[15% Off Coupon Included!] All About SATUDORA, the Highly Recommended Hokkaido Drugstore Chain That Has Taken over Japan

Hokkaido is located at the northern end of Japan and has characteristics unique to a snowy country. With distinct seasonal changes that lets people fully enjoy the beauty of all four seasons, Hokkaido has become one of the most popular attractions in Japan. Aside from delighting in the charms of its nature, going shopping is yet another popular activity in Hokkaido. One particular store that nobody should miss out on is the drugstore “SATUDORA”.



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SATUDORA is a famous drugstore chain from Hokkaido, Japan with more than 40 years of history. It has more than 200 stores across the country.

With branches located everywhere in Hokkaido, SATUDORA has won the favor of the local people. And to serve tourists from all over the world, it has opened stores not only in famous tourist destinations within Hokkaido, but also in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Fukuoka, Okinawa, and even Taiwan.

Even though there are drugstores all over Japan, SATUDORA is still a must-go as their prices are lower and their product range is much more comprehensive. Every store is spacious, and the merchandise is re-arranged regularly to keep things tidy for people to find what they want. To bring customers an enjoyable shopping experience, the store has wide walkways and shopping carts are available as well. Some SATUDORA stores open late until 1:00 am for late-night shoppers.

SATUDORA offers an assortment of goods, including food and daily necessities for the locals; as popular tourist items like pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and health supplements; SATUDORA’s self-branded merchandise; and last but not least, limited goods available only in Hokkaido. With such a wide range of stock, SATUDORA will definitely satisfy your shopping needs.

In addition, to create an easy and convenient shopping environment for customers, SATUDORA accepts various payment methods such as via credit card. Shopping here is a breeze!

SATUDORA also offers one-stop tax refund services at the checkout counter, allowing customers to pay and get their tax refund at the same time, saving them a lot of time.

To cater to the needs of customers, the staff is capable of communicating in several foreign languages. SATUDORA even offers multilanguage translation services via Payke, free beverages, free charging services, and free Wi-Fi to create the best shopping environment (some stores may not provide all services).

The Payke mobile app is very convenient. Not only can customers choose from different languages, they can also scan the barcode on a product they are interested in to get information on the product immediately. This exclusive service of SATUDORA allows you to easily acquire product information even without a store assistant nearby, saving you a lot of time and making shopping really convenient.

There are plenty of best-selling items from Hokkaido in store just waiting for you to take them home!

A warm welcome awaits you at SATUDORA!

2.Top 3 Items among Tourists

1. Alinamin EX Plus 270 Tablets/ アリナミンEXプラス 270錠

Promotes blood circulation while soothing muscle and nerve pain; improves eye strain, sore shoulders, and lower back pain from the inside.

2. PABRON GOLD A <Powder> 44 Sachets / パブロンゴールドA<微粒> 44包

Relieves fevers, headaches, and other cold symptoms; replaces vitamins B1 and B2 that are easily lost during a fever.

3. DHC Medicated Lip Cream 1.5G / 薬用リップクリーム 1.5G

Protects the lips and prevents dryness by keeping the lips naturally moisturized for a long time with its non-greasy texture.

3.SATUDORA Self-Branded Merchandise


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2. Wellness Navi

Wellness Navi, a series of quality health supplements with lovely, eye-catching packaging, available exclusively in Hokkaido.

The product line includes:
・GABAX: To relieve accumulated stress!
・DELCO: To improve gastrointestinal health.
・MIEX: To protect your vision!
・SAGERU: To help prevent high blood pressure.
・NU-Q: To help keep your body warm!
・GUN-PEP: To boost men’s vigor!

4.Learn About SATUDORA From Other Perspectives


SATUDORA stores with tax-free services (please check the following English website) ↓

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6.The 5 Main SATUDORA Stores in Hokkaido

SATUDORA Tanukikoji 5-Chome Store

Popular attractions nearby: Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, Susukino Shopping Arcade, NORBESA Ferris Wheel, Hokkaido Kurashi Store NORBESA

SATUDORA Tanukikoji Daio Building Store

Popular attractions nearby: Odori Park, Sapporo TV Tower, Former Hokkaido Government Office, JR TOWER

Shopping: Sapporo STELLAR PLACE, Sapporo PARCO, Sapporo Mitsukoshi, Sapporo Marui Imai


Popular attractions nearby: NORBESA Ferris Wheel, Hokkaido Kurashi Store NORBESA, Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, Susukino Shopping Arcade, Odori Park, Sapporo TV Tower, Sapporo PARCO, Sapporo Mitsukoshi, Sapporo Marui Imai

SATUDORA Otaru Sakaimachi Store

Popular attractions nearby: Otaru Canal, Kitaichi Glass, Taisho Glass Main Store, Otaru Music Box Museum, Kitaichi Venetian Art Museum

SATUDORA Hakodate Kanemori-Soko Store

Popular attractions nearby: Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, Lucky Pierrot Bay Area Main Shop (a popular hamburger shop in Hokkaido), Hakodate Romankan (a souvenir shop), Hakodate History Plaza, Hakodate Meijikan

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