Useful Phrases at Restaurants (While Dining & When Leaving)

When visiting restaurants during your Japan travels, knowing some simple Japanese phrases can make the whole dining experience a lot smoother and pleasant. So far, we've introduced phrases that are often used when entering restaurants or ordering in them. This time, we’d like to introduce some useful phrases that you can use during your meal and when leaving the store!


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Below is an explanation using text and images. If you haven't seen our videos or articles on great phrases to use when entering Japanese restaurants or ordering in them, then check those out too!

When You Want a Knife or Fork

You're often served chopsticks, but sometimes you just need a knife or fork, correct? When those times come, note the following phrases:


Sumimasen. Naifu to Foku wo kudasai.
Excuse me. Can you pass me a knife and fork?

Hai. Shouchi shimashita.
Of course.


Reference) Utensil Names
Naifu / Fuoku / Supun / Ohashi / Osara / Koppu
Knife / Fork / Spoon / Chopsticks / Plate / Cup


"Shouchi shimashita" is a polite phrase used to show that the listener fully understood what the speaker said. Restaurant staff muster up all their respect for the customer when saying this.

When You Want Water

Water is usualy free at Japanese restaurants.
It is usually the first thing that restaurant staff bring after guiding guests to their seats.
This does not happen in izakaya (Japanese pubs), as these places are for people who want to enjoy alcoholic drinks. That said, if you ask the staff, they can bring some water for you!


Omizu wo kudasai.
Excuse me. I'd like some water, please.

Oikutsu omochi shimasuka?
How many cups should I bring?

Futatsu onegai shimasu.
Two, please.

Ofutatsu desune.Shouchishimashita.
Two cups, correct? Understood.

When You Want to Pay

Some restaurants will ask you to pay at the register, while others will go through the payment process at your table.
If they require you to pay at the register, do not forget to bring important items like the bill or slip containing your table number with you!
If they go through the payment process at your table, then please use the following phrases:


Okaikeiwo onegai shimasu.
Check, please.


When Leaving

After paying, try to say the following phrase to the staff before leaving.

In Japan, after eating, it is polite and common to say "Gochisousama".


Gochisousama deshita.
It tasted great, thank you.

Arigatou gozaimashita.
Thank you.


Next time you visit Japan, use all the phrases we've introduced up until now to tackle and try various kinds of restaurants!


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