Unlock the Mysteries! Real-life Escape Games in Shinjuku

Looking for something fun to do in Japan this week? Why not challenge yourself to a real-life escape game at Tokyo Mystery Circus! Get your thinking cap on and get ready to solve some puzzles!



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What is Tokyo Mystery Circus?

Located in the vibrant entertainment district of Shinjuku's Kabuki-cho, Tokyo Mystery Circus is essentially a puzzle theme park offering a varied selection of real-life escape games and puzzle solving games that are a little out of the ordinary. Step through the doors and you'll encounter baffling puzzles, high security prison cells and even an enemy base to infiltrate! Don't worry if your Japanese isn't up to scratch, as some of their games can be played in English, and they have English-speaking staff.

Letters from Another World!

Mystery Mail Box Global Edition is a puzzle solving game that requires you to roam around the Tokyo Mystery Circus building looking for clues, in order to figure out the code that will open one of the many mail boxes located on the second floor. At the start you will be given a game kit (1,000 yen) in the form of a mysterious envelope. The answers to the puzzles contained within will lead you to the next step. Keep solving the various puzzles until you are in possession of the final code that will unlock the mail box!

Mystery Mail Box is played indoors, so it's a good option for those hot summer days of Tokyo! It's estimated to take around 60 to 90 minutes.

A Magical Adventure in Shinjuku!

Exploring a city while solving puzzles?? Yes please!

The story behind a Mystery at Magic Academy is that you are celebrating your first day at Magic Academy, but the party is cut short when you realize that someone has stolen the celebratory cake! Purchase your game kit (1,200 yen) in Tokyo Mystery Circus to commence the game. Once you solve the puzzles contained in the kit, you must search the streets of Shinjuku for further mysteries and clues until you arrive at the final answer. 

There is no time limit for this game, so feel free to take a coffee break or get a bite to eat at any of the multitude of shops and restaurants that line the streets of Shinjuku!

Even More Fun-Filled Games!

At Tokyo Mystery Circus, you can take part in other, exciting, puzzle solving games. If you're not sure if escape games are for you, or if you're short on time, why not try Escape from the Prison, where you only have 10 minutes to escape from a prison cell before the dawning of the day of your execution! Or become an agent of the Special Intelligence Bureau for 30 minutes, in a game that combines puzzle solving with stealth. In the Secret Agent: Destroy the Ultimate Weapon, you must infiltrate the enemy's base to destroy their weapon, while avoiding traps and hiding from the armed guards!

Whether you're an expert at real life escape games or a complete novice, with so many innovative mystery games, you are sure to have fun at Tokyo Mystery Circus. Put your brain to the test this week in Tokyo!

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