Located in the heart of Fukuoka City! 7Hotels with Hot Springs in the Hakata Area

Hakata is the center of the city of Fukuoka, and is an area full of culture and history. Why not relax in Hakata's best hot springs while you're there? Here are some lodging facilities with hot springs in Hakata. Definitely consider them if you go to Fukuoka!



1. Dormy Inn Hakata Gion - forget the hustle and bustle of the city in their natural hot spring

Although the hotel is located in the heart of Hakata, it is a calm place where one can relax in the sound of flowing hot water. It's so healing and relaxing that it will make you forget about the stresses of travel and work. You can enjoy dipping in the hot springs to your heart's content.

The natural hot spring can be enjoyed in several ways - hot spring rock bath, indoor hot spring and sauna. Enjoy a relaxing moment like no other while appreciating the picturesque view of the elegant structures around.

With various types of rooms available, you can rest comfortably in your own space after dipping in the hot spring.

2. Yaoji Hakata Hotel - relax in the natural hot springs inside a fine hotel

This hotel is just a 5 minute walk from the Hakata Station. Both its exterior and interior design is clean, beautiful and high-quality. You can also explore other places around as this hotel is near the train station.

Yaoji Hakata Hotel sparked a boom of hot springs in the area as it is the first facility to have built a natural hot spring in Hakata. Aside from the hot spring, the hotel also has a sauna for its visitors to enjoy.

It also has single rooms, twin rooms, as well as barrier-free rooms. Their suite is also very spacious so you can relax comfortably!

3. Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City Mae - with hot spring strategically located in front of the Canal City!

Reachable within 10 minutes by foot from the Hakata Station, Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City Mae boasts its strategic location in front of the Canal City.

It has both outdoor and indoor hot springs, as well as public bath that is designed like a Japanese garden. Without a doubt, the visitors will surely be enchanted with its beautiful structures while enjoying the warmth of the healing hot spring.

It also provides a feeling of luxury as the rooms are designed mainly in brown hues. All the hotel's pillows and mattresses are made by Serta, guaranteeing guests only the best quality.  Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City Mae.

4. Hotel Route-inn Hakata Ekimae - with newly built hot spring in Hakata!

If you wish to stay at a hotel with hot spring near the station, make no mistake - this hotel is strategically located in front of Hakata Station. Highly recommended for a soothing experience after a tiring journey.

The hotel boasts of its hot spring that has healing properties, particularly for neuralgia and muscle pain. Take time dipping in the relaxing waters after a day of business or travel.

Putting an emphasis on comfort, the hotel’s rooms attract guests that look for high-quality amenities and satisfying service. The hotel also has a wide range of room types - single, twin, and semi-double. Thus, it is highly recommended not only for groups or couples, but also for solo travelers.

5. Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata - for that fulfilling trip!

Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata was started with the concept of providing relaxation and feel-at-home vibe during their guests' stay. A 4-minute walk from Hakata Station and located just right in front of a convenience store, the hotel is very convenient for travelers.

Soak in the hotel's heart-warming hot springs while enjoying the view of the green gardens. Perfect for those who travel for healing or relaxation, the hotel also offers space for relaxation and sauna.

Aside from its hot springs, the hall's interior looks like a resort.

6. Hotel Resol Trinity Hakata - the place to be for relaxing in elegance

Ever think of spending an elegant hotel life in Hakata while enjoying the city view? Hotel Resol Trinity Hakata is the place to be. It features the city view which can be enjoyed from the lounge on their 13th floor, as well as the rooftop hot spring, their spacious rooms, and overall high quality appeal.

The hotel offers its guests a special time to relax in their public bath while enjoying a panoramic night view of Hakata.  Come and experience the finest healing that is only unique to Hotel Resol Trinity Hakata.

The rooms are designed for the guests to have a calming space, adorned with a luxurious interior designed that will surely soother their minds and hearts. The hotel is also features amenities that women will surely be happy about!

7. Hakata Yufuin Takeo Onsen Manyo Hot Spring - the place to be for satisfying hot spring experience, food, and accommodation

This hotel can be reached through a 4-minute car ride from the Hakata Station. It could be accessed conveniently through public transport as the hotel offers free shuttle service from Hakata Station. The hotel also welcomes a lot of guests on a regular basis, so it is not surprising to hear guests happily sharing their experience through word of mouth.

In this hotel, guests can enjoy the famous onsens of Oita (Yufuin Onsen) and Saga (Takeo Onsen). Aesthetical services and massage can also be enjoyed in the hotel.

Guests can also enjoy looking the posh design of their rooms, as well as the kid’s room and other on-site facilities!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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