[2020 Edition] 17 Budget Places to Stay Near Ueno Station

Located in northeastern Tokyo, Ueno boasts a variety of things to do and see. Whether you're there to visit the grand Ueno Park, see the temples, or simply to experience Ueno's nightlife, the following 17 hotels will ensure that you can do it on a budget.

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1. Sauna & Capsule Hotel Hokuo (Men Only) [Ueno]

This hostel is located just a minute or so away from Ueno Station. It may have a plain exterior, but inside Hokuou you will find some impressive baths, a sauna, and a restaurant that offers generously portioned, reasonably priced, delicious food.

The capsules are simple yet comfortable. They are made wider than normal, ensuring that even extremely tall people can easily get a good night's sleep. You'll find not only a TV installed in every capsule, but also an alarm clock and power socket.

Pictured above is the sauna, a great way to sweat out the stresses of the day. There's also an open-air bath, jacuzzi, and other standard bathing facilities. They even offer massage services on the 6th floor!

2. Ueno Station Hostel Oriental Ⅰ [Ueno]

Oriental 1 is the first of three Oriental Hostels. Each of these hostels are located just a few minutes away from Ueno Station and boast a great variety of amenities. It should be noted that Oriental 1 is the only one that offers cabins for both men and women.

Most of the beds at Oriental 1 are somewhere between a single and a double, and each cabin comes fitted with a large television. There are 3 tiers of cabin, but all are comfortable. They also provide lockers, pajamas, ear plugs, tooth brushes, shampoo, and more. It's a taste of luxury at a low price, ideal for a traveller needing to unwind after a day of travel around Tokyo.

One of the things that is really popular about Oriental 1 is its bathing facilities. As you can see, there is a large steaming bath, but there's also a sauna and changing rooms. The hostel also offers a relaxation room fitted with massage chairs and a manga corner stocked with comics, should you find yourself needing some quiet time. There's also a selection of vending machines if you find yourself needing a midnight snack.

3. Ueno Station Hostel Oriental Ⅱ(Men Only) [Ueno]

Located just five minutes away from Ueno Station, the Oriental 2 hostel is another great option for male travellers.

There are both standard and premium cabin options, and they're a steal at less than 2,000 yen (a discounted rate that's available for travellers who stay for less than eight hours). The Oriental 2 also offers a great bath and sauna for travellers to rejuvenate themselves in.

On top of that, they boast a relaxation room, vending machines, and a manga corner with hundreds of volumes of manga for you to peruse. Check-out is at 11:00 am, so if you're not an early bird there's plenty of things to occupy yourself with until the nearby shops and attractions open.

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4. Ueno Station Hostel Oriental Ⅲ(Men Only) [Ueno]

The last of the Oriental hostels, Oriental 3 is another hostel for men only. Like the other Oriental hostels, it's notable for its cheap price and great bathing facilities. In fact, some locals actually come to make use of the bathing facilities after a long night out!

The Oriental 3 also offers standard and premium cabins, which are all quite spacious. Located in the midst of Ueno, there's plenty of restaurants and nightlife nearby, so make sure to make the most of it whilst staying here.

In the day time, a great place to sightsee is Ameyoko, a nearby bustling market street where you can buy clothes, trinkets, souvenirs, and foodstuffs. It used to be a black market following WW2, and you can still get all sorts of weird things there today!


5. Hiromas Hostel in Ueno [Ueno]

As you can see above, the second Hiromas Hostel on this list has a very distinctive entrance. It is just a couple of hundred meters away from the north end of Ueno Park, so it's very close to the various museums in the park, and also to Ueno Zoo, which is known for its pandas!

As you can see, the beds here are cubicles, but are still quite spacious. They're quite basic, with just a lamp, plug, and USB charging point, but perfectly functional.

There is also a nice common area, with plenty of tables and chairs to use laptops and electronic devices (Wi-Fi is free). Pictured above is the basic kitchen area with a microwave and toaster oven. There's a Lawson convenience store just around the corner where you can pick up a variety of snacks and meals, which you can cook here if you want to eat on a budget.

6. Hotel New Tohoku [Ueno]

This is the first place in this article that doesn't have hostel-style rooms. It's great for all sorts of travellers as they offer a whole range of rooms, from singles up to rooms with three beds. Ideal for those travelling in groups. The hotel is just a few minutes away from Ueno Station, so it's a great base for your travels around Tokyo.

This hotel offers breakfast between 7:00 am - 8:30 am for 860 yen per person. Their offerings are based on a "taste of home away from home" and offer the sort of traditional Japanese breakfast many locals would eat at home or school. The set above has miso soup, a salmon fillet, Japanese deep-fried fishcake, pickles, a raw egg, coffee, and green tea. A great way to kickstart your day!

