Your Day Starts with Breakfast! 9 Selected Hotels with Popular Breakfasts in Hakata, Fukuoka!

Breakfast is a necessity when you are traveling! This time, to start your day off right, we are introducing hotels in Hakata, Fukuoka that are quite popular for their breakfasts. Please check out the hotels that serve delicious breakfasts using local ingredients and offering specialty dishes from the region!



1. Hakata Natural Hot Spring, HOTEL ROUTE INN HAKATA EKIMAE - Exceptional breakfast after the hot spring!

This is a business hotel that has natural hot springs. The hot springs open at 5 AM, so you can enjoy a relaxing soak before eating breakfast.

After working up a refreshing sweat in the hot springs, you can enjoy a buffet that offers a large amount of both Japanese and Western items. This particular buffet is recommended to people who really love Japanese food, because there are more Japanese dishes on the buffet! You can see the local regional flare in items like mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) and takanazuke (pickled and chopped mustard greens).

A popular routine is to soak in the hot spring and then go enjoy a wonderful breakfast. Please check it out!

2. Yuzuminato Natural Hot Spring, Dormy Inn PREMIUM Hakata Canal City-Mae - Semi-breakfast buffet

This is a modern hotel based on function and relaxation. It has a system in place that allows guests to check the status of how crowded restaurants and large public baths are through a television monitor in the rooms!

They have a popular semi-breakfast buffet. They offer set plate dishes and in addition to that, you can also choose items from the buffet! The set plate dishes change daily, so people who stay extended periods will not tire of the selections.

3. Hotel Nikko Fukuoka - Popular for their upgraded breakfast!

This hotel is extremely popular in the Hakata, Fukuoka area not only as a hotel, but also for their upgraded breakfast! The Serena Café restaurant's design and function is clearly outstanding, therefore, you will definitely have an amazing experience here in the morning!

One of the most popular menu items at the breakfast buffet is Hakata mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) egg muffin. This special buffet item that you can not get anywhere else, uses only eggs from Kyushu! At the buffet you can also enjoy things like fresh carrot juice, pancakes, hot and tasty udon noodle soup, etc.

It is also a great idea to relax with a cup of coffee in your room after you return from breakfast!

4. Hotel Okura FUKUOKA - Satisfying breakfast menu

This hotel is a mixture of traditional Hakata and western style architecture. They prepare breakfast using fresh seasonal ingredients which allow you to enjoy your quality time, no matter which variety of breakfast you choose.

They offer 3 different choices for breakfast, both Japanese and Western dishes on their buffet, set Japanese meals and their house traditional French toast. However, their French toast is only available to a limited number of 10 diners per day, on a first come first serve basis. Both the buffet and set meals also have very popular items, so please enjoy your stay and breakfast here.

5. Hotel Hokke Club Fukuoka - Extremely popular local kyushu specialties

This hotel prides itself on their breakfast, and offers genuine hospitality and phenomenal service to all their guests. The restaurant atmosphere is very calm and soothing, and is recommended to those people who really want to have a relaxing morning. You can start your day on the right foot with their breakfast buffet that has many things to choose from!

The breakfast buffet consists of an entire range of healthy and light fare. Patrons are very satisfied with the dishes that make the best use of local Kyushu ingredients, especially business people and female guests. Please consider staying at this hotel and enjoy the abundance of healthy dishes that are kind to your body!

6. HOTEL NEW OTANI HAKATA - Noted in the 2016 breakfast festival!

This property prides itself on the fact that they never compromise when making delicious breakfast! Their breakfast was noted for its entry in the qualifying first round of 2016 Breakfast Festival.

They strongly recommend a local Fukuoka specialty dish called gameni (simmered root vegetables with chicken)! They simmer all the ingredients in their own home made soup stock which surely will make you feel satisfied.

There are also other restaurants in the hotel that have a wide variety of Japanese and Italian cuisine on their menus.  You can freely choose whatever suits your needs the best for the ultimate breakfast!

7. NISHITETSU HOTEL CROOM HAKATA - Choose from 2 Different Breakfast Options!

This hotel takes great pride in both their hot springs and breakfast. It is a completely new type of hotel, which has both an excellent design and superior function. Due to the fact of these new innovations, the comfort of the rooms is one of the main reasons for their being so popular!

For your breakfast options, you can choose either a Japanese set meal that comes with a salad and drink bar or a Japanese and Western buffet with an abundance of tasty dishes. The Japanese set meal offers a dish of freshly caught fish from the local Genkainada Sea. On the other hand, you can savor freshly baked breads and homemade tofu at the buffet. Both breakfasts are very popular, so if you are curious, why don't you choose your favorite style and enjoy the meal?

8. JR KYUSHU HOTEL Blossom Hakata Chuo - Popular breakfast using local ingredients from the 7 prefectures in Kyushu

This property is calm and soothing because of its modern design. The interior expresses the fashionable Japanese sense through its decorations by using local traditional crafts like Hakata Ori (woven fabric.)

Their popular breakfast serves dishes using ingredients from the 7 prefectures in Kyushu. This space is divided into 2 areas, one area is for dining and the other is a bar. The secret to their popularity is that you can enjoy both delicious Japanese and Western buffet dishes at the same time. Have an exquisite breakfast in the restaurant while warm sun beams dance across your table!

9. GRAND HYATT FUKUOKA - Luxurious breakfast meals at an exclusive hotel!

This property is famous for its being the most expensive hotel in the city of Fukuoka. It has an exquisite atmosphere that appeals to the jet setters of the world and offers an exclusive top notch, one of a kind breakfast!

Word of mouth travel websites like TripAdvisor say admiringly that "the overall level of this breakfast buffet is high and chefs make omelets to order." It seems that it is very popular to eat breakfast while looking at the soothing view of the water feature.

Rooms are spacious enough to be able to let you relax and unwind after breakfast.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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