facility you're planning on using, but even so, the most you'll be paying is 600 yen. In addition to the basic gym services, they offer a general activity arena for various sports such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, and kendo.

There are also weekly classes that you can participate in once a week at the low cost of 350 yen. If you choose to pay for the training room, you'll be given access to a weekly program along with the training room for 500 yen. Weekly programs include exercise programs like stretches and pilates.

Feel free to use this list to find the right gym for your needs, whether it be keeping up with a strict fitness routine, relieving stress, or making more room for some good Tokyo eats!


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