The staff are helpful and have a great deal of knowledge about the local area, so they can help you put together an itinerary. There's also a bicycle rental service, which is a steal at just 300 yen per bike for the day!

7. Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel [Ueno]

Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel has a great location, just a couple of streets away from Ueno Station, and also very close to Ueno Park. As you can see, there's a Lawson convenience store right next door, which can be helpful when stocking up for a day trip.

This hotel offers a variety of room types for business people, families, and couples. Pictured above is the family room, which is the most spacious. There's also a range of Japanese-style rooms, which have tatami mat floors and come with futons instead of beds. These rooms are a bit more costly, but certainly worthwhile if you would like to experience an authentic Japanese room without going to a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn).

They are happy to hold on to your luggage on the day of your departure so that you can squeeze in another day of sightseeing. You can get the Skyliner train directly to Narita Airport from the nearby Keisei Ueno Station, so you needn't worry about travel on your last day!

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8. WorldTravelersHostel UENO (&AND HOSTEL UENO) [Inaricho]

The premise behind this place is that you can use your smartphone to control many aspects of your room and your stay. As you would imagine, everything here is very modern and clean.

If you connect your smartphone to the hostel, you can check in and check out, control the temperature of your room, open and close the curtains, and even change the color of your room's lightbulb! However, these features are only available in the more premium rooms, not the dormitory room - imagine the chaos that could ensue if you and your dormitory mate kept on changing the temperature and color of the room!

This hostel is located somewhere in the middle of Ueno and Asakusa, so it's a good spot to stay a few days whilst exploring all of the things to do in the surrounding area.

9. Hostel Kura [Inaricho]

Hostel Kura is stylish, reasonably priced, and has a wonderful location near both Ueno and Asakusa, two great spots for tourism. You should definitely make the effort to see the various temples in Asakusa if you stay at Hostel Kura!

The staff are friendly and speak English, so you should be able to get some tips on great places to see nearby. There's also a well-priced bar in the hostel if you're looking to make some friends. And as you can see above, the rooms have a very modern style.

The beds are very spacious and can accomodate even the tallest of guests. If you find that capsule hotels are a bit cramped, Hostel Kura could be an ideal upgrade for you. Just note that it is co-ed!

10. Spa Resort President (Men Only)[Okachimachi]

Located under a minute's walk away from Ueno-hirokoji Station. Simply take the lift up to the second floor and you'll be at reception. This hostel is very close to Ueno Park, and also to Don Quijote, a discount store where you can buy all sorts of things at bargain prices.

Each cabin has a TV, alarm clock, electrical outlets, and so on. Pictured above is the deluxe room, which also has a desk and elevated bed.

As the name suggests, Spa Resort President also offers a variety of spa services, such as a sauna and large bath. Also worthwhile are the massages you can get there! You'll definitely want to make use of the massages after a long and tiring day of sightseeing.

11. Sotetsu Fresa Inn Ueno-Okachimachi [Okachimachi]

Sotetsu Fresa Inn is located right next to Ueno-okachimachi Station, not too far from Ueno Park and also quite close to Akihabara.

Each room comes with high-speed Wi-Fi, an air purifier, and a tablet that you can use to make reservations for breakfast or to see tourist information about the surrounding area.

All rooms come with all the amenties that you might need, such as razors, soap, towels, and pajamas. For a small additional cost, you can aso add breakfast to your stay, which is served in the hotel's cafe. They offer a variety of breakfast options, including the classic Japanese breakfast of grilled salmon, rice, and miso soup.


12. The Nell Ueno Okachimachii [Okachimachi]

At first, The Nell seems like a somewhat unremarkable capsule hotel. However, what it does, it does very well. Located just a few minutes' walk from several train stations, the staff here are very friendly and accomodating, and will get you settled in right away.

Each capsule comes with a television, so why not fall asleep to a Japanese variety show or two? The capsules and bathrooms are cleaned regularly, and a variety of amenities such as a pajama and wash set are included with your stay.

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the whole facility, and the entire building is non-smoking (a rarity in Japan, even though smoking is becoming less common as of late). The bathrooms are well equipped, and there is also a vending machine offering a variety of free drinks.

If travel is your priority and you're simply looking for somewhere functional and reasonably priced near Ueno Station, The Nell is a safe option.

