Live and play! Tokyo Areas Foreigners Want to Live

Because they're cheap, because there's a lot to do, because there are foreign communities in the area, because they're not far from the center...the list goes on.


Things to Do


Nakano has been voted not only as one of the top inexpensive neighborhoods in Tokyo to live, but as one of the top neighborhoods where Tokyoites wished they lived.


Kichijoji is (almost always) voted the best place to live in Tokyo (local opinion polls). It's a great university town with a huge park and a relaxed atmosphere. It's the type of neighborhood where mothers with young children shop with friends.


Also known as "Shimokita", the district is a center for stage theater and live music venues. It is home to the historic Honda Gekijō theater building. With its numerous cafes, unique fashion and music outlets, Shimokitazawa is popular with students and young people.

The popular magazine Tokyo Walker ranked Shimokitazawa #2 on its "Places Where Tokyoites Wish They Lived" poll from 2011.


If you are looking for a Western atmosphere, Denenchofu is the perfect place because this district was designed based on the garden suburbs of London. A lot of celebrities, business leaders, and politicians live in this place.


[Shinjuku] is a major commercial and administrative centre, housing the busiest train station in the world (Shinjuku Station) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the administration centre for the government of Tokyo.

The popular magazine Tokyo Walker ranked Shinjuku #5 on its "Places Where Tokyoites Wish They Lived" poll from 2011.



It always feels like Sunday afternoon in Jiyugaoka — even on Friday night. A relaxed neighborhood where you'll find residents playing chess on warm summer evenings along a sakura tree lined boulevard.

The popular magazine Tokyo Walker ranked Jiyugaoka #4 on its "Places Where Tokyoites Wish They Lived" poll from 2011.


At the district's center stands Ikebukuro Station, a busy commuter hub traversed by three subway and multiple urban and suburban train lines. The station handles over a million passengers per day, making it the second busiest railway station surpassed only by Shinjuku Station. Ikebukuro offers plenty of entertainment, shopping and dining opportunities.

The popular magazine Tokyo Walker ranked Ikebukuro #6 on its "Places Where Tokyoites Wish They Lived" poll from 2011.

Nishi-Kasai – a quiet suburb in Edogawa Ward – is Tokyo’s very own Little India and home to nearly three thousand Indian immigrants, so you’ll probably be visiting Spice Magic Calcutta for a cheap naan and curry set at least once a week.


Azabu district is the most expensive residential neighborhood in the city of Tokyo. A lot of rich and famous people live in this area, and there are many expats as a lot foreign embassies are also located in this area.


Ryohei Noda/Flickr

Little-known neighborhoods are great for finding cheapo apartments. Ogikubo in Suginami Ward is a quiet little area just 13 minutes from Shinjuku. The station is served by four major lines that connect to most of the more livelier districts, so if you get bored you will always have plenty of options on where to bounce.

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