Nagoya Has an Impressive Bookstore With an Infinity Bookshelf

The Japanese bookstore chain Tsutaya has just opened a new enchanted location in Nagoya! Bookstores in Japan always go the extra mile to surprise their customers but Tsutaya, already known for their aesthetically impressive designs, has really outdone itself here. Complete with a relaxing cafe space, fun play areas for children, and the grandest infinity bookshelf you’ve ever seen, this is the perfect spot for book lovers, architecture enthusiasts, and those in search of instagram-worthy wonders!

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Tsutaya Bookstore Noritake Shinmachi opened on October 27 as part of the new Aeon Mall Nagoya Noritake Garden. Following in the footsteps of the sleek Tsutaya Bookstore at Tokyo's Daikanyama T-Site designed to be a "library in the woods" and the grammable Tsutaya Bookstore at Osaka's Hirakata T-Site envisioned as a "living room in the city" with a collection of 150,000 books, the Nagoya Noritake Shinmachi Store is likely to become a new favorite among locals and international visitors alike.

Indeed, it didn't take long for the first enthusiastic reactions to start rolling in. Tsutaya Bookstore Noritake Shinmachi's mirrored staircase and bookshelf instantly became a hit among Japanese photographers on Instagram and many visited the store right after its opening hoping to get a glimpse of this new internet sensation. The bookstore does not just make for a great photo opportunity but also gives you a chance to relax or spend some quality time with your family.

The store is designed as a place that people can enjoy with their children thanks to the comfortable Kids Space, plenty of children's books, and family-friendly goods for sale. The design is based on the concept of "BOOK & CAFE" meaning you can leisurely peruse all the books while sipping some coffee at the attached Starbucks. The curated book selection offers many lifestyle-related reads that are sure to enrich your daily life!

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