Want to study abroad in Japan? Try Nanzan University!

While most people decide to study in Tokyo when they go abroad to Japan, many also decide to go further south and study Japanese language and culture in the rich city center of Nagoya at Nanzan University.

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What is Nanzan University?


Nanzan University (南山大学 Nanzan daigaku) is a private, coeducational university located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The main campus is in the Shōwa Ward of Nagoya City, with another in Seto City and a recently established satellite campus near Nagoya's Takaoka Station on the subway Sakura-dōri Line.


What can I study at Nanzan?


The main program at Nanzan for study abroad students is at the Center for Japanese Studies (CJS). At CJS, you take an intensive Japanese language course that focuses on oral communication, writing and reading. Each level is tailored to an individual's Japanese ability when they enter the program. You can also take other classes like Japanese translation, fieldwork research methods, Japanese history and politics and art classes like calligraphy, ikebana (flower arrangement) and woodblock printing, among others.

The Center for Japanese Studies, or CJS as it is better known, was established at Nanzan over thirty years ago, and its comprehensive program now encompasses not only language-related studies but also courses in area studies as well as practical courses in traditional arts. In addition to the Center's dedicated language teachers, specialists from the social sciences and the humanities from the University's regular faculties contribute to the teaching in the program. The Center itself belongs to the Center for International Education, which oversees the entire range of the University's international teaching, research, and exchange activities.


The charm of Nagoya


Tradition meets modernity in the thriving Japanese city of Nagoya. Countless cultural traditions began in Nagoya and have been passed down through generations—the city is referred to as Geidokoro, a center for art and culture. Don’t miss the rituals and festivals that take place at temples and shrines in the Nagoya area.

Along with its cultural traditions, Nagoya is an important port city and industrial center. Major international businesses have a presence in Nagoya, including Toyota, Lexus (Toyota’s luxury brand), Mitsubishi Motors, Brother Industries, Boeing, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


Stay in a dorm or do a homestay


Nanzan has several international dormitories. The most popular, the Nanzan Koryu Kaikan (NKK), is located directly across from the main gate of the school and houses both Japanese and international Nanzan students.

You can also do a homestay and live with a Japanese family. Because Nagoya is the main city center of Aichi prefecture, the families either live within Nagoya or live outside the city in areas such as Toyota or Toyohashi.

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