Go out for a night on the town! Top 5 Night Spots in Nagoya

Compared to other cities in Japan, Nagoya is home to a lot of nightspots with deeply entrenched cultures and great individuality. Here are five of those places that you can visit at night in Nagoya.

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It can be said that cosplay (where people put on costumes of characters that appear in anime, games, and other works of fiction) best represents pop culture that originated from Japan. COSPLAYBAR DRESS, which is located in Nagoya’s premiere entertainment district of Sakae, is a dining bar where the staff wear costumes, and the customers also get to enjoy drinking until late at night while in cosplay. They have more than 120 costumes in store for you! Entrance fees are 2,200 JPY (excl. tax) for men and 1,100 JPY (excl. tax) for women, with no time limit enforced (prices include one drink). Men have to pay 500 JPY (excl. tax) for the cosplay fee, while women are free of charge. The staff wearing costumes are all women who are full of energy. Don’t you think it’s exciting to be drinking and talking in such an unusual space where everybody is dressed like characters that appear in anime and games?

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2. Animal Cafe and Bar – The zoo

Animal Cafe and Bar – The zoo is a unique shop where you can spend some fun time interacting with owls, falcons, snakes and other exotic animals (mainly raptors). Inside, you can freely touch the birds and take photos of them, so you can have a souvenir photo with a bird perched on your arm (some birds are dangerous and touching them is prohibited). If you order drinks that are priced at 500 JPY and above and food, then you can pet the birds as much as you like, free of charge. There is also a menu for alcoholic drinks. Now this shop may be a little difficult to reach, as it\'s about 20 minutes away from Chayagasaka Station on the Meijo Line by foot, but it is open until late at night, so those who love animals should definitely check it out.

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3. iD cafe

Approximately an 8-minute walk from Sakae Station, iD cafe is a massive 5-story nightclub. It is an exciting club with no specific music genre and category, where you can drink, enjoy music and dance all night. This nightclub has four floors for dancing to a wide array of old and new music, and one floor for the bar that serves different kinds of cocktails. Here, beers, cocktails, soft drinks, and other drinks all cost 500 JPY each. It is a nightspot that is recommended to those who want to dance the night away while drinking reasonably priced drinks.

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Situated right next to Sakae Station in the subway, THE RED ROCK is the only full-fledged Aussie-style restaurant and bar in Nagoya that serves all kinds of Aussie beers. Here, you can enjoy homemade pies just like those served in typical Aussie homes (prices start at 880 JPY (excl. tax)), the huge Aussie burger that has a fried egg inside (1,280 JPY (excl. tax)), a large serving of steak and eggs (2,000 JPY (excl. tax)) and other authentic Aussie dishes until late at night. Guests from Australia, as well as those who want to try Australian food, drinks, and atmosphere should definitely check out this place.

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5. Magic Bar Tejinashi

Magic Bar Tejinashi, which is a 5-minute walk from Sakae Station, is a place where you can witness real magic right before your eyes while drinking alcohol. You shouldn’t miss the table magic performances featuring amazing tricks, the thrilling stage magic shows and the splendid juggling acts by magicians who have won in contents overseas! Here, the table charge is 5,000 JPY for men and 3,000 JPY for women (plus 10% service charge for both). You\'ll be happy to know that they serve drinks such as cocktails (700 JPY each). This magic bar is recommended to those who want to create unique memories.

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The places featured in this list are all nightspots where you can have unique and extraordinary experiences. For those who wish to spend a thrilling night in Nagoya, you should definitely give these places a try.

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