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tanreisan, who eats more than 1000 stores nationwide, mainly in Tokyo, is actively mainly on Instagram as a 'personalized ramen concierge', came up with a series to share his recommended ramen shops through various means. This time, he introduces five ramen shops that newly opened in Tokyo in 2020 and are overflowing with originality. Every year, several hundred stores open and about 40% of those shops close down, clearly demonstrating the harshness of the ramen industry in Tokyo. Just as the words "Innovate" or "Die" say, apart from catching up with new trends, there are as many trials and errors as there are owners, and how to change and evolve the taste from the royal road of the past? Please enjoy 5 up-and-coming cups such as a masterpiece of light soy sauce that is hard to eat in Tokyo, a combination of unusual soup stock, and the new-age marriages of soup, noodles, and ingredients.

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Chukasoba Kitsune@Rokakoen ,Tokyo

◆ Ordered Menu
Ajitama chukasoba 950 JPY

◆ Impressions・Comments
Newly opened in Jan 2020. The couple owners have trained at various ramen shops & restaurants such as Watanabe@Takadanobaba. There is a dignified atmosphere in the modern Japanese shop, and the customer service of the couple is so nice.
The soup has an elegant flavor based on dried bonito broth, and a long & rich aftertaste. The soup is nostalgic and reminds me of udon soup, however, by using flavored oil well, It becomes "the new style ramen". The flat noodles made by Mikawaya seimen have a good texture and nice slurping, so can\'t stop eating them. And decorated abura-age(a fried tofu)is especially good. This is soaked up all of the flavor of Japanese dashi & sweetness. It tastes so good, melts in my mouth. The quality is unbelievable, this is my best abura-age in my life.

◆ Ingredients・combinations
dried bonito, kelp, pork, chicken broth, wheat flour, char-siu(pork), abura-age, seasoned boiled egg, komatsuna, fish cake, mitsuba, green onion

Tanaka Lobo@Kamimachi ,Tokyo

◆ Ordered Menu
Shogashio no butasoba 750 JPY

◆ Impressions・Comments
Newly opened in Jun 2020. Lobo means "wolf", not robot. A large soki(Okinawan-style stewed pork spare rib)and arranged noodles look beautiful & appetizing.
The soup made from ginger broth with soy sause has a rich & pungently flavor, umami, and slightly sweetness. This is a unique ramen in Tokyo, it reminds me of the ginger ramen in Asahikawa city. The medium and straight noodles are chewy, has a perfect bite. And also with a soki, makes me happy that has a good balance.
The owner\'s new approach is nice, it\'s a fantastic ramen.

◆ Ingredients・combinations
ginger, pork broth, wheat flour, soki(Okinawan-style stewed pork spare rib), green onion

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Jinruiminamenrui@Ebisu ,Tokyo

◆ Ordered Menu
macro+Ajitama 950 JPY(tax not included)

◆ Impressions・Comments
Newly opened in July 2020.The shop name "Jinruiminamenrui" is a very unique. This means "Human species love ramens". Once you hear it, you\'ll never forget it. This is a famous ramen shop in Osaka, and finally just opened in Tokyo area.
The soup made from usukuchi shoyu tastes rich, have a balanced sweetness & asari, shijimi flavors. The noodles arw chewy, have a perfect bite & nice flavor, go well with this soup. And char-siu pork are awesome, cooked perfectly. Very tender, juicy, and big size, it likes a Jiro style ramen. It\'s as good as the head ramen shop in Osaka.

◆ Ingredients・combinations
Shijimi & Asari broth, wheat flour, whole wheat flour, char-siu(pork), seasoned boiled egg, bamboo shoot, green onion

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Kareto。men@Kiyosumishirakawa ,Tokyo

◆ Ordered Menu
Kaki niboshi shoyu BLACK Men 880 JPY

◆ Impressions・Comments
Newly opened in July 2020. The owner(Mr.shimizu) is a former chef at a famous ramen shop "Kamado" in Shinjuku.
The soup has various flavors, savory & nice niboshi dashi, rich taste of pork & chicken broth, and the unique umami of oysters. The thin, flat, and straight noodles are chewy and have a nice bite texture, a flavor like whole wheat flour or buckwheat, fit perfectly with the soup.
Another regular menu "black curry" was also delicious. It tastes rich, has a sweetness of the fruits & onions, and balanced spicy aftertaste.

◆ Ingredients・combinations
niboshi, pork bone, chicken and oyster broth, wheat flour, roast beef, onion, burdock, white radish sprout


Kamojiru chukasoba menya Yoshiki@Shinkoiwa ,Tokyo

◆ Ordered Menu
Tokuseikamodashi tsuskesoba(dai) 1300 JPY

◆ Impressions・Comments
Newly opened in January 2020. The master is Yoshiki Abe that he received training & supported at the famous ramen shop "Itto" in Tokyo. When I arrived at shop, there was a long line, wait time over 2 hours. But I had a big expectations, because I was very hungry.
The flat noodles soaked in shrimp & asari clam broth are very beautiful, the white color really stands out. The duck meat cooked low temperature heating tastes rich & fresh and juicy. The dip sauce made from duck & dried seafoods broth are heavy, but has a nice aftertaste. The combination of three tastes(soaked broth, wheat flour, and dip sauce)reminds me the new history of tsukemen. Anyway it\'s an unbelievable bowl.

◆ Ingredients・combinations
duck broth, shrimp broth, asari clam broth, dried seafood broth, vegetable broth, wheat flour, char-siu(pork), duck ground meat, seasoned boiled egg, bamboo shoot, shungiku ,green onion


He has gone around eating at over 1000 ramen shops across the nation, and mainly shares information on ramen on social media. He analyze the taste of each store from the ingredients and combinations of all the ramen that he ate.
He works actively as a "personalized ramen concierge" everyday by responding to inquiries from overseas fans and recommending ramen shops that suit the locality and preferences of these fans.

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