Top 5 Hotels Outside of Nagoya with Rooms with Open-Air Baths

There are people who actually want to go to a hot spring but just hate bathing in a large public bath with other people. Here are five hotels located in the outskirts of Nagoya that offer guestrooms with their own open-air bath that will let guests relax without worrying about being conscious of others.

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1. Tenku Kaiyu no Yado Suehiro

Tenku Kaiyu no Yado Suehiro is a hotel that is located in the Nishiura Onsen area in Mikawa Bay. All the rooms in this facility have an ocean view, earning it an excellent reputation for its superb view. The guestrooms with open-air baths feature bathtubs with different designs, giving guests splendid vistas that constantly change from morning until night. You can also see the peninsula and islands from the open-air bath on the rooftop. At night, relish the full-course meals that showcase the skills of the hotel’s chefs with the use of choice local ingredients such as Japanese lobsters and Shurei pork that is characterized by its fresh and natural sweetness. There is no doubt that when you stay in this hotel, you will refresh your body that is tired from traveling by eating delicious dishes and soaking in the hot spring.


THE BEACH KUROTAKE, located on the Chita Peninsula in Aichi, is a Japanese-style inn along the coast that offers a bird’s eye view of Ise Bay. All the guestrooms have a view of the ocean, but this hotel’s main appeal is its ability to provide guests with a luxurious experience: they offer Aichi\'s one and only free-flowing spring water from a source within its own premises. The hotel is fully equipped with such amenities as a footbath, large public bath, and open-air bath, and guests rave about the superb nightscape seen from the open-air bath. Go to the open-air bath that is connected to the two executive rooms on the top floor of the hotel to enjoy the hot spring and picturesque view while breathing in the liberating sense of space. Many people also enjoy partaking of this hotel’s full-course meals that lavishly use such ingredients as various kinds of seafood that are freshly caught from Ise Bay.

3. Kaze no Tani no Iori

Kaze no Tani no Iori, surrounded by a wealth of nature with a forest that is nearly 380m above Mikawa Bay, is a hotel with 10 detached guestrooms that come with their own private open-air baths. Each room features an open-air bath that is made of such materials as marble, earthenware, and hinoki cypress, where guests can soak in the hot spring while gazing at a sky full of stars with a clear and unobstructed view. As for food, guests are treated to full-course meals with dishes that use the freshest ingredients from land and sea, centering on local ingredients such as Ise spiny lobster, Japanese lobster, and Mikawa beef. During dinnertime, a chef will even come to your room to cook tempura right in front of you.

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4. Shunkei Roman Gimpa So

Shunkei Roman Gimpa So is a hotel that stands in a scenic area with a view of Mikawa Bay, so it is recommended to those who want to take some time off to soak in a hot spring bath and relax while listening to the rolling waves. Here, you will be treated to an extraordinary view of the sprawling sea and sky from the large public bath, open-air bath, and private bath. When you stay in the suite room that comes with its own open-air bath, you can enjoy the picturesque landscape and hot spring all for yourself in an atmosphere that is filled with a Japanese vibe. This hotel is also particular about the food it serves, as one of the things that guests look forward to here are the Japanese full-course meals and hibachi dishes that use ingredients sourced from the Mikawa area, including local fish and Japanese lobster that have been freshly caught from the Nishiura fishing harbor.

5. Genjikoh

Genjikoh, located in the Minamichita Hot Spring area, is a Japanese-style hotel that is designed around the theme of “aroma.” Inside this hotel, you will be able to relax in a tranquil atmosphere with a waft of a pleasant scent in the air. Every room here offers a panoramic view of the calm Ise Bay. One of the main attractions of Genjikoh is the wide array of baths available, including open-air, pot, and private baths, where guests will get to enjoy the fossil hot spring that is said to be very effective in healing various ailments. The guestrooms with their own private open-air baths are recommended to those who want to soak in the hot spring, relax and relieve their tired bodies without being self-conscious about being around other people. Further, this hotel has also earned a reputation for serving delicious and colorful full-course meals that lavishly use ingredients from the mountains in the neighboring Chita Peninsula and from the waters of Ise Bay, giving guests a taste of the four seasons in Japan.

If you are in Nagoya, just by making a little side trip to outskirts, you can enjoy picturesque views and nature-rich hot springs. Try to add some of these areas to your travel itinerary!

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