4 Top Recommended Hair Dryers in Japan

Originally, the only purpose of a hair dryer was to literally dry wet hair. However, nowadays, there is a wide variety of products with different features sold on the market. In this article, we will introduce you to 4 functional hair-dryers that are available at home appliance stores in Japan.



1. Panasonic "Negative Ion ZIGZAG Ionity" (a quiet type hair dryer that conditions silky hair with negative ions)

It is said that negative ions are good for hair. Therefore, hair dryers with a negative ion diffusing feature are strongly favored by many in Japan. “For abroad use: Negative Ion Hair dryer ZIGZAG Ionity EH5206P” (open price) by Panasonic is a negative ion hair dryer that can be used outside of Japan. Using a turbo action, it blows negative ions thoroughly throughout your hair. Additionally, it is compact, light and foldable. For those who want to use it in different countries, there is a switch that allows you can change the voltage from 100-120V and 200-240V, so you'll be all set to use it with just a plug adaptor.

2. Panasonic "Nano Care" (Nano-e adopted; care for healthy hair while drying)

There are various hair dryers available in Japan with the feature of caring for healthy hair while drying wet hair. Among them, the most renowned item on the market is Nano Care by Panasonic. With its unique Nano-e technology that holds more than 1000 times the moisture than minus ion, the dryer can help control damaged hair, care for the scalp, and eliminate static electricity while air blowing hair. Choose “Nano Care EH-NA57” (open price) and try it yourself to see what it is all about. With a quick dry nozzle, the original technology by Panasonic, it blows out air in a combination of strong and weak waves which separates bundles of wet hair and dries it quickly. Moreover, with a switch that changes power settings, this product can be used overseas as well.

3. Panasonic "Kuru-kuru Curling Hair Dryer ZIGZAG" (2 brushes; size adjustable free-roll brush and wide-blow brush)

One more outstanding product by Panasonic; “Kuru-kuru Curling Hair Dryer ZIGZAG EH-KA60” (open price) comes with two brushes to blow dry your hair while making curls in any style that you want. With a “wide-blow brush”, you can blow your hair to its ends as if you were combing your hair, and with a size adjustable “free-roll brush”, you can adjust the volume of your curls. This product is incredibly convenient for travel, since it serves as both a hair dryer and a brush thus saving you space. With an easy step to change the power setting, it can also be safely used outside of Japan.

4. TESCOM "Beauty Collagen Dryer" TCDF40

Besides Panasonic, TESCOM is another highly-renowned hair dryer company in Japan. Their professional hair dryers especially sit at the top of the professional beauty world thanks to their durability and excellent safety. TESCOM's Beauty Collagen Dryer TCDF40 is the product they developed specifically for overseas customers. The collagen insde the box on top of the dryer is carried with minus ions to wrap around the surface of the hair to give it glossiness and mositure. The longer you keep using it, the healthier your hair becomes, and it also protects it from UV ray damage. Also, a great point is that you can choose the level of moisture needed based on the condition of your hair and the weather. It can handle AC voltages of 220-240 at 50/60Hz, so you can easily use it oversea.

What did you think of the Japanese hair dryers listed above? It may actually be hard to choose one product among the many Japanese high-functioning and easy to use hair dryers. We do hope you will find the one that fits your needs, since it is something that you will make use of every day. Choosing a good hair dryer will be a shortcut to gaining beautiful hair.


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