13. Sadou Hostel Tokyo Ueno [Naka-okachimachi]

This hostel is located just a little southeast of Ueno Station. In Japanese "sadou" (the practice of holding tea ceremonies), there is a concept of coming across something once in your lifetime, and that's precisely what this hostel hopes to offer to its foreign guests: the opportunity to meet Japanese people and dive into Japanese culture.

Pictured above is the reception of the hotel. The staff speak English, and will be more than happy to help you make plans whilst in Tokyo. Upstairs, there is a lounge with free coffee and green tea, along with a variety of guide books for you to peruse whilst planning your day.

The cabins have a Japanese feel, with crisp cream colours and a minute attention to detail. For example, each bed has a small shelf for you to put your belongings such as rings and glasses. It is a great option for those on a budget who want a comfortable alternative to capsule hotels.

14. Centurion Ladies Hostel Ueno Park (Female Only) [Yushima]

In a departure from the several mens-only hostels there have been so far, we have the Centurion Ladies Hostel Ueno Park, which only accepts female guests. This hostel is slightly more luxurious, and as a result you can count on a relaxing stay.

The Centurion Ladies Hostel offers both standard and superior rooms. Shown above is the superior tier of room, which offers slightly larger beds, but Centurion stress that they use a special kind of mattress for maximum comfort in both types of rooms. This hostel also has free Wi-Fi, free shampoo, and guarantees you freshly laundered towels and a comfortable robe to wear during your stay.

Centurion Ladies Hostel has a clean modern aesthetic throughout, and has a variety of communal areas where you can socialize with other female travellers. Shown above is the kitchen, but the lounge and other areas are also very nice and well designed.

15. Hiromas Hostel in Akihabara [Suehirocho]

This is a little different to the other hostels listed thus far. It's located a bit further south than the rest of them, somewhere in the middle between Ueno and Akihabara. Walk about ten minutes north and you'll find yourself in Ueno Park, which is near the Tokyo National Museum. Walk about ten minutes south and you'll be in the midst of Akihabara, surrounded by glaring screens, anime merchandise, and Japanese idol music. It's the best of both worlds!

They offer both unisex and female-only dormitories (no male only), so you will surely find a space that makes you feel comfortable. Each room contains a locker, and the hostel is happy to look after and provide locks for your luggage.

If you're travelling on a shoestring budget, there are also plenty of convenience stores, a Sukiya (a cheap and tasty beef bowl franchise), and a McDonald's nearby.

Most travellers really love the lounge at Hiromas, which has a relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to meet with fellow travellers.

16. Hostel Waqwaq Tokyo Ueno Asakusa [Iriya]

With a color palette out of a Wes Anderson movie and a peculiar stuffed E.T. toy welcoming guests, this hostel is for those looking for something a little different. The name WAQWAQ refers to the Japanese term "waku waku," which suitably means to get excited.

One of the things that WAQWAQ is renowned for is its restaurant. They serve up a range of comforting foods, including authentic pizza prepared in a wood-fired pizza oven, which is quite rare to find in Japan. The restaurant also offers free coffee for guests at the hostel.

The hostel is located in the northern part of Ueno, near to Ueno Park, the Tokyo National Museum, and the National Museum of Nature and Science. The rooms are outfitted with bunk beds and relatively comfortable. They're ideal for people travelling in groups, or those who want to make friends whilst they're travelling in Tokyo.

17. Inno Hostel & Pub Lounge Ueno [Uguisudani]

Inno Hostel & Pub Lounge is a hostel created and run by backpackers, for backpackers. As their staff were all originally travelling around Japan themselves, they have a great deal of local knowledge and know the best spots and things to do in Ueno and Tokyo. The staff also speak English, so travellers should have no problems communicating with them.

As you can see, the hostel's interior makes the most of pale white concrete and wooden furnishing. It's easy on the eyes, and Instagram friendly! It's also located near Uguisudani and Nippori Stations, meaning that the hostel is incredibly accessible, and there are some temples and a park nearby. There's even a calligraphy museum just a couple of streets away if you want to do something cultural.

Surprisingly, despite the convenient location, rooms at Inno Hostel & Pub Lounge start from just 1,995 yen! It's a frugal option for travellers who don't want to compromise on style, and also ideal for those who would like to find friends and companions for their travels around Tokyo.


As you can see, there are plenty of places to stay near Ueno Station, and at a variety of prices, too. Hotels in Ueno are great for travellers who are arriving in Japan via Narita Airport, as they can simply take the Keisei Skyliner service, which will get you to and from the airport in an hour or less. Whether you're looking for a capsule hotel or something a little more spacious, hopefully this article has been of use to you and given you some ideas of where you can stay!


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