Simple Ways to Enjoy and Types of Regular Japanese Cuisine Ochazuke

In Japan, there is a simple way to enjoy rice called Ochazuke. What kind of way is Ochazuke? We will introduce to you how to enjoy and types of Ochazuke.


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Among the Japanese cuisine, there is a simple way to enjoy rice called “Ochazuke”.

Originally, ochazuke is made by pouring the green tea into rice and eat it together with otsukemono – pickles.

You can enjoy it when you are in busy time or feeling a bit hungry.

At the present time, not only green tea, but we can also pour the Odashi – broth and enjoy it together with various kind of ingredients that make the variation of Ochazuke has increased.


In a small restaurant or bars, it has became a closing menu and by taking advantages of its variation and easiness, the Ochazuke specialty shops are starting to come out.


Moreover, the instant food product of ochazuke base are available for sale.Since the instant ochazuke base are available for sale, you can easily put the base on top of rice, pour the green tea and just in 10 minutes you can enjoy the ochazuke.

The regular types of ochazuke are Shake-chazuke (salmon chazuke) and Ume-chazuke (plum chazuke).

Shake-chazuke (Salmon Chazuke)

Ume-chazuke (Plum Chazuke)

We can enjoy it by topped the baked salmon and other ingredients on top of rice and pour it with green tea.

It is the same as the ume-chazuke.

In a high class restaurant, ochazuke is serve in one proper cuisine such as sea bream chazuke that has fillet baked sea bream or slices of raw sea bream on top of it or hitsumabushi chazuke that has grilled eel that cut into one bite size as the topping.

Tai-chazuke (Sea bream chazuke)

Hitsumabushi chazuke


Moreover, there is a Dashi chazuke – Broth chazuke that made not only by pouring green tea in rice but also we can enjoy it by pouring the dashi – broth into it.

Since Ochazuke has light seasoned taste, it is a food that you can enjoy it easily when you have heavy feeling in stomach or you feel a bit hungry and want to eat light taste food.

In Japan, beside at bars that practically in all over the country, there are several specialty shops at Tokyo that serve ochazuke as one proper meal and we will introduce them to you.

Kabiya (Shinbashi)


Address :Tokyo-to Minato-ku Shinbash 2-9-13
Access:2 minutes walk from Yamanote Line Shinbashi Station Torimori Exit
Operational hour:17:30~23:00(L.O.22:30)


Perhaps you can try Japanese Ochazuke at the Ochazuke's specialty shops when you visit Tokyo.


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