3 reasons to visit Okinawa in winter

The most popular image of Okinawa is probably a tropical beach in summer. Yes, visiting there in summer is really exciting, but winter is also a good season to visit there


Things to Do

1. The flight ticket is not as expensive as the one in summer.

Kyosuke Nakazawa/Flickr

Many people want to go to Okinawa in summer to go to the beach or the famous festivals, so the price of the flight ticket jumps up. But in winter, you can go there with a much cheaper price! 

2. You can enjoy the earliest cherry blossoms of the year!

In Okinawa, cherry blossom season starts around the end of January and it ends around Valentine's Day. It is really early compared to other parts of Japan (the cherry blossoms in Kyushu bloom in March, Honshu is April and in Hokkaido it's in May). So if you visit there around the season, you can enjoy the earliest cherry blossoms of the year!

Okinawa Steve/Flickr


As you can see, the color of the Okinawan cherry blossom is darker than the ones in Honshu.  This color matches with the Okinawan blue sky ind the contrast is really beautiful! 

3. There are a lot of events even in winter!

While most of the famous events in Japan are in spring, summer or fall, in Okinawa, there are many festivals to join even in winter!

Illusion of Light and Art

November 2014 to February 2015
Location: Mihama American Village

Momoso Monomairi 百人御物参(ももそおものまいり)

MomosoMonomairi is a historical religious service at Shuri Castle, and it's a service to pray for the peace of Ryukyu, prosperity of descendants, safe trips and so on.

In 2015, it was held on January 24th and 25th. 

More event info in English


This website has an event calender so it's really convenient for you to find events to want to go to while you are there!

Or, you can use the Multilingual Call Center too. It's a free service!



Enjoy your stay in Okinawa in winter!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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