Visiting Tokyo? Get Familiar with the Toei Subway Lines

Like the Tokyo Metro subway lines, the Toei subway is the other major operator of the Tokyo subway system. If you read the Tokyo Metro article, you'll be glad to know that there are only four lines on the Toei, and one of them is the Asakusa, which provides express services to both Narita and Haneda airport. Be sure to plan your trip beforehand so you know exactly where to go on the subway lines!


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What is the Toei subway?


Toei Subway – run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation, an agency of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It operates 106 stations in four lines. The minimum price for one ride is 170 yen.

At first glance, and the first few times, the Tokyo subway system can be extremely confusing, and if you have the JR visitor pass you won't be able to use that on the subway lines (though you can use an IC card such as Pasmo or Suica). However, if you plan ahead through a service such as the directions feature on Google Maps, you'll be able to get to your destination with little trouble, and you'll get to see another side of Tokyo. The Toei subway also connects to the JR line as well as the Tokyo Metro.

How do I know if it's a Toei subway station?

Hisagi(氷鷺)/Wikimedia Commons

If the station has this symbol (either in green or gray) on the main sign with the station name, then you are at a Toei subway station. The name of the station will also be accompanied by the other subway lines that service the station. If the Tokyo Metro also services the station, the metro symbol will appear next to the Toei symbol.

Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway operate the subways in Tokyo. At the entrance to each station, you will see the subway sign and the name of the subway station. Be sure to remember the station name, number, and line color (circular colored outline) of the subway line you want to ride. You will see the combination of a letter (representing the line) and a number (representing the station) within a circular colored outline (representing the color of the line), which is called a station number.

Toei Subway Lines

Oedo Line (Magenta)

Major stations: Tochomae, Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Roppongi, Daimon (Tokyo Tower), Tsukishima

Asakusa Line (Rose)


Major stations: Gotanda (for transfer), Daimon (Tokyo Tower), Shimbashi, Asakusa, Oshiage (Skytree)

Mita Line (Dark blue)

Jotauveefe/Wikimedia Commons

Major stations: Otemachi (for transfer), Sugamo, Itabashi area

Shinjuku Line (Light green)

Roke~commonswiki/Wikimedia Commons

Major stations: Shinjuku, Shinjuku-sanchome, Kudanshita (Imperial Palace)

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