Find the Scenery That Steals Your Heart! 5 Recommended Scenic Sights in Nagasaki

Nagasaki, a prefecture that includes 971 islands of various sizes, is blessed with plenty of beautiful sights. Here are 5 that will most likely steal your breath away.


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1. Mt. Inasa

Mt. Inasa is a famous spot in Nagasaki where you can enjoy a beautiful night scenery.
You can see a 360 degree panorama from the observation deck on the mountain summit. The romantic sight of the countless lights has been named "the million dollar night view." On clear, sunny days you can see not just the town but also the islands floating in the ocean in the distance.
You can take the ropeway (1,230 JPY round-trip for adults) from the foot of the mountain to the summit. Please enjoy the five minute ride.

2. Kujuku Islands

The Kujuku Islands are the islands situated in a 25km area between Sasebo and Hirado. The islands floating in the blue sea and their complicated coastlines make for a beautiful sight. There are 208 islands, making this the area with the highest density of islands in Japan.
The first stop to sightseeing here is the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort. There are various attractions there, such as the pleasure boat that goes between the islands (1,400 JPY for adults) or the marine leisure attractions (starting at 520 JPY for adults), the aquarium (1,440 JPY for adults), and more. You should also check out the Ishidake observation deck where you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the ocean and city. The sight of the sunset behind the islands is a must-see! Parts of the Hollywood movie The Last Samurai was filmed here.

3. Goto Islands

The Goto Islands are about 140 islands of various sizes about 100km to the west of Nagasaki. They\'re all designated a national park, and you can enjoy the lush nature there. It\'s famous because many of the islands have old churches still in existence.
Takahama Beach Resort on Fukue Island in the southwest of the Goto Islands is perfect for enjoying scenery. The glittering white sand and clear ocean with the surrounding mountains have given it the nickname of Japan\'s most beautiful beach. The Osezaki Lighthouse on the most western part of the island is a must-see. The contrast between the azure ocean, the sheer precipice, and the white lighthouse towering above it is an enjoyable sight.

4. Shirakimine Plateau

Shirakimine Plateau in the northern part of Isahaya is a hill of about 350m tall in Mt. Gokahara. You can see flat land, the polder of Isahaya Bay, and the active volcano of Mt. Unzen.
In the fall and spring, the entire plateau becomes covered in flowers! Between the end of March and early April, around 100,000 rape blossoms bloom, and from late September to mid-October, the entire plateau is filled with around 200,000 cosmos. At the Cosmos Flower Space Museum on the premises, you can enjoy astronomical observation via a huge telescope or art of cosmos flowers.

5. Nanatsugama Limestone Cave

Nanatsugama Limestone Cave in Saikai is actually a number of limestone caves that were created about 30 million years ago when the bottom of the ocean rose. They are rare limestone caves with rock formations made from calcareous sandstone. The whole thing remains unexplored, but there are 35 entrances that have been discovered so far.
You can check out the 1,500m-plus long Shimizu Cave for about 250m. The cave is around 15°C all year round. The area is filled with formations that seem as though they were carved for a beautiful, mystical sight. This spot is registered as a national natural monument.

Entrance fee: 510 JPY for adults, 300 JPY for middle school students, 200 JPY for elementary school students, 100 JPY for children over 4

From romantic night views to mystical limestone caves, these are a wide variety of spots to check out when you visit Nagasaki.

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