Top 10 Must-Buy Souvenirs Below 1,000 Yen from Tokyo Station!

Besides being a transportation hub, Tokyo Station also features other attractions such as Character Street, Ramen Street, and other popular shopping spots. Here is a carefully selected list of the top 10 souvenirs in Tokyo, according to a popular ranking site, that you can find here for less than 1,000 yen!


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Top 10 Souvenirs for Less Than 1,000 Yen

No. 10 Korokoro Aka (Keiyo Street)

An assortment of mini donuts from Siretoco Donuts. The packaging is modeled after the red bricks of Tokyo Station. 

Look out for the original character Kumagoron included in this cute product!

No. 9 Kaminari Cheese (Keiyo Street)

These cloud-shaped sable cookies are filled with the aroma of Gouda cheese.

The cookies are thin and sprinkled with sugar and rice pops on top. It is a product that brings together the East and West in a combination of sweet and salty flavors.

No. 8 Tokyo Station & Station Master Kumagoron (Keiyo Street)

A set of bite-sized mini donuts. It also includes the original character Kumagoron!

No. 7 Matcha Chocolate Sandwich (GranSta)

The dough and chocolate of this dessert both contain generous amounts of carefully selected Uji matcha from Kyoto. Sandwiched between the crispy matcha sandwich biscuit are 2 types of filling: Uji matcha chocolate and milky white chocolate. The 2 types of chocolate melt in your mouth, and it tastes like you're drinking a matcha latte!

No. 6 Koisuru☆TOKYO Kumagoron (Keiyo Street)

These donuts reflect the history and appearance of the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building's red brick building.

The set contains 3 donuts decorated with the original character Kumagoron.

No. 5 Gummytzel BOX (GranSta)

Gummytzel is a pretzel-shaped gummy that has a crispy outside and a soft inside. 

There are 6 flavors in this set: grape, cola, La France pear, apple, soda, and grapefruit.

No. 4 Toro Toro Yaki Cup Cheese (Keiyo Street)

Enjoy the crispy and smooth textures in this freshly baked cheese cup. You can also try scooping out the cream cheese filling and adding it into hot milk or coffee.

No. 3 Tokyo Renga Pan (ecute Tokyo)

Tokyo Renga Pan is modeled after the red brick Marunouchi Building of Tokyo Station. Its two-tiered filling consists of sweet red bean paste and premium whipped cream mixed with sweet white bean paste.

No. 2 Gin no Budo no Chocolate Sandwich (GranSta)

This chocolate sandwich consists of a smooth milk chocolate and white chocolate filling spread between hard and crispy biscuits made with chocolate and nuts.

No. 1 Maple Butter Cookies (GranSta)

These maple butter cookies take the top spot for cheap and delicious souvenirs! The butter chocolate filling is sandwiched between cookies made with maple sugar and fermented butter. You'll be hooked on its crunchy texture!

Where to Buy Souvenirs

・Keiyo Street

・ecute Tokyo


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