Nagoya Breakfast: 10 Best Places For Delicious Morning Sets

Nagoya is famous for its filling and high-quality breakfasts, dubbed “Nagoya Morning.” These scrumptious sets can be found at most Nagoya cafes, and generally consist of coffee and toast filled with sweet red bean paste. There are also plenty of other options, letting travelers start off their sightseeing in Nagoya with a satisfied stomach. In this article, we’ll share our picks for the best Nagoya breakfasts!

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What's "Nagoya Morning"?

You can find it in every single cafe in Nagoya. Each place makes it in its own way, but traditionally it's a breakfast set consisting of a cup of freshly made coffee and toast. The toast is usually filled with anko (adzuki bean paste) to create a dish known as "ogura toast". Typically, you can get the whole set for the price of a drink! Sometimes it's all-you-can-eat and sometimes it includes other delicacies like eggs and potato salad - it depends on the place. Nagoya people love starting their day with breakfast and a newspaper at a cafe, so why don't you try their morning routine and see if it suits you? 

Coffee Shop KAKO Hanakuruma Main Branch [International Center]

Feel at home in the cozy and lovely atmosphere of this cafe located only 3 minutes on foot from Kokusai Center Station. Considering the 2 tables and a few counter seats, there isn't much space inside, so you may have to wait in line, but once you try their version of Nagoya Morning you'll be glad you did! They have their own blend of coffee and it's truly delicious.

Sit at the counter and listen to the owner share his deep knowledge of coffee while sipping your own piping-hot cup for a soul-nourishing morning experience. Speaking of which, their breakfast set includes toasts topped with variations including anko (red bean paste), cream cheese, fresh whipped cream, and 4 different jams. It's super cute and delicious!

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Komeda's Coffee Main Branch [Irinaka]

Does it usually take a long time for you to have breakfast, because you think of it as a time to relax? Then, the popular Komeda's Coffee might be the place for you! Stretch your legs and sit back on the sofa while you enjoy your delicious breakfast. Here, the Morning menu offers several options to pair with your black coffee, from the classic toast with a warm boiled egg (served with your coffee for free until 11:00 am), to other daily special options like egg and tomato sandwiches, ogura whipped cream toasts, and salads. Their coffee is an original brand made from selected beans everyone should try at least once. 

Founded in 1968, Komeda has now branches all over the country and it's probably thanks to this company that Nagoya Morning has gained popularity outside the area. 

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Lyon [Nagoya]

There are several good reasons why Lyon is on top of the rankings of Nagoya's best cafes, and the possibility to order one drink and get free toast and hot-pressed sandwiches all day long may be one of them! Come by any time of the day and choose from 6 different types, including the classic ogura toast and potato salad sandwich. 

Another charming point of this place is the European style interior that looks like a romantic cafe of Paris or Vienna. Maybe that's why mahy of its customers are couples!

Cook Town [Nagoya]

You'll be surprised to know these colorful and rich sandwiches come for free with your morning drink! Order a cup of coffee (for as little as 380 yen) before 10:00 am and you'll be asked if you want the crusts. It'll probably take you a few seconds to realize they're talking about the 4 toasts filled with omelet and vegetables you're going to be served free of charge. According to Cook Town's many regulars, they're so delicious you won't believe they're free until you pay! 

It takes only a few minutes to get here from the station, but be careful not to miss it, as the sign isn't that big. 

Bonbon [Takaoka]

This lovely French-style cafe offers a Morning service from 8:00 to 10:00 am, which consists of a drink served with a toast and a boiled egg for as little as 350 yen. You can upgrade this with some yuzu (citrus fruit) jam, yogurt, or other extras for just 100 yen. Pretty basic, you say? Well, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm instead, you can benefit from their "lunch service", wherein your drink is complemented with rich sandwiches and a mini mitsumame (agar jelly served with fruit and red beans) - all for 750 yen! Remember these are both available only on weekdays. 

The cafe used to be a bakery, and its menu still displays a lot of delightful cakes and desserts you can enjoy for an incredibly reasonable price. Don't miss their amazing beignets and eclairs!

Konparu Meichika Branch [Nagoya]

Konparu's delicious coffee is characterized by a thick and deep flavor, but this cafe is best known for its amazing sandwiches, among which the "Ebi Fry" (930 yen), filled with 3 large fried breaded shrimps, is their specialty. You may have to queue for a while and it's not exactly cheap either, but it's totally worth it! 

The cafe is located on the underground floor of Nagoya Station, a very convenient location super easy to access. Whether you got there to change trains or for some sightseeing, you should definitely drop by and, if you're in a hurry, don't worry: takeout is available too!

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Cafe Yoshino Hojin Branch [Inaei]

Order your breakfast drink at Cafe Yoshino and you'll get a boiled egg and a piece of toast with either anko, jam or butter for free! Should you be particularly hungry, add 200 yen to the check and enjoy one of their 4 rich plates, like the one in the photo below: bacon, sunny side-up egg, toast and salad. Alternatively, their hot dog, pancakes, and egg sandwiches are equally delicious! 

A similar service is offered in the afternoon as well! From 2:00 to 5:00 pm you can order your coffee and add for free a cute dessert made with carefully selected ingredients that changes seasonally, or a chiffon cake, Cafe Yoshino's signature dish. 

Top Fruit Yaobun [Sakurayama]

Are you the health-conscious type who has fruit for breakfast? You must try this place, then! From the outside it looks exactly like a fruit shop... which it is, so when you go inside you'll be happy to see you can have your favorite fresh fruit served with your Nagoya Morning! This means you'll get both the classic egg and toast, and a bunch of delicious chopped fruit. 

Of course, drinks are fruit-based as well! You'll find a rich and colorful juice menu including all the benefits you can get from each fruit, and whose price varies according to the season. For example, if you caught a cold, you could order the mandarin orange juice, while if you're concerned about your skin, try the mango! 

Caravan [Takaoka]

Renowned for its "Teppan Spa" (noodles grilled on an iron plate) served for breakfast as well, this is a place you should try at least once while you're in Nagoya. Your piping-hot and voluminous teppan plate will satisfy your morning hunger with a piece of toast, ham or bacon & egg, broccoli, cabbage and of course, stir-fried noodles that could be either yaki-udon (thick noodles) or yaki-soba (buckwheat noodles) - the ingredients change daily.  

Inside you'll find table seats with old-school games, which create a somewhat nostalgic retro atmosphere from the Showa era (1926 - 1989). 

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Chapeau Blanc Sun Road Branch [Nagoya] *Closed

A fully-fledged French patisserie with several branches in Nagoya. Their beautiful and fulfilling Morning allows you to have your drink for just 490 yen with free all-you-can-eat breads, sandwiches, and boiled eggs - isn't that awesome? The breads are all cut in small pieces so that you can manage to try different types before you're full. There is even a toaster to warm your food if you need to. 

This is a rich buffet. It is highly recommended to come early in the morning and possibly on a weekday: it gets crowded on weekends and national holidays, and you may see your favorite pastries swiped from right under your nose! 


To sum up, Nagoya Morning breakfast sets generally include a drink complemented with a piece of toast and an egg. Sometimes these are included in the drink's cost, sometimes they require an additional fee, and other times you even get to refill them for free. Many cafes also offer more nourishing dishes like pastries, sandwiches, bread, as well as fruit and jams. There's plenty of options for everyone. Which one suits you best? 


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