5 Recommended Guesthouses in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is a sightseeing city that not only has 2 World Heritage sites, but is also rich in nature. In recent years, many foreign tourists have been coming to visit this popular spot. Here are 5 guesthouses in Hiroshima that have easy access to tourist attractions at a reasonable price.

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1. Hiroshima Guest House roku

This easily-accessible guesthouse is 5 minutes away from Shin-Hakushima Station, just 1 stop from Hiroshima Station on the JR Sanyo Line. Feel at home in this standalone house, whose owner decided to revamp the place into a guesthouse together with a group of friends. The bar counter in the living room is a space where Japanese and foreigners alike can hang around to socialize, and brighten up their nights after a full day of traveling. There are 3 types of guest rooms, the 8-person mixed dormitory (2,900 JPY/night (incl. tax)), the women-only dormitory (2,900 JPY/night (incl. tax)) for female guests who might want that extra feeling of security, and private rooms (7,000 JPY/night (incl.tax)). Other shared spaces include the kitchen and there are 2 shower rooms for guest use. This guesthouse is recommended for guests who like to have a good time socializing.

2. Santiago Guesthouse Hiroshima

Approximately a 6 minute walk from Tatemachi Station, or 3 minutes away from Fukuromachi Station, this guesthouse was newly opened in 2015 and is a sister store of Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto and Santiago Cafe & Bar. The tastefully designed interior has a common room with a kitchen and couch, so you can look forward to interacting with other guests. Besides the clean-feeling dormitory rooms (mixed or women-only, 2,000 JPY/night (incl. tax)), there are also twin rooms available (6,000 JPY/night (incl. tax)) with either a bunk bed or 2 single-sized beds. Staying guests will also be glad to know that there are a number of shower rooms in this guesthouse, so comparatively it doesn\'t get as crowded as others.

3. Guest House Lappy

Guest House Lappy is a 12-minute walk from Hiroshima Station, in a convenient location where are many restaurants and public bath houses in the area. On the spacious first floor common space, there is a 12-mat washitsu (Japanese-style room), kitchen, and living room. Room types include the dormitory rooms (mixed or gender-separate, 2,200 JPY/night) where the guest occupying the lower deck of the bed gets to sleep on tatami, single washitsu rooms (3,000 JPY/night), and twin washitsu rooms (2,500 JPY/night). Furthermore, the single washitu has a maximum capacity of 2 people, and the twin washitsu has a maximum capacity of 3 people. In such cases, guests get a discount off the usual room rates. If you add 500 JPY for the Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki Party plan, in which the staff not only give you the recipe to this okonomiyaki that Hiroshima is famous for, but also patiently teach you how to make it.

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4. akicafe inn

Akicafe inn is in a prime location, just 3 minutes\' walk away from Hiroshima Station. The interior design has a feminine touch to it, probably because the proprietor is female, giving guests a warm and \'at-home\' feel. There are female-only dormitories (3,000 JPY/night), as well as mixed dormitories (3,000 JPY/night). Besides having a kitchen and shower rooms, guests may use amenities such as towels, hair dryers, hair irons, and deodorant spray at no additional charge, thanks to the meticulousness of the owner. Also, rental bicycles (500 JPY/day) are also available, which are great for guests who might wish to explore the neighborhood.


5. K\'s House Hiroshima

K\'s House Hiroshima is conveniently accessible, either via walking 8 minutes from Hiroshima Station or walking 2 minutes from Matobacho Station on the Hiroshima Electric Railway. Guests can unwind and relax in the spacious interior, which has an open concept kitchen living room and a rooftop terrace which gets plenty of sunlight. There are 5 room types available, such as the dormitory rooms (mixed or females-only, 2,600 JPY/night (incl. tax)), and the DX double rooms (3,950 JPY/night (incl. tax)) which comes with a double bed, bath, toilet and television. It is also good that you can choose your room type according to your purpose and budget.

Did you like these guesthouses? Tourists from all over the world gather at Hiroshima, where there are World Heritage sites. Why don\'t you try to find your favorite guesthouse among the many different types?

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