Leave Even Large Suitcases at Cafes So You Can Conveniently Sightsee in Japan Using This Service!

Traveling is fun, but isn't it a burden to trying to find safe places to leave your big suitcases and bags with all your things? The convenient service Ecbo Cloak is here to solve those problems in Japan. Here is more detailed information about this new service!


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What do you do when you're traveling with lots of luggage, or luggage that is uncomfortably large?


When you're traveling, isn't your large luggage a pain even though it holds all your necessary stuff? If you're able to entrust your luggage somewhere beforehand, that would be really convenient so you can easily visit various sightseeing areas.


In Japan, there have been various services where you can leave your luggage:

  • Coin lockers in airports and train stations (around 300 - 700 yen)
  • Left luggage offices in large stations (around 600 yen per luggage in Tokyo Station)
  • Carry services (700 - 1600 yen)
  • You can leave your luggage in your hotel room, or drop it off before you're able to check-in

*As of February 5th, 2017, 1 yen = .0088 USD


You want to go sightseeing without burden, but you can't find a place to leave your luggage...

For example, current coin lockers can be hard to find, but even if you find them, maybe there aren't any open or the only ones available are too small for your large luggage.


Also, left luggage services and carry services are only in limited areas, so they are also difficult.

Dropping it off at your hotel beforehand may result in a loss of time if it's in an area that's not close to specific sightseeing areas. 

There is now a service that functions as a solution for all of these issues.


You can enjoy sightseeing without your luggage thanks to the convenient service, Ecbo Cloak!


Ecbo Cloak is an innovating sharing service that started on January 18th, 2017. It's currently mostly in Shibuya, and it uses idle spaces like popular cafes and bike rental shops to connect people who want to drop off their luggage and businesses that have space to keep luggage.

Currently, there are about 100 businesses registered mostly in Shibuya, and through 2017 they are planning on expanding not just throughout Tokyo, but nationwide with a goal of 10,000 businesses in areas like Kyoto and Osaka.

Ecbo Cloak is different from current services in that you can easily see what businesses will let you leave luggage and also if they have space available. You can even drop off large luggage.




How to Use Ecbo Cloak



After you register as a user, you can input your travel dates and then just pick the business you like! You're free to pick stylish shops or delicious restaurants - it's entirely up to you!

  1. Search for a place to drop off your luggage
    • You can pick where you want to leave your luggage via an online search or from a map.
  2.  Make an online reservation for the time and date you'll drop off your luggage
    • You can make a prior reservation, so you don't have to waste time searching for coin lockers.
  3. Drop your luggage off on the chosen day.
    • Leave your luggage with the cafe or shop staff and they will keep it in a safe space.
  4. Enjoy sightseeing without any physical burden. 
    • After you pick up your luggage and finish checking out, your credit card will automatically be charged and the process will be finished.

>>Register as a user here




How much is it? Is it safe to leave my luggage in a random business?



It's nice that it's convenient, but aren't you also concerned about the fee, how they keep it, and any compensation if necessary?

The fees depend on the luggage size.

  • Carry-on luggage plan 300 yen/day
    • Carry-on luggage, handbags, etc. with a maximum size of 45 cm 
  • Suitcase plan 600 yen/day
    • Suitcases, backpacks, and other luggage bigger than 45cm

*As of February 5th, 2017, 1 yen = .0088 USD


You drop off the luggage face-to-face. The staff will take a photo of the luggage and mail it to the user.

When you pick up your luggage, you show that e-mail to the staff so there should be no mistakes. Also, it comes with a review system for both the business and the user, so you can use that to judge which shop you can leave your things at. If anything happens to your luggage, there is compensation for up to 200,000 yen.


Using Ecbo Cloak Efficiently



There are various pros to using Ecbo Cloak.

・It's more reasonable than current left luggage services 
・You can pick the area you like based on a map and make prior reservations online
・Since it's a business you're leaving your luggage at, you can get information about the area and experience new things
・It's easy
・You can leave luggage that won't fit in a coin locker
・The service is available in multiple languages

However, as of February 2017, the service is currently limited to just Tokyo. They are planning on expanding the areas and number of businesses and release an app, so please keep an eye out!


Why the founder of Ecbo Cloak began this service 



The founder of Ecbo Cloak and the CEO of Ecbo, Shinichi Saitou, has discussed why he began the service and why.


One day in Shibuya, a foreign tourist asked me to help them find a coin locker where they could stash their suitcase and we looked around for 40 minutes and yet couldn't find anything. In this, the age of smartphones, I realized that such inefficiency could still occur, so I started Ecbo Cloak. I would like for everyone to use it in order to simply leave their luggage somewhere and enjoy sightseeing for longer periods of time!


No matter how hard they searched, they couldn't find a coin locker that would fit a suitcase... This service was began for the desire for foreign tourists to fully enjoy their sightseeing trips through Japan!


There's a video as well! You can understand Ecbo Cloak in just 1 minute

Please watch this video that will make the service very easy to understand in just a minute and 24 seconds!



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With this, a carry-on bag will be free, and a suitcase will just be 300 yen for the whole day!

Please sign up and make your trip in Japan even more enjoyable and pleasant!

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