A Must-Visit for Rabbit Lovers! Okunoshima, an Island Removed from the Map

Okunoshima is a small island located in the Seto Inland Sea in Hiroshima Prefecture. The wild rabbits found all over the island has earned it the nickname "Rabbit Island." It has a history of poison gas production, and it is also famous for its many abandoned buildings. Take a visit to Okunoshima, a mysterious island full of contradictions!


Things to Do

About Okunoshima

It takes about 12 minutes to reach Okunoshima by boat from Tadanoumi Port in Takehara. At around 4km in circumference, this small island was once removed from maps because of the poison gas factories located here. The entire island was managed with the purpose of producing poison gas.

Today, many sightseers come to the island to explore the abandoned buildings here. Remains of the island's poison gas storehouses, barracks, and power plant still exist on the island. Visiting Okunoshima feels like exploring a mysterious new world, and it's waiting for you to discover it!

This mysterious island has been designated as a national park, and is also known for the approximately 700 wild rabbits that live here. These rabbits are all of the European variety, so they live by making burrows all over the island. You can spot them throughout the island - the sight of these adorable wild rabbits is sure to be a soothing experience!

Power Plant Ruins

One of the biggest abandoned buildings on the island is the site of the former thermal power station. The deterioration of the building has made it dangerous, so visitors are not permitted to enter, but you'll be able to walk up to the front of the building. Enveloped in a unique atmosphere, this building is sure to make you sense the depth of history here.

Poison Gas Museum

There were many victims of the poison gas produced on this island. This museum was created to tell this history and ensure that the painful truth is not forgotten.

Documents from the time are on display here, and the museum educates visitors about the production of poison gas and the horrors of war, all the while emphasizing the importance of peace.

Visit this museum and take the time to reflect on history and the future. 

Rabbit Island Okunoshima Campsite

Go camping and enjoy being surrounded by nature with an ocean view that stretches out in front of you at this campsite! You're sure to make wonderful and fun memories with friends or family here. There's also a campfire spot so you can spend a special evening around the fire together. 

A Mysterious and Healing Island!

Rabbit lovers are sure to have a wonderful time on this island, and there are many unique abandoned sites to explore, too! Feel free to use this guide for your trip to Okunoshima!


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Translated and republished with permission from:Relux Magazine

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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