Stylish and Comfortable! 12 Recommendations for Guest Houses in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a city in Ishikawa and one of the most famous tourist locations in Japan's Hokuriku region. Here's how to make your stay an affordable one with a selection of 12 stylish guest houses! There are plenty of great places to choose from!

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1. "A Guesthouse that Feels Like Home" -- Guest House Shiro

Guest House Shiro occupies a renovated machiya building that is more than 115 years old. Its earthen floors absorb sunlight, ensuring a deeply atmospheric experience at all times. Guests looking for a lodging that is both old and new will enjoy their stay here and it is also conveniently located is near several of Kanazawa's best tourist spots!

This guest house offers four varieties of room, with 2 individual rooms and separate male and female dormitories. The single rooms have a relaxing air and your privacy is ensured, making it a good choice for couples or families too!

2. "A Guest House with Self-Service Amenities" -- Kanazawa Guest House Pongyi

Pongyi is a guest house built on the grounds of a 120 year-old machiya townhouse. It is an established lodging, well known among travelers and local residents. The facilities are exquisitely simple and rustic, with self service being the order of the day and a relaxing stay the goal! Its location, only a five minute walk from Kanazawa Station, is another selling point.

Fitting with the lodging's long history, the simple interior is imbued with character and an atmosphere that feels like home. A portion of the dormitories are reserved for ladies-only, so women can enjoy a safe stay.

3. "A Guest House with Impeccable Taste" -- Akatsukiya

Akatsukiya is a guest house with a traditional Japanese garden and tatami rooms, enabling you to fully experience the charms of Old Kanazawa.  The owner's service is highly rated and a great many guests have enjoyed a satisfied stay. What's more, the building is a machiya-style townhouse, one of Japan's registered national cultural properties. The cultural experience alone is worth the price and it is also conveniently located in the heart of central Kanazawa, making it a great starting point for sightseeing.

The rooms are Japanese-style. Though they are divided by traditional sliding doors, there are locks attached, so there is no need to worry about security!

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4. "A Brand New Kanazawa Guest House!" -- Guesthouse Ochakare

Guesthouse Ochakare is a newly built guest house designed in a modern Japanese style. The guest rooms feel like model rooms, with their spotless surfaces, and the interior is beautiful and stylish!

This lodging is quite popular with international tourists and there are only 5 rooms total,  so make your reservations quick! The facility has built-in security, ensuring you a safe stay. It's also located in an upscale area of town that is perfect for both tourism and business.

5. "Your Choice for Affordability!" -- Guest House Namaste

A 6 minute walk from JR Kanazawa Station, Guest House Namaste is a well known spot among international tourists. Its rooms are spacious, with a maximum of 6 guests per space! There are also rooms for those traveling with families or friends, as well as single bed varieties. 

The rooms have tatami floors and are laid out in dormitory style, with separate spaces for men and women. If you're a woman traveling alone, this is a safe space for you!

6. "A Guest House with a Café and Bar!" -- Shaq Big House

A 15 minute walk from JR Kanazawa Station, Shaq Big House is a guest house attached to a fully functioning café and bar, making it a fun place to stay. The bar and lounge are used by guests and local customers alike and have a real sense of community!

The second and third floors have guestrooms laid out in dormitory style (four to a room or 12 to a room), and there are rooms for one and two as well, making it a good choice for couples too! Your privacy will be ensured so don't hesitate to book a room now.

7."A Beautifully Renovated Guest House!" -- Off

Off occupies a renovated a 40 year-old building that is a 3 minute walk from Kanazawa station. It offers two dormitory rooms and three individual rooms. Many of the guests are tourists from abroad, granting the space an international flair. The staff are excellent as well so you're assured a comfortable stay!

The facility is clean and beautiful, making it a perfect spot for travelers trying a guest house for the first time. The price is right as well, so you can save money spent on lodging.

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8. "Your Gateway to Hokoriku Tourism" -- The Share Hotels Hatchi Kanazawa

The Share Hotels Hatchi is a renovated hotel in Kanazawa that offers all the charms of the Hokuriku region. Though compact in size, it is full of amenities and comfort. The staff really put passion into their work.

The guest rooms are divided into dormitory and single-room types, with a shared space employing wooden design, making for an incredibly comfortable atmosphere. Be sure to take in all the stylish interior items as well!

9. "Make your Trip a Reasonable One!" --Neighbors Inn Kanazawa

Neighbors Inn Kanazawa is a 10 minute walk from JR Kanazawa Station. They offer tatami, capsule type, and dormitory rooms, each with a laid back wood design that is perfect for a leisurely stay. You'll be able to rest up and enjoy your trip, while also saving money too.

The shared space is clean and sleek, with all the amenities you need.

10. "A High-Class Kanazawa Cottage" -- Maki no Oto Kanazawa

Nestled in the neighborhood of Higashi Chaya, this innovative guest house is built like a high class Kanazawa cottage, overflowing with style and taste. It offers meals, amenities, and any other services you need for a very reasonable price! Not only that, but it's right in the middle of one of the city's main sightseeing neighborhoods.

The rooms are clean, elegant and sophisticated. There are spaces natural wood in addition to tatami, making it a safe choice no matter what your taste.

Don't miss the delicious dinners, served in the Kanazawa style.

11. "Opened in April 2016!" -- Guest House Nagonde

Guesthouse Nagonde is a cozy guest house that opened in 2016. Both the interior and exterior are stylish and playful, making you want to visit just for the experience. It's a very warm and relaxed lodging and it's great for those traveling alone.

Both dormitory type and tatami rooms are available. Each uses white as a fundamental theme, providing a clean, sleekly relaxed atmosphere.

12. "Located in Higashi Chaya" -- Kanazawa Guesthouse Stella

Kanazawa Guesthouse Stella is located ten minutes from Kanazawa Station in the neighborhood of Higashi Chaya. Nearby, you will find Kenrokuen Garden, Omi-cho Market, and other famous Kanazawa sightseeing spots. It's the perfect place to experience the full depth of Kanazawa's aesthetics and culture! The lodging itself opened in April 2016, so it is still in new and pristine condition.

Rooms come in different varieties, such as individual, tatami, and dormitory style. All offer privacy and security.  You will also find many shared amenities and services, making it a safe spot for a sudden reservation!

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