An Eating Tour of Nishiki Market, Kyoto’s Kitchen!

Nishiki Ichiba (Nishiki Market) is an area in Kyoto where you can buy various products, including ingredients unique to Kyoto and ingredients that represent the different seasons in Japan. It is also an area where you will enjoy walking while eating delicious delights that you can buy from different shops. Below are some recommended food items that were actually sampled in an eating tour of Nishiki Market!


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What is Nishiki Market?

Nishiki Market is an approximately 400m-long market that runs from the east to the west along Nishikikoji-dori from Shin-kyogoku-dori and Takakura-dori, north of Shijo-dori that is at the heart of Kyoto City.

A Narrow Street Lined By a Myriad of Shops!

Boasting a history that spans more than 400 years, Nishiki Market has been attracting locals, as well as tourists, since it was opened in 1615. Both sides of this market are lined by shops that sell a wide array of ingredients – from dried goods and pickled vegetables up to fresh produce – as well as souvenir shops that carry miscellaneous goods that have a Kyoto feel to them. This market is definitely a vibrant shopping spot!

Yuba Cream Croquette From HANAYORI KIYOE

The first item is a croquette from the famous store, HANAYORI KIYOE, that’s considered a standard food for eating tours. It is the Yuba Cream Croquette (302 JPY (incl. tax)). It appeals to customers with its healthiness, which is attained by using fine olive oil. The main ingredient of this croquette is white cream sauce that uses yuba (the skin that is formed at the surface when soymilk is heated). Its crispy and fluffy texture, as well as the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of the cream, make this croquette a truly delicious delight.

Nishiki Ichiha Fondue from Nishiki Ichiha

Next on the list is a popular teahouse called Nishiki Ichiha. Aside from having guests enjoy a variety of sweets, this shop – housed in a renovated machiya (merchant’s shop) – also boasts huge popularity for its take-out products that are found in front of the store. If you come here, you have to try the Nishiki Ichiha Fondue (200 JPY per stick (incl. tax)) that will let you choose between Uji matcha green tea and hojicha (roasted green tea) for the dipping sauce! Just dip the dango (glutinous rice and other ingredients that are shaped like a ball and then steamed) in the fondue-like sauce and then eat! The thick and rich taste can be quite addicting.

Yakipon from Kyotanba Nishiki Ichiba Main Shop

Kyotanba Nishiki Ichiba Main Shop is a well-known shop that has been in business for more than 50 years. Inside, you will find an array of seasonal agricultural produce, teas that use black beans, chestnut-based sweets, and other products that incorporate the local flavors of the Kyotanba district, which is located on the northern side of Kyoto. Its signature product is the Yakipon (1,080 JPY (incl. tax) for 270g). These carefully chosen chestnuts that are roasted to a flaky consistency through a unique pressurized cooking method are extremely famous for their delicious aroma, as well as their soft and flaky texture.

Kyo-dashimaki From Tanaka Keiran

Next on the list is a popular egg shop: Tanaka Keiran. The eggs at this shop come from high-quality chickens that have been painstakingly raised with the help of an elaborate plan that includes giving them feeds made of local black soybeans. While a variety of products are available here, the one thing from this shop that you must have for walking while eating would have to be the Kyo-dashimaki (120 JPY (incl. tax) per stick), a bite-sized rolled omelet on a skewer. This omelet does not have chemical seasonings or any other type of additives, and uses high-quality kombu (kelp) and katsuobushi (sliced dried bonito) for the soup stock, giving it its famous airy and fluffy taste.

Soymilk Soft-serve Ice Cream From Konnamonja

The final spot on this list is Konnamonja, a popular shop found at the corner of Sakaimachi-dori. Operated by the famous Kyotofu Fujino, this shop sells tofu, aburaage (fried tofu), and other items that use special soybeans and water, as well as confectioneries that generously incorporate soymilk. It also offers an extensive take-out menu, and one of the most recommended items on it is the Tonyu Soft Cream (Soymilk Soft-Serve Ice Cream) (300 JPY (incl. tax)). It is famous for its simplicity and moderate sweetness, as well as its delicious taste that would make you want to eat more!

Aside from spots that offer food that you can bring along with you as you stroll through the market, Nishiki Market is also home to many restaurants and eateries where you can have a proper meal. Make sure to drop by!

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