Top 5 Tourists Spots in Izu, Shizuoka: Hot Springs, Leisure Spots, and Amazing Sights Await!

The Izu Peninsula is located in Shizuoka Prefecture. Along the peninsula, there is a plethora of famous tourist sites that you should make sure to visit, including sites of magnificent scenic beauty and family-friendly areas. This article begins with an outline of the peninsula and then introduces you to the five top sites that you should be sure to visit when you make the trip to Izu.

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What Is the Izu Peninsula?

The Izu Peninsula is situated on the eastern edge of Shizuoka Prefecture. It is blessed with beautiful nature, as well as an onsen district and a theme park, making it one of the most popular tourist sites in all of Japan. It is located close to Tokyo, and is accessible via the "Odoriko" and "Super Odoriko" limited express trains, which take you to Atami and Mishima, known as the gateways to Izu. You can also get to Izu by riding the JR Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train), specifically Kodama trains. From each part of the peninsula, you can get views of Mt. Fuji. The peninsula is surrounded by pristine, clear seas, so it is recommended to stay in a hotel along the coast.

Izu Onsen

When many people think of the Izu Peninsula, they think of four famous areas from which glorious hot springs known as the Izu Onsen spring forth. There are numerous different well-known hot springs along the peninsula, from Atami Onsen which opened 1,250 years ago, to Toi Onsen that offers views of Mt. Fuji. When you visit the Izu Peninsula, make sure to take a dip in the hot springs.

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The Weather and Seasons in Izu

Izu is blessed with a relatively mild climate, with an average temperature between 15-16℃. It\'s not just blessed with its climate, but it also offers stunning beauty during each of the four seasons. In spring, you can witness cherry blossoms in the town of Kawazu, while in summer you can enjoy bathing in the sea or fireworks lighting up the sky along the coast. Fall brings with it the sight of leaves changing color at the historic Shuzen-ji Temple, and in winter you can take a dip in the warming hot springs. There is a great deal to explore, no matter the season.

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1. Mishima Skywalk

The Mishima Skywalk is the name given to Japan\'s longest suspension bridge. It is an amazing 400 meters in length. Surrounded by 360-degree views of stunning beauty, it allows you to experience a bit of a thrill while also feeling the expanse of the great outdoors. You also won\'t be able to miss Mt. Fuji towering right in front of your eyes.

Prices:Adult 1,100 JPY (incl. tax), Middle and high school students: 500 JPY (incl. tax), Elementary school students 200 JPY (incl. tax)
Getting there: About 25 minutes by bus from JR Mishima Station

2. Ryugu Sea Cave

The mysterious Ryugu Sea Cave was born from the forces of nature. Usually, when a cliff is battered by waves, it is subject to erosion, and the wall of the cliff is hollowed out. However, in the case of the Ryugu Sea Cave, not only did a cavity form in the cliff wall, but the ceiling caved in as well. From the collapsed ceiling above, the light shines in, creating an unusual sight. When looking down into the hollow from above, it resembles the shape of a heart, another unique feature of this cave.

Getting there: Get off at Izukyu Shimoda Station on the Izu Kyuko Line and take the bus heading for Toji for approximately 20 minutes

3. Shuzen-ji Temple

Shuzen-ji Temple boasts more than 1,200 years of history and is located in an area dotted with famous hot springs. There are numerous ways to enjoy your time here, such as walking through the bamboo forest path surrounded by tall bamboo stalks or walking though the beautiful red foliage that colors the forest in the fall. Make sure to visit and make some memories.

Getting there: Take the bus from Shuzen-ji Station on the Izu-Hakone Railway, headed for Shuzen-ji Onsen, and get off at Shuzen-ji Onsen

4. Koganezaki

At Koganezaki, you can see bare-faced rock steeped in the glow of the setting sun. Your heart will be captured by the otherworldly sight of the light stretching out before your eyes and illuminating the rock face. If you\'d like to catch a glimpse, you should head to Koganezaki Park. In the spring, you can also enjoy the sight of the blossoming sakura (cherry blossoms).

Getting there: Take the bus from Shuzen-ji Station on the Izu-Hakone Railway and to Koganezaki Crystal Park (1 hour and 15 minute ride)

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5. Izu Shaboten Zoo

At the Izu Shaboten Zoo, you can witness the sight of capybaras bathing in open air baths, one of the popular scenes of the Japanese winter. You can also see 1,500 different types of cactus at the zoo and get up close with 140 different species of animals. There are also some indoor exhibits, so you can enjoy the zoo even on rainy days.

Price: Adults 2,400 JPY, Elementary school students: 1,200 JPY, Children aged 4 and over: 400 JPY
Getting there: Approx. 35 minutes via the Tokai bus from JR Ito Station

What did you think of this list? Enjoy your trip to the Izu Peninsula!

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