Five Juice Stand Recommendations in Nagoya

There are many healthy juice stands in Nagoya. It's hard to maintain a healthy diet while traveling, so how about some healthy juices to manage your health? Here are five juice stands that serve cold pressed juice.

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1. hanafru Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae Branch

Cold press juice is made using a cold press method that extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables by extended pressing without the use of heat. This process enables it to retain the nutrients from the ingredients and effectively deliver the enzymes necessary for health and beauty. At this shop, you can try the cold pressed juice by PARACHUTES, a famous manufacturer of cold pressed juices. They have a unique lineup including KALE DIET, which enables you to get the nutrients you need in a balanced manner even when dieting, and CIRCLE, which is filled with polyphenol and magnesium. If you\'re looking for high quality cold pressed juice, this is the place to go.

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This store dispels the notion that fast food is bad for you, and presents the new concept of "healthy & beauty fast food" for a quick and easy boost to health and beauty. Some recommended items include the cold pressed juices (780 JPY and up, excl. tax), such as the vitamin C rich MOON, and MERCURY, which works on hangovers. They also have a full menu including the superfood bowl (680 JPY, excl. tax), filled with superfoods, which are health foods with a particularly high concentration of specific nutrients, the sprout sandwich (280 JPY, excl. tax); and gluten-free pancakes (708 JPY and up)". All these menu items will make you beautiful!

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3. Mamie&mamie

The concept of this shop is a place that supports your health and beauty where you can get good information about food and easily ingest a large amount of fruits and vegetables. Here, you\'ll be able to enjoy cold pressed juices made from fruits and vegetables that the owner procured through direct discussions with the producers, made by a machine called the Norwalk Juicer that extracts 1.5 to 2 times the nutrients of a regular cold press. They also offer a service where they customize a juice cleanse program to cleanse your body by drinking cold pressed juices and water instead of food to meet your goals (4,600 JPY and up, excl. tax).

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4. em juice

This is a shop that offers juice cleansing programs developed by beauty herbalists. Their colorful cold pressed juices with herbs blended inhouse in accordance with seven themes will have a direct but gentle effect on your body. Offers range from mini cleanses (starting from 3,900 JPY, incl. tax) for those who want to try it out, to full six-day courses (36,000 JPY, Incl. tax). Reservations can be made on their official homepage. Recommended for those who want to seriously pursue their health and beauty.

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5. Hineli

A shop that offers cold press juices from high quality domestic fruits and vegetables carefully selected from around the country. It\'s nice that all of the ingredients are sourced from farmers who use little or no pesticides. They also offer short-term juice cleanse (starting at 3,000 JPY) programs such as detox, diet, and body support. The shop is unique in that it offers a relaxing space to enjoy its warm soups full of vegetables, served only on the weekends.

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Nagoya has a variety of juice stands, from those that offer easy access to health and beauty, and those that carefully put together programs for you. Chose the one that\'s right for you to boost your health and beauty.

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