10 Interesting and Useful Tips on Tokyo Station That Every Traveler Should Know (2024 Edition)

Tokyo Station is one of the busisest and largest transport hubs in Japan and navigating it can be a stressful nightmare. To prevent that, we've come up with a list of handy tips and facts regarding Tokyo Station that every traveler needs to know. From where to store heavy luggage to charging spots for electronics, it's got all the essentials, so keep reading for the details!

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You Can Charge Your Phone in the Station!

There are actually several places in Tokyo Station where you can charge your electronic devices while sightseeing in Tokyo. If you're running low on battery and you have a bit of time to spare, check out the spots below!


Not many people know this, but this eat-in space inside Ecute Tokyo actually has a couple of charging spots! Always handy to know for those times when your phone is running low.


This cafe sits inside GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI. It has around 50 seats inside, making it perfectly suited for relaxing.


This cafe is located within GRANSTA. It can be accessed from both inside and outside the ticket gates. Just make sure you don't cross to the other side as it is, of course, prohibited!

*Don't mistake this for GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI. They're two different facilities!


Some other places that have charging spots include EATALY inside GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI, or Daisy Tokyo and Boulangerie Asanoya inside GRANSTA. You never know when these places might come in handy, so keep them in mind when visiting Tokyo Station!

There Are Cloakroom Services for People with Heavy Luggage

GRANSTA's Cloak Service lets you check luggage in for 600 yen each, regardless of size. The picture above shows their front desk on floor B1, inside the ticket gates. Even better, they offer a delivery service that extends to refrigerated or frozen goods.

Another cloak service within the train station is the JR EAST Travel Service Center on 1F. It is located outside the ticket gates.

Our Top Tips

Japan Shinkansen, Narita Express (N'EX) & Express Train Tickets

Plan ahead by booking your shinkansen, airport train, and express train tickets online in English. Have the tickets sent to you by mail or collect them at the station once you're in Japan.

If the Cloakroom's All Full, Try ecbo cloak!

Tokyo Station is an extremely busy train station, and as such there are times when all the coin lockers are already taken and all the cloak rooms are full.

Thats where ecbo cloak comes in. It allows you to book in advance, so you never have to worry about not having a place to leave your things. It is available in several languages other than Japanese, such as English, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Korean.

If you want to know more about it, we actually have an article all about it, written by someone who used the service to take her family travelling around Shinjuku. Read all about it here:

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Locker Concierge: There for All Your Coin Locker Enquiries

This is a very convenient website that shows you the availability of Suica* coin lockers in real-time. It can be accessed on smartphones, and you can choose to view it in either English or Japanese. With this, your days of wandering around with massive luggage are over!


Tokyo Station Photo Sticker Booths

This particular purikura (photo sticker) booth offers a backdrop that is only available at Tokyo Station. You can find it at the ticket gates near the Marunouchi North Exit. It makes for a very unique momento of your trip to Japan!

You Can Find the Top Convenience Store in Japan at Tokyo Station

New Days Keiyo Street Branch is Japan's top conbini (convenience store) in terms of sales, with a record of 10 million yen in daily sales and an average of 10 to 12 thousand customers per day. The first photo is of the onigiri (rice ball) shelf in the store, which usually holds over 1,000 pieces of onigiri! They usually sell anywhere between 5,000 - 6,000 onigiri a day - something that you won't see anywhere else in Japan!

There's Also a Bakery That Sells a Bread Bun Every Minute!

Located inside Ecute Tokyo is an anpan (bread buns filled with red bean paste) specialty store called "mame-ichizu". Places like this are rare even in Japan, and this one managed to sell so many anpan between April 2016 to March 2017 that it worked out to be one bread bun per minute!

Their bread buns make for perfect souvenirs. The picture above shows their Tokyo Brick Pan, which was designed to be at a 1:1 ratio with the actual bricks used to build Tokyo Station.

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If You're Lost, Look for the Gin no Suzu

This giant silver bell is displayed at the most popular meeting spot in Tokyo Station, hence the spot's name "Gin no Suzu Hiroba" (Silver Bell Square). Did you know that the current Gin no Suzu is actually in its 4th iteration? It's worth taking a look, even if it's just to admire the display's long history!

You Can Pass Time at the TOKYO STATION GALLERY

The Tokyo Station Gallery is, just as the name suggests, an art gallery within the station building. Various exhibitions are held around 5 times a year in this historic building made of red bricks just like those that the train station was built with. Those who have an interest in art should definitely check it out if they get a chance!

Order Souvenirs in Advance & Pick Them up at the Station with NET de Ekinaka

This service allows you to order the products sold at places like Ecute or GRANSTA online in advance. You can then skip the lines and pick up your order at the shop without ever worrying about it running out of stock! 

This amazing service is unfortunately only offered in Japanese, and it requres you to first register an account. Be sure to ask a Japanese friend to help you take advantage of the service!

Did you find any of these facts about Tokyo Station useful? If you know you're going to pass by Tokyo Station, open up this guide and use it so that you can travel as stress-free as possible. We want you to spend all your energy on enjoying your trip to Japan instead!


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