[Osaka & Kyoto] Wear the Right Clothes for the Weather! A Monthly Guide to Enjoying Fall Foliage from September - November

When you are preparing and packing for a trip, the main things that you really care about are the weather at the place you are visiting and the appropriate outfits for the season, correct? With that, here are some useful information for travelers planning to visit Osaka and Kyoto in September to November which happen to be Japan’s autumn season! This article will feature the average temperatures in those areas and what you should wear so that you won’t be too hot or too cold.


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When Does Autumn Start in Japan?

It is common for people in Japan to say that autumn spans three months from September through November. Typhoons still hit the country until around mid-October, but a lot of the days during the season remain relatively sunny. The air becomes particularly crisp and refreshing in November. The Kansai region also ushers in the season of fall foliage, when the color of the leaves of deciduous trees change into vibrant autumn colors. It is also the season of delicious food, so you should really experience autumn in Japan.

Kyoto Weather and Recommended Clothing

Here are the weather and recommended clothing in Kyoto in September – November.

September (Average Temperature: 24.1°C)

September is a month when you can still feel the residual heat of summer. It is also the season of typhoons and autumn rain (the long spell of rain at the beginning of autumn), so there are many rainy and cloudy days in this month. Temperature goes as high as 28.8°C on average and as low as 20.3°C on average.
In September, you can wear what you would usually wear in summer, so short-sleeved shirts are fine. There are also many people who wear sandals.

October (Average Temperature: 17.8°C)

In October, typhoons and rains still make landfall in Japan until the middle of the month. Average maximum temperature becomes quite pleasant at 22.9°C, but there will still be hot days when the temperature would hit past 30°C. On the other hand, the average minimum temperature is quite low at 13.6°C, so bear in mind that the difference in temperature can be rather extreme.
Given the difference in temperature, it can be difficult to choose outfits in October. While you can basically do with wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a light cardigan in the first half of the month, it might be better to also have a short-sleeved shirt ready for the hot days.

November (Average Temperature: 12.1°C)

Kyoto is a basin between mountains, so the difference in temperature can get extreme in November. The average maximum temperature stands at 17.0°C while the average minimum temperature reaches 7.8°C, so the difference in temperature between night and day is more than 10°C. There are also many days in the second half of the month when the minimum temperature would plunge below 5.0°C.
There are warm days at the beginning of the month, so you can wear a sweater or a jacket during the day.

Osaka Weather and Recommended Clothing

Here are the weather and recommended clothing in Osaka in September – November.

September (Average Temperature: 25.0°C)

Similar to Kyoto, September is a month when the summer heat remains and when typhoons and rains come often in Osaka. The average maximum temperature hits 29.3°C, while the average minimum temperature stands at 21.7°C.
When it comes to clothing, you can basically wear what you would wear during summer.

October (Average Temperature: 19.0°C)

The weather in the beginning of October is almost the same as the weather in late September. The average maximum temperature comes to 23.3°C, while the average minimum temperature drops to 15.5°C. There will be days when you’d get sweaty, and days when you’d feel a chill in the air. The difference in temperature between daytime and nighttime will also increase.
In the first half of the month, a long-sleeved shirt and thin cardigan are recommended. Try to pack a short-sleeved shirt, so you’d be more comfortable when the day becomes quite hot. The famous theme park, USJ, is situated along the coast, so the wind could become quite strong and the temperature could suddenly drop when evening falls at the park. If you plan to visit that spot, then pack a half jacket just to be sure.

November (Average Temperature: 13.6°C)

In November, the average maximum temperature in Osaka reaches 17.6°C, while the average minimum temperature slips to 9.9°C. It may be the month before the onset of winter, but there are still many days with clear skies that will make your daytime traveling feel pleasant. However, there will be more days when the temperature would dip below 10.0°C at night, so it could get pretty cold.
There are many days when you’d be comfortable in a sweater and jacket during day, but you also have to prepare for those cold November nights.

Knowing about the weather and the right outfit to wear are keys to a comfortable and pleasant trip, won’t you agree? So, if you plan to visit Kyoto and Osaka sometime between September and November, then use this article as your guide when you prepare and pack for your trip.

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